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Chapter 755: Snatch!

Chapter 755: Snatch!
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Ye Xiao was new to this world. That made it even more convenient to these men. He hadn't sworn loyalty to any sect yet, so he was totally free!

He was a man who didn't stand in any position, like a blank white paper. He was a completely free folk.

No matter which sect recruited him, this sect got a great figure with endless potential!

Besides… he had already eaten the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish.

There was nothing else they could do about it…

Mission was failed, but they still had to be positive in the future. To get such a young man back to the sect would be a great contribution.

In fact… if any of them catch the fish, somebody had to eat it. To bring the man who ate it back to the sect was more or less the same thing. Maybe it was even better!

At the moment, after what the old man with white beard said, the others all knew what to do. None of them were stupid.


"Young brother, I can see you are a talented guy. Look at you. Listen, our martial art in Saint Sunlight Sect is perfect for you. We are one of the seven great sects in Qing-Yun Realm. I promise we will provide you enough resources to improve yourself. You won't need to worry a thing in our protection!"

"Shameless! Isn't us Cold Moon Palace one of the seven great sects? We certainly can provide more than enough for the young man!"

"Cold Moon Palace is surely one of the seven great sects, however, what you mainly cultivate is the art of beast training. It doesn't fit everybody. We, Saint Starlight Sect, have all kinds of martial arts. We are the best option for our young brother here. Come to us, brother!" another man spoke in a rebuking tone!

Suddenly, all sects started to brag about how good their sects were in order to recruit Ye Xiao.

Only the ladies from Misty Cloud Palace and Ice Cloud Palace didn't say anything, just watching them with cold eyes!

They certainly wanted to recruit Ye Xiao too. He was a treasure to them after all. However, these two sects only recruited female disciples. Men were forbidden.

No matter how talented and how full of potential Ye Xiao was, they couldn't recruit him… They did want him, but they couldn't, because he was a man. That was why they just stood there watching the crowd. The only thing they could do was to sigh and complain in mind. [How can you be so lucky? Why do you have to be a man? If you are a lady, those fools could just stay out of our way now!]

[Yet now we have to stay out of their way!]

Ye Xiao was panicking, at least he looked like so. He had to act like a rookie in this world after all.

The crowd was gathering over to him. He stepped backward and said, "What… You… What are you doing?"

The old man with white beard from Cold Moon Palace spoke again with a smile, "Nothing. Young man, relax. You showed up beside me. We are destined to be friends. I promise, I can take care of any trouble you will get into in this world. You don't need to worry about anything!"

Then he stepped forward and shouted, "I am Xiao Mufei, Cold Moon Palace. Listen to me folks. This young man is our disciple now. Please show dignity and respect! It is against the moral rule to take away other's disciple. That aside, do you think you can snatch a person away from me? Whoever thinks he can, please come and have a try! I won't hold back!"

The others were all silent. Nobody dared to challenge him.

Ye Xiao was such a lucky man. The old man he met on the first day in Qing-Yun Realm was actually the most powerful man among all those men. Nobody dared to challenge him!

[That old bastard. That is shameless. He just forced that kid to be his man. None of us have the power to fight against him. What should we do?]

A man in white robe from Saint Sunlight Sect stayed silent with gloom on the face and then shouted with anger, "Xiao Mufei, we are all cultivators. How could you be so shameless to us? We all have spent time guarding this area in Polar Ice River. Now that things have changed and here we are, no matter to what end this will go, we should seize the chance to have a fair conversation. How could you be so arbitrary? There is no way we should endure your irrationalness. I, Mu Wuchen, will rise against you! Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have the strongest power?"

As Mu Wuchen said so, the others all agreed silently. However, they also had different thought. [What a nice speech. Powerful words, sharp tongue. How honorable! However, doesn't the man with bigger fist get the right in Qing-Yun Realm?]

[The biggest fist means law. Since when do we have to follow any moral rules? Moral or not, do we really care?]

Although nobody stood up to support Mu Wuchen, his talk was to earn benefits for all other sects except Cold Moon Palace. That was why nobody wanted to stop him. They just watched how things would go and supported Mu Wuchen in silence!

Xiao Mufei heard it and spoke in a terrifying voice, "Mu Wuchen, what you said is right. We should have a good conversation before things are done. However, you forgot one thing, the most important thing. Who have been guarding this place without a stop in the thousands of years? Who have been leading this campaign all this time? I am the one who make all arrangements here! Now I am going to make the decision for us. What? I don't think I did anything wrong!"

"Besides, what do you want me to do with him? Tear him apart and share some pieces to you? I will never allow it even if you dare to do such a stupid thing!" Xiao Mufei humphed. "This concerns the future of our sect. I am just one step ahead than you all."

He rolled his eyes while staring at Mu Wuchen, "You said you will rise against me? Hey. You should better think about it twice. When you decide to do something, you better make sure you have the capability to do it first. Otherwise, it will only end up nothing but a pathetic joke!"