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Chapter 756: I Am Ye Chongxiao!

Chapter 756: I Am Ye Chongxiao!
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After that, Xiao Mufei coldly laughed. He apparently didn't care about being shameless anymore. This was about the future of his sect, so he wouldn't step back a bit.

Mu Wuchen's face turned green. He didn't say a word after.

The others were quiet too.

Xiao Mufei was telling the truth. If anybody else was the strongest one, he would also do the same thing!

Over one thousand years, Xiao Mufei was the most powerful one among all who had been guarding this place. He was the leader of this mission. Cold Moon Palace was the best at hunting in Qing-Yun Realm and they sent more men here than other martial forces, over half the number.

They should be the most powerful sect in this place now. Xiao Mufei was determined to get this young man who had just swallowed the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. Even though the others all wanted to stop him, nobody could.

However, they might not be able to stop him, but they still had the chance to kill the young man. Ye Xiao was after all a man who had just come to this world from the lower realm! It wouldn't be difficult!

Xiao Mufei asked them if they wanted to tear Ye Xiao into pieces and gave everybody one piece. Well, they did want it.

After all, Ye Xiao meant a great future to every sect.

It was great to have him in their sects, but if they couldn't have him, they would rather destroy him than leaving him to others.

[We can't have him, then we won't let you have him! No matter what, I won't allow him to become the super powerful figure that suppresses our sect hundreds of years later!]

There were always competitions in Qing-Yun Realm!

The competition in real life would only get more and more cruel in the future!

Cold Moon Palace was already one of the seven great sects. If they had one more genius super figure…

The men were all silent, but they nearly couldn't hold off the killing intent and the murderous qi deep from their hearts.

All they needed was a chance, a reason, maybe somebody making a first strike, then there would be a big fight for the man who ate the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish!

Ye Xiao was sensitive.

He surely knew those men wanted him dead.

He felt it hilarious though. A stream of cold murderous qi rose in his heart. [No matter what, I saved you all from being killed by the dragon.]

[Now you don't feel grateful to me. You didn't even say thank you to me. You want me dead.]

[Isn't it ungrateful?]

[Those of Cold Moon Palace only want me to live for their own interest. If I refuse them, they will also try to end my life with the others!]

[Look at these people from the big sects of Qing-Yun Realm!

Mu Wuchen stepped forward, with his hand on the sword. A mass of murderous qi rose up before he started talking.

Xiao Mufei felt the qi. He knew if Mu Wuchen made the strike, there would be a big fight against him. His expression turned cold as he blandly spoke, "Look. The hunting mission is completed. Cold Moon Palace should better leave now. See you guys in the near future."

Then he stepped forward and made a mass of qi rushing out to Mu Wuchen.

Mu Wuchen only felt pressed. He actually got blocked on the mouth and couldn't say a word.

Xiao Mufei didn't wait for the response. He grabbed Ye Xiao and prepared to leave.

At the moment, somebody shouted, "Young man! What is your name?"

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes and answered, "Me? I am… Ye Chongxiao…"

The old man frowned. [Why are you so honest and dumb? Why did you answer him so quickly? You told him your name now? Don't you know the world is full of danger?]

Then he laughed and said, "Ye Chongxiao, good name! You will someday rise up to the top of the sky after cultivating in Cold Moon Palace with us! Hahahaha…"

With his voice resounding in the air, he had already gone hundreds of meters away with Ye Xiao.

All the other people from Cold Moon Palace followed him, fully armed, walking in lines.

Behind them, the men from other sects were left there staring at their backs with murderous qi.

"Ye Chongxiao…" Mu Wuchen murmured. "Guys, this name… seems big."

The others didn't answer, but the murderous qi was getting denser.

Name was just a sign. However, among those great figures, none was named with ugly names.

There was never any heroes named Li Dogsh*t or Wang Secondbull. Wang Chongxian was apparently a name of somebody important at least.

"Guys, what do you think we should do?" Mu Wuchen spoke again. His face looked dark and cold.

"We have been here for the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. We never want any male disciple. Since it is done here, we should leave." A middle-aged lady in white clothes from Misty Cloud Palace waved her hand and said, "Let's go!"

Dozens of ladies turned around and left immediately.

"Misty Cloud Palace doesn't want a male disciple. Neither do we. He is just a lucky kid. Nothing more!" another lady from Ice Cloud Palace coldly spoke. "Off we go!"

And then one more lady showed up and blandly spoke, "We are the three great palaces in the world. You two don't want that guy. Then we, Qiong-Hua Palace won't have him too! Otherwise, we will become a joke to the world!"

Then she left with her people too.

Three great palaces were gone in an elegant way.

The others who were still there didn't have time to react. They were stunned for a while before they realized what they should do at the moment. Still, nobody talked.

The three palaces were always in a higher position in the world than the seven great sects. They didn't send many people to hunt the fish, and they weren't very powerful people, either. However, still, nobody dared to offend them.

They never had any men as disciples. It was known to the world. They shouldn't be blamed.

Besides, the three great palaces were too powerful to care about that lucky young man who had eaten the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish anyway. That was why the ladies just left without any hesitation!

Mu Wuchen glanced around the rest of the people. He said, "The three palaces are powerful. They don't care about that guy. We are not the three great palaces. If we want to catch up with the three palaces, we have to fight and fight till we defeat the others. It is still a long way to go before we are in the same height to the three great palaces."

"Cold Moon Palace may have that young man, but it takes time for them to get benefits from him. The three palaces didn't care about it, but we should pay more attention to it. We can't let that guy live and become the great power for Cold Moon Palace to suppress us!"

"We can't let them rise that high. Once Cold Moon Palace rises high enough, they will get on us first!"

Mu Wuchen looked cold in the eyes. "Besides…"

He didn't finish it. However, everybody else knew what he was going to say after that.

"Since so, let us…"

They started to have a discussion. The murderous qi was getting denser…