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Chapter 757: Just A Cat!

Chapter 757: Just A Cat!
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"Chongxiao, you shouldn't have told them your name. I know you wanted to be honorable, but that was not a smart move. It might cause you lots of troubles!" Xiao Mufei told Ye Xiao while they were leaving fast. "Do you know you are a target to all now? You just exposed your real name. I am afraid… they will make lots of troubles against you."

Ye Xiao acted ashamed and said, "I didn't think that much. They are all superior cultivators. I am just a junior. I thought I should be honest to them…"

"Superior…" Xiao Mufei sneered. "They are superior? They don't deserve this word. What a joke!"

"However, they are indeed very strong though, compared to what you are now…" Xiao Mufei looked at Ye Xiao with encouragement. "Listen, kid. Just work hard. Soon you will find those superior figures admiring you when they look at you in the near future. You will become the superior figure that they have to look up to. Believe me. It won't take long as long as you work hard enough!"

A few young men of Cold Moon Palace lowered their head and smiled.

Ye Xiao smiled too, but it was forced. In fact, he looked nervous but he was sneering in his heart.

He told everybody his fake name on purpose.

It wasn't just a simple move. First, when people asked about his name, he realized he couldn't use the name Ye Xiao now, as everybody knew him in his previous life. He wouldn't use the same name before he became strong enough.

The three factions wouldn't like to hear this name.

One small mistake could get him killed. People in Qing-Yun Realm always showed no mercy to the possible threats!

Feng Zhiling was too famous in Land of Han-Yang. That was a bit risky too.

That was why Ye Xiao called himself Ye Chongxiao. It had multiple meanings though.

Second… this Cold Moon Palace was one of the three factions that hunted him down in the previous life.

Saint Sunlight Sect, Saint Starlight Sect and Cold Moon Palace! Sun, star and moon!

Ye Xiao wouldn't give up the chance to make some troubles for his old enemy for sure.

Besides, after he told everybody his name, there would be many people coming for him. It would create many opportunities to improve himself.

What Xiao Mufei said didn't really move Ye Xiao even a bit, so he just ignored it.

However, he knew Xiao Mufei was showing kindness to him, although he did it for the interests of his sect!

"Well, you have a good name." Xiao Mufei smiled. "Ye Chongxiao… Good. But if a leaf wants to rush up to the clouds, it needs wind! You need wind to send you up…"

"We, Cold Moon Palace, is exactly the wind you need!" he added.

Ye Xiao was shocked. "Thank you, Elder Xiao."

He was surprised. [I just casually made up a name, yet you read a lot out of it?]

"By the way, where is your cat?" Xiao Mufei said. He was very interested in that cat, since it captured the fish after all.

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly and took it out. "It's a lazy cat…"

Xiao Mufei looked at it and it was looking back at him too.

Xiao Mufei was disappointed.

He had a closer look at it for a while and then clicked his tongue. "The nature's rule… I thought your cat must be something special. Some kind of rare spiritual creature. It captured the fish after all. Well… It turns out to be…"

It was just a normal cat.

He didn't finish what he wanted to say.

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly. "Yes. I found this little thing when I got here. I gave it a small fish and it started to follow me… I can't even kick it away. I should appreciate it though…"

There was a mistake in what he just said.

However, Xiao Mufei didn't really pay attention to it.

No matter what… it just looked like a normal cat, like every cat in the world. Nobody cared about how it came. They didn't have time to pay attention to it.

Girls or children might like such little animals, but Xiao Mufei… he was old. He wouldn't feel it adorable no matter how cute Erhuo was.

He gave Erhuo back to Ye Xiao and said, "It must be a weird thing. Nothing happened to its body after that fish went to its stomach. A normal cat. Well, it moved so fast when it saw that fish. I was shocked…"

"That fish… was moving that fast when it jumped out though…" Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice.

"Right." Xiao Mufei wished there was an excuse for his incapableness. "We couldn't move. That's why it felt so fast…"

He felt lucky. "Luckily, the cat didn't bite the fish's head. Otherwise, we should all be fooled… The head is the only valuable part… The rest is useless…"

"If this little thing ate the head, it would be such a waste…"

Ye Xiao nodded. "That's true!"

Erhuo stayed in the palm of Ye Xiao. Its eyes were filled with annoyance while looking at Xiao Mufei. In its heart, it already started cursing him, [You stupid old bastard! What do you know about spiritual creatures?]

[Spiritual creature spiritual creature… What you know is only how to call it!]

[I am a weird thing? You are a weird thing! You families are all weird things!]

[The fish head is the most valuable part? Valuable your ass!]

[You ignorant sh*t!]

[Normal cat… Normal my ass, you ugly sh*t!]

[If every family has a cat like me… the universe must have been destroyed for a hundred thousand times! You old useless f*cker!]

Erhuo was furious!

[I hide myself well, you old f*cker! Don't you dare look down upon me!]

Anyways, people stopped being curious about Ye Xiao's cat now. That saved Ye Xiao from many possible troubles.

However, Erhuo hated Xiao Mufei since then…

In Erhuo's heart, it was such an unforgivable humiliation…

[There will be one day that I will let you know what real pain feels like!]


It rolled up its eyes and humphed, and then got back into Ye Xiao's clothes.

It didn't even want to see that old man's face ever again!


"It is not going to be a safe way back. Guys, be careful," Xiao Mufei talked to all the others. He looked solemn while gazing at the forest in front of them. He spoke in a deep voice, "Three hundred and sixty men I have here. Now, thirty of you go ten miles ahead! Once you find anything abnormal, sound up the warning. Stay careful!"

"Yes." Thirty men left the group and ran ahead without any hesitation. They soon disappeared in the forest.

"Number 4, you lead thirty men to stay behind us. Be careful about anybody running after us," Xiao Mufei said.

"Yes," a man with white face answered. He went behind with thirty others with him. They soon stayed a certain distance away behind the main troop.