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Chapter 758: The Three Factions!

Chapter 758: The Three Factions!
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"Everybody, faster! Let's go!" Xiao Mufei shouted in a deep voice. He then grabbed Ye Xiao's hand and poured spiritual energy into Ye Xiao's body, so as to help him move faster.

They kept moving until the moon was in the middle of the sky.

While the moonlight shined on the ground, Xiao Mufei finally decided to rest for a while on top of a small hill.

Ye Xiao had been supported with spiritual energy by Xiao Mufei all the way along, yet he still felt like his legs were about to break. He kept being dragged and ran fast. While he was moving, he didn't clearly feel the pain. While he was resting and Xiao Mufei stopped pouring energy into him, he felt exhausted. The only thought he had was that he was going to lose his legs. He couldn't feel his legs now.

It was much more difficult in Qing-Yun Realm than in the Land of Han-Yang indeed.

Ye Xiao could run thousands of miles without stop and wouldn't breath heavily in the Land of Han-Yang. In Qing-Yun Realm, hundreds miles run could kill him.

This was a completely different level!

They put on the campfire.

The night was silent and dark.

It seemed all livings were asleep at the moment.

Moonlight was bright. Wind was breezing. Ye Xiao suddenly felt like he was just born to another life again. He felt a bit familiar but scared about this world.

He then smelled roasted meat.

"Master, do we have to be in such a hurry?" A middle-aged man sitting beside Xiao Mufei didn't understand the caution. He said, "Seven great sects are always bonded together. Sun, moon and star, we are like brothers. This time we, three factions, have more people than the others. How would they dare to really reach their hands to us?"

"Seven great sects bond together?" Xiao Mufei said with a sneering look on his face. It wasn't easy to notice, but Ye Xiao was close enough to see him clearly.

Xiao Mufei looked at his disciple and said, "The three factions, the sun, moon and star call each other brothers… Do you really believe so? Do you really see their men as your brothers?"

"I do." The middle-aged man looked honest. He said, "I never doubt it. Besides, that is what I have been taught in our sect. Is there… anything I still need to learn?"

Xiao Mufei sneered, but then he just sighed.

"Dalong, I won't blame you for this… What you said is exactly what people believe. In fact, I used to think so for a long time. However, we can never trust in what people want us to see…" Xiao Mufei smiled bitterly. He seemed in grief.

He coughed. He looked sad at this moment, but then he sat straight up his backbone. He looked at Ye Xiao and said, "Chongxiao, you should listen carefully too. I am telling you all. Never stop being cautious. Do not forget what I tell you."

Ye Xiao answered, "Yes."

Xiao Mufei was in thought. He seemed collecting his thoughts and trying to prepare some words to say. After a while, he spoke slowly in a heavy voice.

"The three factions, sun, moon and star, we used to be quite close. In ancient times, according to the history on record, we were one sect. Three factions were from one sect. Our ancestor was invincible in the world. The skill, martial art and knowledge he had was peerless.

"Our ancestor had three disciples. Every one of them was talented and skillful figure. The first disciple accidentally learned the true mystery of the scorching sun, so he built the Sun Sect. It is what we know as Saint Sunlight Sect."

"The second disciple was a cowherd at the beginning. He liked training animals, so he went deep in the art of beast training. At the end, he learned the mystery of the scene of a wolf howling to the moon. With what he learned from our ancestor and all that he learned by himself, he figured out the Moon Essence Treasure, so he built the Moon Sect. That was where Cold Moon Palace started.

"The third disciple accidentally thought through the nature of the stars, so he built the Star Sect.

"The story of how the three factions were built, at the beginning, there were only Sun Sect, Moon Sect and Star Sect. Saint Sunlight Sect, Cold Moon Palace, Saint Starlight Sect… and all the other bullsh*ts were just to fool the world. They thought they made their names better, but I think Sun, Moon and Star are the best and most long lasting!"

Xiao Mufei took a breath and continued, "That is why we told you we are three brother sects.

"However, there is one thing we all don't understand. Since we are from one ancestor, why are the three factions keep going further and further from each other? After many generations, three factions fought side by side again. We looked bonded again, but in fact, we are no exactly like brothers anymore…

"We do fight together, supporting each other. That is true. What you think is right. However, at the same time, maybe it is completely wrong!"

When he said 'completely wrong', he looked so serious that it even felt horrible.

"Please teach me, Master," Fang Dalong, Xiao Mufei's disciple, spoke humbly.

Xiao Mufei smiled blandly and said, "Three factions looked harmonious. If things go peacefully, we will stay harmonious as we are now. If what we recruited this time is just a talented man, who has a great chance to become a world shocking figure, the other two factions wouldn't say anything to interrupt. They might even help us return to our sect safely!

"This time, it is different. Chongxiao ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. He is bound to become a great figure, with ten thousand years of cultivation!"

"Chongxiao just got ten thousand years worth of cultivation today!" Xiao Mufei spoke in a deep voice, "Let's put it this way… Even if Chongxiao stops cultivating, wastes the rest of his life in the future, after hundreds of years, he will still get ten thousand years cultivation capability!"

Xiao Mufei looked at his eldest disciple with bright eyes. "In Qing-Yun Realm… What kind of people have ten thousand years cultivation? Even those supreme masters, one figure, two saint halls, three divine arts, do they have ten thousand years cultivation?"

"If somebody is going to take good use of the ten thousand years cultivation, the one figure, two saint halls, three divine arts, seven sects…" Xiao Mufei smiled coldly. "Will they allow him?"

"They would rather keep us from rising up and breaking over this world!"