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Chapter 759: Allies They Said

Chapter 759: Allies They Said
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And Dalong didn't pay attention to the part about the future. What shocked him was the ten thousand years cultivation. He widely opened his mouth and looked at Ye Xiao. He said, "That… ten thousand years… you won't need to do anything… to get ten thousand years cultivation…"

Suddenly, he felt sad. He didn't understand why one man could have such a different life to another.

[I have been working so damn hard, yet all I have is just a few hundred years cultivation… I am in a regular level in this world. Not good, not bad.]

[This young man, who has just come to this world from the lower realm, because of good luck, gets the chance to have ten thousand years cultivation!]

[How can I not be jealous!]

"Three factions are brother sects. That is true. However, there are always fights under the table. Everyone wants to be the best of the three… And there is nothing we wouldn't do…

"Do you remember, some of our good men went out for a mission but ended up dead in strange lands. Most of them died under Sun Sect's and Star Sect's vicious hands. A few years ago, some of their talented men died… That was us… In fact, we all know the truth. It is just not a good time to put everything on the table…"

That was shocking.

Fang Dalong was stunned. He kept his eyes widely opened. He couldn't believe what he just heard. "How… How is that… possible?"

He put his hands on his chest in fear.

Xiao Mufei's face turned dark. He sighed weakly, "Don't worry about your life… You are not that important yet. You are quite safe. When there is danger, everyone in the three faction will still reach their hands to help you…"

Fang Dalong was even heart-struck hearing that…

He didn't realize he was never a threat to the other two sects under such circumstance!

Truth hurts sometimes!

[I thought I must be important to the sect, since I am the eldest disciple of Master. I should be in those higher positions in our sect. I should be somebody in the martial world. Everybody in the three factions shows respect to me… I should be famous…]

[It turns out… actually… they won't even bother to kill me…]

[They would even help me, protect me, just because I am definitely not a threat to them!]

[That can't be more painful!]

Xiao Mufei looked at his eldest disciple and asked, "Dalong, do you know how to measure a man's value in this martial world?"

He was talking to Fang Dalong, but in fact asking two people.

Fang Dalong and Ye Xiao.

Fang Dalong was surprised. He didn't know the answer. Xiao Mufei sighed and looked at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao thought for a while and then carefully said, "It isn't depending on how many people respect him or recognize him. It depends on how many people wants to kill him and how many actually makes the attempt!

"As long as this man is strong enough to become a threat to others, people will want him dead. That shows a man's value.

"It may be cruel to say so, but it is true."

Xiao Mufei's eyes lit up. He looked at Ye Xiao's face in praise. He recruited Ye Xiao just because he ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. He just didn't want the other sects to have such a powerful young man.

However, now he liked Ye Xiao for real.

That was right. Ye Xiao was weak in cultivation, and he was a rookie to this world. However, he was calm and wise. This young man respected the stronger ones, but always kept a sharp mind! What a diamond in the rough!

"That's right! The more people wants to kill him, the more valuable he is…" Xiao Mufei couldn't stop praising Ye Xiao. "That is a perfect understanding!"

Fang Dalong was humble. "Is it possible that the entire world wants to kill one man? If it is, how valuable this man is?"

"To be enemy to the entire world…" Xiao Mufei was deep in thought. It reminded him someone. He slowly spoke, "There will always one or two men like that who shows up in the history. However, they have different impacts to the world…"

"There was a man who died not long ago. He is… peerless." Xiao Mufei shook his head and sighed. "What a shame. Such a great figure has to die eventually. He who obeys the rule of the heavens lives, otherwise, he dies. To fight against the entire world is not an easy thing to do!"

Ye Xiao's eyes lit up.

Fang Dalong was curious. He tried to figure out who it was. Finally, he remembered something. "Ah!" He spoke with excitement, "Master, the man you said… could it be… was it…"

"Do not mention his name ever. Even though he died, his name is still influential. Whenever I think of him, I still feel scared. Not only me, I believe lots of people in Qing-Yun Realm will feel terrified just to hear that name. We don't even dare to say his name, even though he has died for quite some time now!"

Xiao Mufei smiled bitterly and then changed the topic. He said, "… So, the three factions. We look like brothers, but we fight even harder against each other than fighting against our enemies!"

"Because… allies always have a big impact on a sect's ranking position…" Xiao Mufei looked sad. "That is the dark side of human being… that we can never change."

"Now, because of this Golden-scaled Dragon Fish, we may become an enemy to the entire world. Those who want us to die will never stop trying to kill us all. There will be more dangers than we expect on our way home!"

He sighed. "The fights we have to get through next, will be… the most murderous you can see in your life!"

He looked around and said, "Fate is never to be predicted. Not to mention you, I… don't know if I can make it back safely.

"Because they are so eager to put us to death. They will risk their lives to destroy us, to stop us. They won't allow Chongxiao to get to our sect!

"So, be ready! Stay cautious! That's the only way to save ourselves!"

After that, he stopped talking.

The fire put light on his face. His face looked terrible in the flicking shadow of the leaves on the tree, as if he was from a world full of darkness…