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Chapter 761: Unable to Escape!

Chapter 761: Unable to Escape!
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[Nature Exquisite Body and ten thousand years of cultivation… He has both… He is more than just a talented young man… He can be a powerful monster that can even fight against the heaven's will! If… If he becomes one of us…]

Xiao Mufei breathed heavily as his eyes lit up. [Then… We can not only fully suppress the other six sects… but also… we may become even more powerful than one person, two saint halls, three divine palaces… and become the dominator of the entire Qing-Yun Realm!]

[That is possible! There is only one thing we have to do… Ye Chongxiao has to become one of us and acquire the chance to improve himself! All he needs is just an opportunity. Time means little to him. He has both marvelous advantages. As long as he could concentrate on cultivation, after hundreds of years, he can become one of the most powerful cultivators in the world, even the most powerful! That is not just a dream!]

His eyes lit up.

[If so… even if I have to sacrifice these men I have here, even my own life… I should do it!] He made a long sigh while sitting beside the campfire.

[Our sect is what makes us who we are…]

He thought for a long time and then took out a ring from a pocket. The ring looked ordinary. There was some strange green marks on it. It was nothing special.

He turned over and rubbed the ring…

After a while, a purely dark bird suddenly flew up silently. After just a second, it rushed into the sky and disappeared in the dark.

[I hope the sect… will send more men to me soon… This is too much of a responsibility on me…] He looked worried. [I… I think I am not able to take it any longer…]

The next day, early in the morning.

The sun just rose up. There was morning dew in the air. It was fresh.

Ye Xiao slowly opened his eyes. He saw over three hundred men of Cold Moon Palace who were ready to leave.

They were waiting for Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was surprised. [Why didn't they wake me up? They are all so much stronger than me. Why would they wait for me? A rookie? Because I ate the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish? Isn't this too much respect to me?]

"We saw you in meditation, so we decided not to interrupt. We won't want to stop you. Master told us not to wake you up unless anything dangerous happens to you." Fang Dalong smiled humbly.

"I see. Chongxiao must thank you all for the care." Ye Xiao smiled. In fact, he was confused. [It seems reasonable, but isn't it weird? I am too weak to have their special consideration.]

[Even though I did eat that fish… it is still unpersuasive.]

[Morals, kindness and all the other virtue mean nothing to cultivators, especially the powerful ones in Qing-Yun Realm.]

[They can kill me if they want!]

[If I die, they won't need to fight anymore.]

[Why would they do this to me? Treat me so well?]

Ye Xiao didn't feel strange about this though. Ye Nantian treated him the same way.

[But… Ye Nantian is my father.]

[These men, Xiao Mufei, Fang Dalong and the others… They are nobody to me.]

[That is nothing to compare with.]

[Isn't it weird? They way they treat me?]

Xiao Mufei saw Ye Xiao finish his cultivation, so he told everybody to get on the road again. They moved another three hundred miles peacefully. Nothing happened. It was like a leisure tour.

When they left the Ice Land, they still hadn't encountered anything dangerous. They thought there would be people chasing after them, but it turned out nothing happened!

It relaxed the hearts of the men. They lowered down a bit and started to make fun of each other.

Xiao Mufei didn't. He became more and more cautious, looking even more worried as time passed on.

He didn't even sleep at night, just sat cross legged. He didn't cultivate, but set his mind power out to sense everything around them.

Sometimes, when there were animals passing over, Xiao Mufei would check on them carefully.

He was extremely cautious all the way along!

As they moved further, he got more cautious than earlier. Under his influence, the others were also cautious.

Xiao Mufei was the eldest and strongest among the group, and he was an important elder in Cold Moon Palace. If he stayed alert, the others would definitely follow!

That was why as they moved further, they became more cautious. All of them.

No matter where they were, Ye Xiao was always in the center of the group. It was the safest place in the group!

Xiao Mufei's eldest disciple was like a loyal guard following Ye Xiao. Even when Ye Xiao needed to relieve himself, Fang Dalong wouldn't let him go alone!

Ye Xiao was speechless about it. He didn't know what to do about it.

He wasn't interested in being a disciple in Cold Moon Palace at all!

No matter how powerful they were… it meant nothing to Ye Xiao!

He even thought about escaping.

However, as he moved further, he started to give up that idea.

He was in the center of the crowd, so it was the safest spot, but also the most eye-catching!

Ye Xiao was the weakest among the hundreds of people!

The weakest of the others was in level four of Dream Origin Stage!

Ye Xiao was only level three in Spirit Origin Stage!

He had been cultivating under the others' protection all the way along, so he was level three, but when he just arrived to this world, he was just level two!

He was invincible in the Land of Han-Yang, but was the weakest in Qing-Yun Realm. It was a cruel truth that he must accept.

It was impossible for him to escape under the watch of these men!

He was unable to escape!