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Chapter 762: Dark Pine Forest

Chapter 762: Dark Pine Forest
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Everyday, every second, on the road, eating, resting, at night…

Xiao Mufei would gather lots of his men and talk to Ye Xiao. Everybody sat in a circle except those on guard… A group chat… They talked about everything, including the martial business, gossips, love stories, revenge stories, weird things…

Xiao Mufei felt that he was so eager to tell something of what he had learned in his life to Ye Xiao.

What he said would make his disciples think for a while.

Someone would add their own opinions and ask for Ye Xiao's thoughts.

Ye Xiao didn't want to show off and he really felt bored about it. What he really thought would only make those men turn hostile to him!

However, he had experienced so much…

No matter what Xiao Mufei said, Ye Xiao could catch the point and then respond with a few words. Xiao Mufei felt that Ye Chongxiao was such a genius…

Every time after they talked, Xiao Mufei felt more satisfied with Ye Chongxiao…

Was Ye Xiao really learning well from him?

Of course not!

Ye Xiao was like a man who had a doctorate degree but looked like a kid being taught by a teacher about some simple lessons. He tried not to answer so seriously, but even so, his answer was always the best one. Xiao Mufei would definitely praise him!

However, Ye Xiao didn't learn anything. He knew the answers!

He thought about Xiao Mufei. [This man seems nice, but he is surely not a good man. He treats me so well because he wants me to be a part of his sect. That is all!]

[In other words, this guy is a 'sect fanatic'!]

[The only thing he cares about is his sect.]

[What he values the most is the interest of his sect.]

[Everything must make way to his sect… including his own life!]

[Cold Moon Palace is the untouchable sacred place in Xiao Mufei's heart!]

[He can do anything, literally anything, for his sect.]

[He will die for his sect!]

[These great sects are lucky to have such disciples…] Ye Xiao kept thinking. He was curious. [I wonder what kind of education his sect gave him to make him so… loyal?]

Many of the young disciples felt jealous when they saw Ye Xiao being treated so well. When they looked at Ye Xiao, in their eyes, there was annoyance.

Ye Xiao just ignored them.

However, after a few days of travel, after the group chat at those nights, and after Ye Xiao kept giving his profound views on every topic… those young men started to think deeper… Because of that, they started to show respect to Ye Xiao.

They changed. They didn't look down upon Ye Xiao anymore. They saw him like a brother. At the end, they even looked at him with admiration. Their attitude to Ye Xiao was changed bit by bit!

Every time when Ye Xiao noticed their change, he had a complex feeling.

[These men got my brother killed and vanished me… People of the three factions…]

[After the days we spent together, I am sure they are all vile and vicious. They kill without blinking the eyes!]

[But… are they really monsters? I don't know…]

After all, in Qing-Yun Realm, who had bigger fists had the rights. Those who didn't kill would eventually get killed. Whoever wanted to survive must kill without mercy!

Apparently, not just people in Cold Moon Palace were monsters!

In an afternoon.

They reached the top of a hill somewhere.

Xiao Mufei waved his hand and the others all stopped moving.

Ye Xiao tried to find what Xiao Mufei was looking at. What he saw was a big Dark Pine Forest about one hundred meter away ahead of them. They were standing on the highest spot in this area. What they saw was an ocean of dark pine trees.

"We are about to enter the seven thousand miles long Dark Pine Forest!" Xiao Mufei looked solemn. He sounded scared. "It is the… most dangerous part of our way home!"

"This is the perfect place for the other sects to attack us! A perfect place to ambush! It is the most convenient for them to make an attack."

"Once we get into the forest, I am not sure how many of us can make it out."

Xiao Mufei looked around his people. They were all standing up straight.

Those who had been leading the way had returned. Those who kept staying behind had caught up. They were gathering in this place.

"Before we go into it, I need to say something."

Xiao Mufei looked gloomy and a bit vicious, however, there was this noble spirit in him.

"Let me ask you, what is the most important thing in our lives?" he shouted.

At the moment, Ye Xiao was waiting for the answer too.

"Sect!" everyone answered loudly and put their right fist on the chest. They looked solemn. "In the endless universe, our sect means means everything to us! In the cruel world, my heart will only go after our sect!"

"Without the sect, I am a pile of rotten bones. With the sect, I am rocking the world!"

Xiao Mufei was satisfied. He said, "What should we do if the sect needs us?"

"We splash our blood for the sect! We sacrifice for the sect! We die with honor for the sect!"

They answered loudly together.

Xiao Mufei took in a deep breath and said, "We all know, Ye Chongxiao ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. He has a great future. As long as we successfully send him back to the sect, our sect will rise soon!"

"However, the other sects won't allow it. They will try everything they can to kill Ye Chongxiao and ruin the opportunity we have."

"That is why in the forest, there will be full of traps and bloods! We will go into the fight! We will fight in the seven thousand miles Dark Pine Forest!"

"All I want is one thing!" He sounded hoarse.

"Master! Don't worry!" Fang Dalong shouted, rising up his arms. "We won't let Brother Ye get hurt! We will sacrifice ourselves to protect him!"