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Chapter 763: Danger!

Chapter 763: Danger!
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"Chongxiao stays safe as long as we live! Whoever wants to hurt him must step over our dead bodies!"

The three hundred and sixty men shouted together.

Xiao Mufei took in a deep breath and raised his head. Tears filled his eyes as he shouted, "Go!"

Everybody walked down the hill in line.

They were marching to the Dark Pine Forest.

None of them hesitated.

Ye Xiao was always calm and steady, but he was touched.

Regardless of how Ye Xiao hated them for what they had done in his previous life, the spirit they just showed indicated that the three factions did have the capability to stay strong in Qing-Yun Realm for so many years!

The loyalty… the unity…

That was never to be found in the Land of Han-Yang.

It wasn't easy to make a sect last for more than ten thousand years!

Ye Xiao was sure about one thing. If he never had that history with the three faction in his previous life, if he truly was just a young man who had just come to this world and accidentally ate the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish, he would definitely devote himself to Cold Moon Palace!

He would become a loyal disciple in Cold Moon Palace!

He would spend the rest of his life to serve the sect till the day he died without regret.

Personal example always worked better than verbal instructions!

Truth was something nobody could ignore!

What they did, what they said, those were real! That was shocking!

Even Ye Xiao was moved, not to mention others!

However, to make a right decision was a different thing. He was in the opposite position to these men. No matter how he was touched, he wouldn't change his view. When the day came, he would kill them without hesitation!

After they entered the Dark Pine Forest, it became so dark that even they couldn't see each other.

The pine trees were covering the sky. They were stepping on the rotting leaves and grasses… The grass was different here. It was as tall as a man.

They just kept walking ahead carefully and silently. The forest was silent. What could be heard was only the sound of their steps.

Suddenly, Xiao Mufei's nose moved. He tried to smell something.

He then jumped up high like lightning and broke the covering of the pine trees. He grabbed something down in his hand.

When he looked at the thing in his hand, his face turned pale and dark.

His hands were shaking, and his finger joints turned pale.

Xiao Mufei didn't hesitate anymore. He jumped up again and then got down immediately. His face was totally pale this time!

"Master, what's wrong? What happened?" Fang Dalong was worried.

The others all looked over.

Xiao Mufei slowly opened his right hand and there was a little dead bird lying in it. The bird was black. Its feathers were sharp like steel.

"Iron-winged Sparrow!" Fang Dalong exclaimed. He looked at Xiao Mufei and said, "Master, did you…"

He didn't finish it. He was apparently terrified.

Xiao Mufei nodded seriously. That meant Fang Dalong was right.

Fang Dalong widely opened his eyes. The others all knew what that meant. They were all scared too.

Iron-winged Sparrow was the carrier bird only Cold Moon Palace used in the world.

"I jumped up there…" Xiao Mufei spoke with a gloomy voice, "and I found many dead birds up on the trees…"

Before he finished, some disciples already jumped up to check on it.

Ye Xiao was curious, so he jumped up too. He saw lots of little dead birds lying on the trees.

There was no bigger birds.

The biggest one was no bigger than a crow. There were too many dead birds and he couldn't count them at all.

The men got down with gloomy face too.

"We can be sure about one thing now. The other sects have prepared for this. This time, they…" Xiao Mufei spoke in a solemn voice, "… will do it in full effort!"

"They will die fighting!" he gritted with his teeth and said.

"Master… The dead birds… Did they kill all those birds? All of them? Why?" Fang Dalong couldn't believe it.

"We shouldn't be surprised. They didn't know what kind of bird is our carrier, but they know we are good at beast training. They just had to kill every bird in this place! I would do that too, if I were them!"

"Our problem is that the Iron-winged Sparrows we set out were killed by them with many other birds." Xiao Mufei looked worried. "In other words… the sect has no idea what we are dealing with right now."

"We won't get any support from the sect. Nobody know we are here."

"From now on, we are on our own. We have to make the way out by ourselves… fight against the two saint halls, three divine palaces and the other six sects…" His face twisted. "We may need to fight against more…"

The three hundred and sixty disciples were all heavy-laden in the heart.

Those sects actually did such a thing to stop a young man from being a part of another sect.

They would rather kill ten thousand innocents to make sure Ye Xiao was dead!

That was vicious and cruel...

"We must stop looking forward to any help. We know our current situation. Be careful. Let's go!" Xiao Mufei shouted and led the way ahead.

Apparently, they were in such a dangerous situation and they were on their own. It was meaningless to say more.

Since nobody would come to save them, they must leave the forest as soon as possible, in case the enemies gathered more men. They moved so fast, trying to escape for survival!

The sun was setting. It became red like blood.

One full day and a night, they barely slept. They couldn't sleep. Xiao Mufei scolded them for this. "What are you doing? What if there is a fight you have to fight tomorrow? How do you fight with an exhausted body? Do you want to die in fear? Sleep now! Whoever is on guard, keep your eyes open! Or else we all die!"

The latter part of the night…

Some weird sound was approaching. It woke them up.

At the moment, any sound could arouse tension in their hearts!

One man suddenly exclaimed, "Somebody…"

Then it turned silent again.

The scary Dark Pine Forest suddenly became full of horror!