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Chapter 764: Silve-scaled Golden-caruncled Snake!

Chapter 764: Silve-scaled Golden-caruncled Snake!
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They lit up torches and went over to the man who exclaimed!

The man was grabbing a strange snake, which was glowing. His face was dark. He was dead!

The man was level four of Dream Origin Stage, considered weak among the group.

He got bitten by that snake and died immediately!

What was that snake?

That was overwhelming!

Ye Xiao looked at it. The snake had a silver scale, which made it look like crystal. On its head, there was a golden caruncle!

The snake was dead too. Apparently, the man operated his full power to grab it. He died, but he also killed the snake.

"Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snake!" Xiao Mufei's face changed. He shouted, "Guys, stay together! Clean the area under your feet! Quick!"

Ye Xiao was shocked too.

Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snake!

The third most poisonous beast!

There were ten most poisonous things in Qing-Yun Realm. This snake was the third!

That was dangerous!

Many years earlier, somebody successfully extracted the poison from this snake. He used that to wipe out an entire family of a man who was level eight of Dream Origin Stage!

That was where the story of the Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snake began! It shocked the world!

People below Dao Origin Stage all feared it!

Suddenly, sound of whistling came from afar.

It kept resounding and nobody could tell where the sound came from.

After a while, sound of something moving in the grass came along. That weird sound soon surrounded them…

Apparently, there was a lot of snakes moving over to them. They cut the way out.

"What… What should we do?" They were all terrified.

In the dark of the forest, they could nearly see each other. To be surrounded by a bunch of Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snakes was absolutely a terrible situation.

Xiao Mufei looked even gloomy. He never thought the enemies would be this vicious.

"Someone is manipulating these snakes. That whistling must be the instruction." He said, "This forest is their perfect cover. This is the most vicious and efficient way to attack. This is difficult…"

He looked up while staring at the pine trees and sighed.

Ye Xiao knew what he was thinking. To fight against Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snakes, fire was the perfect weapon. However, they were in the dark of the forest.

They might get themselves killed in the fire. If the trees were on fire, they might all die in the forest.

That was why they didn't want to set a fire.

It would also cut off their way out.

After a while, the men had cleaned up a clear area. It was about three hundred meters wide. There wasn't even grass in it…

They even cut off the trees and threw them out the area.

As the trees were removed, the moonlight finally splashed into the forest.

It lightened their faces, which were pale.

In the moonlight, they saw silver waves rolling around them. Endless Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snakes were moving over to them. They kept hissing and it scared everybody.

There were snakes on the trees too. The snakes stared at the men with cold eyes. Some of them had whirled their bodies, ready to rush over.

"I am afraid there are tens of thousands snakes around us…" Xiao Mufei made a long sigh. "Dark Pine Forest is their home. We all know it. Nobody dares to mess with these snakes, not even Dao Origin Stage cultivators. Nobody dares to draw them out of the forest… Once they were out, the world would be ruined! Thousands of miles around this place, nothing could survive. I chose to go this way because I thought they would fear these snakes!"

"But I never thought that they would use the snakes on us. How vicious!"

Ye Xiao's eyes lit up. He said, "Elder Xiao, I knew you are good at beast training. If they can draw these snakes out, can't you just make them go away?"

"They must have been preparing for a long time on this. It is too late for me to do anything." Xiao Mufei was in pain. "These snakes love the smell of human… Once they smell it, they won't get away…"

While he was speaking, some snakes already started the attack. The sound of hissing was everywhere.

The men who stood on the outskirts were fighting the snakes with swords in the hands. They were scared but didn't give up fighting. They kept cutting the snakes apart when the snakes flew over to them.

"Be careful! Cutting them into two parts may not kill them. We must cut them on their neck, seven inches from their heads. Make sure you cut off their heads. Don't leave the heads near your feet! They might still bite you!" Xiao Mufei kept warning others.

As Xiao Mufei finished his speaking, the men all hurriedly looked down to the snake bodies on the ground. One of them saw half a snake with a head actually moving over to him and trying to bite on his foot.

He exclaimed and kicked it away immediately.

Luckily, with Xiao Mufei's instruction, nobody died!

The silver waves had turned into a bright net. Countless Silver-scaled Golden-caruncled Snakes turned beastly after they smelled blood. They moved even faster now. Things went worse.

- Puff, puff, puff… -

That was the sound of sword hitting the snakes. It kept sounding out. Such a sound filled the battle. It was such a tough fight.

The snakes were small but tough. It wasn't easy to cut through their silver scales. They had to pour their spiritual energy into the swords so as to cut the snakes' heads off. Ye Xiao was confident to handle one snake with one sword strike, but there were definitely more than one snake that he needed to deal with.