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Chapter 765: Crowd of Snakes!

Chapter 765: Crowd of Snakes!
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Even though Ye Xiao was in Spirit Origin Stage, if he encountered an attack from three snakes, he may be able to kill two of them, but definitely not the third.

He was unable to kill it, but he couldn't just let it be there. What he had to do was to knock it back and wait for the chance to kill it later.

In fact, everyone needed to face more than three snakes at the same time. They needed to face a lot. That was why they kept knocking the snakes away and they did this more than cut them off.

That consumed lots of energy. Thirty men who stood outside had just fought for an hour and they started to feel exhausted.

Tiredness was not the only thing they was facing. They also needed to endure the terrible smell from the dead snakes and the poisonous mist from their mouths. Even though they had prepared for that, they still got seriously damaged.

"Switch!" Xiao Mufei shouted.

If they didn't take turn to fight those snakes, they would die soon! It would be a great loss!

The thirty disciples heard Xiao Mufei as if it was song from the heavens. They immediately stepped back and thirty more men took their places. They rushed out and stayed stable. That expanded the defensive area for them. They just began to fight, so they were still energetic. Within just seconds, they had already killed over a hundred snakes.

However, after just a while, these men were exhausted too. They started to knock away the snakes instead of killing them. The defense area became smaller again!

Although it wasn't a good situation to be surrounded by the snakes, they could still hang on for some time!

Ye Xiao looked away and found the snakes had become an ocean of silver out there.

In the silver ocean, the silver glow never stopped shining. It moved so fast like a horse running in the fastest way. Countless snakes kept striking the defensive line. Every minute, there were snakes being chopped in to parts, but more and more snakes rushed over without fears!

The silver glow was shining from far away. There were many more snakes coming over to them.

The whistling was still sounding, commanding the snakes…

Xiao Mufei thought there might be tens of thousands of snakes. In fact, he was wrong. There must be more than that. There were more than one hundred thousand snakes!

Ye Xiao frowned and tried to think of a practical way to deal with the situation. It was utterly dangerous this time. If he couldn't come up with a method… he would die with these men in this forest.

Xiao Mufei was powerful enough to escape though, if he was lucky.

However, after fighting for a long time, he wouldn't be powerful enough anymore. He would also die in the crowd of snakes eventually!

What a vicious trap.

Ye Xiao had to think of something practical, and he had to proceed as soon as he could. Once the over three hundred men were all exhausted, nobody could fight anymore. Even though Ye Xiao could make the snakes go away by himself, there would be no one to help him deal with the enemy next!

He had to do it quick!

He frowned and thought hard.

In fact, he had thought of one method. As long as he told the others, they could be released from such suppression!

Ye Xiao didn't know much about this snake. He hadn't seen one before. However, he happened to know the weakness of this snake!

The weak point wasn't the neck. It was the caruncle.

Cut off the caruncle and the snake would die immediately!

However, he couldn't tell them.

If he told them, they might suspect his real identity.

'You are a young man who have just come to this world. How did you know the weak point of this snake?'

That was a question he didn't know how to answer!

'You actually knew such a thing. Does it mean you are not new to this world?'

'I guess you want something from us, don't you?'

Well… he might get himself killed because of it…

For people in those great sects, when they suspected somebody, they just killed them. No matter what the truth was, the man who had the possibility to be an enemy would get killed!

Ye Xiao would never make such a mistake.

However, if he didn't tell them, they would all die…

Once they died, Ye Xiao wouldn't be able to live.

Ye Xiao kept thinking about it. He tried to figure out another way to help them. He wanted to let them know about this secret but wouldn't get himself involved!

Erhuo suddenly showed up its head. The color of silver filled its sight. - Mia! - It exclaimed. The hairs on its body all stood up.

Its eyes became roundish.

[Oh my heavens and hell. Scare the wit off me. Why are there so many snakes?]

[What is going on?]

"What?" Ye Xiao frowned while looking at the cat. He said, "Oh, you are scared? You? Aren't you the peerless spiritual creature? How can you fear such 'mortal' beasts?"

Erhuo rolled its eyes up and rubbed its whisker. It decided to totally ignore Ye Xiao.

Then its two ears flicked!

[Meow… What did I see?]

[Holy heaven kitty!]


[Those snakes… have scales!]

[Are they as delicious as fish? Look at their scales!]

It kept flicking its ears while rubbing its whiskers. It couldn't make up its mind. [Should I… have a try?]

[What if they are super delicious?]

[There are so many of them…]

[That should be enough to eat!]

[I have yet to experience even one good meal after following this needy master. How can I give up such an opportunity?] Erhuo stopped its claw. It was lost in thoughts… Suddenly, it rubbed its whisker again…