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Chapter 766: Surprise; Suggestions!

Chapter 766: Surprise; Suggestions!
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- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot… -

The snakes on the trees started to attack now.

First, the men needed to defend the attacks from the ground, and now they also had to defend the attack from the sky. Things got worse for the men of Cold Moon Palace this time. Everybody was in a muddle now. They probably would lose it.

Xiao Mufei shouted loudly and thirty men in the crowd jumped up high all of a sudden. They had been prepared for a long time. Their swords started to glow and they protected the others from the attacks in the sky. There were dozens of other disciples that kept watching the ground and swept away the other snakes on the ground as soon as they could.

The snakes had forced two groups of men to fight together. What a tough fight!

Ye Xiao was worried. One hundred and twenty men of the three hundred and sixty had joined the fight. Nobody died yet. However, as it went on, there would definitely be people dying!

Ye Xiao knew the weak point of the snakes, but that was all he knew. Xiao Mufei knew more than Ye Xiao about the snakes, but just not the most important one. Ye Xiao was worried and he knew this was urgent. He just couldn't think of a way to indicate the weak point of the snakes!

At the meantime, he felt something moving on his chest. He looked at it and saw Erhuo was thrilled. It didn't look scared at all now. He knew what to do now. He reached his hand and grabbed a part of a snake body.

Ye Xiao didn't know much about Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snakes, but when one hits a snake, they usually hit its jugular. He grabbed the snake on its neck. The snake was yet to die even though it had already lost the other part of its body. It kept twisting but couldn't attack, as its jugular was grabbed.

And then Ye Xiao put the snake on the floor.

Xiao Mufei frowned and looked at him. He wasn't happy about that. [We all fight so hard for your life, and you are playing with the snake here… It is good if you help killing some, yet you just play with a dead one…]

He had no time to say anything about it on the battle. Time flew. He just pretended he didn't see him.

Erhuo saw what Ye Xiao did. It knew what he wanted immediately. Before Ye Xiao said anything, Erhuo casually walked over that snake and turned that snake over with a claw.

The snake was seriously injured, but it still hissed and stared at Erhuo fiercely.

Erhuo was pissed. [You little stupid snake. How dare you stare at me like that? You are just a dying snake!]

Erhuo opened its mouth and bit on the snake fiercely.

Of course, the cat won. Erhuo bit the snake head and then crunched. - Crack! - It bit off the head and chewed it, and then swallowed it without hesitation.

"You silly cat! Why are you so stupid!" Ye Xiao was shocked. He tried to open its mouth. "You fool! It's a poisonous snake!"

Erhuo rolled its eyes and licked its lips. Its furry face was full of indifference.

It thought. [Oh, my master. What an ignorant fool. Even you know this thing is poisonous, of course I know too! Would I eat it if I am afraid of the snake's poison? If you don't want me to get poisoned, don't let me fight that stupid snake. My man. I can't believe I am following such an idiot!]

[Hmm… The taste of the snake…]

The next moment, it licked its lips again and again! Its two ears stood up and flicked. It eyes were like two searchlights lighting up!

[Holy heavens!]

[That… is such a surprise!]

[This snake… is full of nutrition!]

[It looks creepy but… tasty.]

When it looked around the enormous amount of snakes, its eyes were getting brighter. A long line of saliva appeared on its mouth.

"Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snake is one of the most poisonous things in Qing-Yun Realm. They could only be found in this Dark Pine Forest," somebody spoke in a deep voice. It was Xiao Mufei.

"Among all the beasts in Qing-Yun Realm, this snake is far from the top league. In fact, it is even lower than average."

"However, the poison it carries makes it part of the top poisonous beasts."

"Whoever gets poisoned by it will die for sure. Even Dao Origin Stage cultivators wouldn't be able to survive its poison. The snake is just a third level beast. That means it's weak!" Xiao Mufei kept watching the snakes while he was speaking.

The disciples were listening to him while fighting the snakes.

"You may not be any outstanding cultivators, but you are all above Dream Origin Stage at least. Each of you can easily handle a level six beast. To kill this snake should be a piece of cake."

Xiao Mufei sounded heavy, but he was encouraging his men.

"Now, we have over three hundred brothers here. Even though we have to deal with a hundred thousand snakes, each of us only need to kill about three thousand. [1]"

Xiao Mufei continued, "We kept switching to defend the snakes, so we have time to rest. We have been cultivating all our lives. This is just some stupid snakes. Do you really think we are unable to handle it? Hell no!"

The disciples were all inspired!

[That's right! There are many snakes indeed, but I just need to kill three thousand! Just sway the sword three thousand times. That's easy. We do more than that everyday in practice!]

Suddenly, everybody was thrilled. Their swords became brighter, moving faster and faster. Within just a while, the defense area expanded a hundred meters wide.

They started to cheer, as things finally went better.

Ye Xiao frowned. He moved close to Xiao Mufei and spoke quietly, "Elder Xiao, I am afraid there is something wrong with this. I don't think these snakes are easy to handle like this."

Xiao Mufei frowned and said, "Hmm? Why?"

Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "I was observing the snakes and grabbed one to check its body… It is easy to handle when it is just one snake. Even I can easily kill it. All I need to do is try my best not to be poisoned. However, the scales are unbelievably tough. If we keep cutting it, it will consume more energy than we can afford. It will be easy to feel exhausted. Even though we take turns to fight, we may still not be able to clear it. Besides, it will eventually damage our weapons. If we die because of the loss of weapons, that will be such a shame."


[1] Tl note: I think it should be three hundred. :) Apparently not all Chinese are good at math.