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Chapter 767: Golden Caruncle, the Weak Point!

Chapter 767: Golden Caruncle, the Weak Point!
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Xiao Mufei was quite experienced. Of course, he knew what Ye Xiao said. However, it was urgent. He had to cheer his men up, so he didn't tell them the problem. He heard what Ye Xiao said and knew that Ye Xiao must have thought of a way to deal with the situation. His eyes lit up and he said, "Do you have any ideas then?"

Ye Xiao said, "I checked the snake earlier. Like all the snakes, the jugular is its weak point, but not the fatal one."

Xiao Mufei said, "That's right. That couldn't put it to death!"

"Hmm. We can constrain it by attacking its jugular, but not kill it."

"I am new to this world, so I barely know much about the animals here. However, I know one thing. Every living thing has a weak point that can lead it to death. As long as we find this weak point, it will be much easier to kill it." Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snake must also have a fatal weak point. That is the key we need to find out as soon as possible… I just don't know where it is…"

He continued, "Maybe we can ask our men to test it by attacking the snakes on different parts of their bodies. If we can find that weak point…"

Ye Xiao had made his point clearly enough.

Xiao Mufei was a clever man. He knew what Ye Xiao meant exactly.

That was right. This snake was extremely poisonous, but it barely appeared. Information about this animal was very small. Now, there were countless of this snake, so they had a lot of experiment subjects. The snake was dangerous, but it was not that strong. It shouldn't be a problem to find out the fatal weak point of it. If they could figure out where to cut the snake to kill it easily, they could survive this ten times sooner!

Xiao Mufei understood it, so he turned around and gave the order.

"Try to attack the snake on different parts, like the neck, tail, head and others…"

Several level eight Dream Origin Stage cultivators answered and got back to the fight.

Their swords were moving with cold lights. A few snakes were killed. However, Ye Xiao urged, "Elder Xiao, I am afraid things are changing. Tell them to do it faster."

Xiao Mufei also noticed something was wrong.

The snakes seemed twice bigger than the former ones.

The snakes that showed up earlier were about two kilograms each, but the ones they were fighting now were about four kilograms. Some were even more than five kilograms!

The bigger snakes were not just bigger in size. The scales were brighter and tougher. To cut them into parts would cost more energy now.

It was getting more difficult now. The disciples were all stepping backward.

Suddenly, there came up a sound of cracking. One man had stricken on a snake with his sword. The snake was in pain and got hit off, but it didn't die.

The sword broke into two parts!

That man reacted quick. He turned around and left immediately. Another man took his place to continue the fight.

However, as the man spent time running over to fill the gap, a few others exclaimed. About seven men got bitten by the snakes and then died!

Xiao Mufei looked grieved. He watched his men fighting against the snakes. Ye Xiao was watching too. He hoped somebody would figure out the secret in the caruncle soon.

However, although they had killed hundreds of snakes within a short time, nobody ever tried the caruncle.

On one hand, the snakes surely would try to protect their caruncles.

On the other hand, none of the men thought of the caruncle!

Xiao Mufei was sweating.

He knew that his men were tired. Most importantly, some of them died. More and more would die. Those men must be frightened.

If things didn't go better, they would all die eventually!

Xiao Mufei was vexed and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, he heard Ye Chongxiao murmuring, "That's impossible. We tried every part of the snake. They must have a fatal weak point, right? Is Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snake a perfect creature? Silver scales protect the body. Golden caruncle… Wait… If there is any part of it we haven't tried to attack yet, it must be the caruncle…"

Xiao Mufei's eyes lit up. He shouted hurriedly, "Hit the caruncle! The caruncle! That's the weak point!"

He shouted repeatedly. A few Dream Origin Stage cultivators jumped up high and swayed their long swords with cold lights. - Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

Suddenly, dozens of snakes that had been flying in the air got hit on the caruncles. They all fell down to the ground.

Green liquid poured out from the broken caruncles. As the caruncles were damaged, the snakes instantly died. That was efficient. The snakes didn't even twitch.

"The caruncle!"

"Hit the caruncle!"

Everybody heard it. They were thrilled again. They didn't fight hard anymore. What they did was to slip aside and cut the caruncles on the snakes' heads. After a while, the dead snakes piled up on the ground.

The snake bodies were about one meter high on the ground. More and more snakes died on it.

Now that they found the fatal weak point of the snakes, things got easier. Those men were all above Dream Origin Stage. They killed the snakes like cutting off grasses.

Xiao Mufei was relieved. He shouted and then tried to sweep off the dead snakes.

The snakes were dead, but the poison was still in their bodies. Whoever touched the poison would definitely die. They had been fighting so hard and didn't have time to deal with the dead bodies. Since the battle was safe on their side, he decided to clean the snakes himself!

[Those are good stuffs…]

Erhuo was jumping between Ye Xiao's legs, anxious for the snakes.