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Chapter 768: Snake King!

Chapter 768: Snake King!
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Ye Xiao saw Xiao Mufei cleaning the snakes, so he said, "Elder Xiao, you are too important to do such a thing. Let me help. You have a group of men to lead."

He pretended to be humble and honest. He said, "I am weak. I can't help with the fight. I have been watching you guys here and couldn't do anything. It makes me feel bad. I just need to be careful about the poison when dealing with the dead snakes. I can do it. Just let me do something, please."

Xiao Mufei thought for a while and agreed with it. He should better keep an eye on the fight in case anything went wrong.

[Chongxiao asked the chance to make a contribution. What a good guy. He grabbed a dead snake because he wanted to figure out the weak point of it. I misunderstood him. It is reasonable that he wants to help. What he needs is just to be careful not to get poisoned. That should be safe…]

He nodded and said, "Alright. I will leave it to you. The snakes are dead, but the poison is still there. Just be careful. That aside, you must not go far. Stay inside our defensive perimeter."

Ye Xiao promised and then walked away.

He communicated with Erhuo with mind, "Erhuo, do you want the snakes?"


"Does it taste good?"


"Is it useful?"



"Meow meow!"

Ye Xiao understood.

He walked to the boundary of the defensive perimeter but didn't leave it. He then started to deal with the snake bodies. He reached his hand to the pile of snakes and then threw them high and far away. Nobody noticed that before the snakes were thrown away, some snake bodies disappeared. When the snake bodies flew out, it was hard to notice how many there were. In fact, many snake bodies were missing.

The little white cat was following him behind his back.

It kept walking around like doing nothing, but in fact it was eating the snakes. Nobody found out what they were actually doing.

That was reasonable. Who would think that a little cat had such an enormous stomach?

Maybe Erhuo was the peerless stomach king in the universe!

Ye Xiao quickly cleaned the bodies around the defensive perimeter, and then found that more dead snakes piled up again…

The pile of dead snakes was getting thicker and thicker…

Apparently, those men killed the snakes much faster now as they figured out they should hit the caruncle!

Ye Xiao kept cleaning the dead snakes faster and faster…

Xiao Mufei squinted at Ye Xiao from time to time. He wasn't watching him though. He just didn't want Ye Xiao to get poisoned. He would go over to help Ye Xiao if he got clumsy. However, when he found Ye Xiao was efficiently cleaning the snakes, he couldn't help himself from praising him.

[Ye Chongxiao is a good disciple. He fears neither hardship or tiredness… He just keeps doing his job…]

[Good lad!]

[He is calm and steady in such a chaos, and he is smart and sharp-minded. He will eventually become a great figure of Cold Moon Palace!]

Ye Xiao was satisfied.

There were tens of thousands of dead snakes in the Space already!

[Erhuo loves it. That means I should also take as many as I can. Things Erhuo likes… must be something extraordinary.] That was why he kept storing the snakes into the Space.

While the Cold Moon Palace people were winning the battle, the air suddenly smelled weird. Something happened. The whistling sound had stopped.

The snakes were still moving restlessly.

A beam of silver light was getting close to them. That was much brighter than the silver glow from the snakes!

It was like a silver moon splashing the lights to them…

The light was getting closer and closer…

Apparently, the main force of the Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snakes was coming over.

Among the sea of silver light, there was a bit of golden light moving over to them. It was like a king coming to the city!

The snakes were all lowering the heads!

"Snake king! It's their king coming!" Xiao Mufei was shocked. He was shaking. He was intense again.

Was the mythical Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snake King coming to them?

There were something Xiao Mufei didn't tell about the snake earlier. Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snake was, although a level three beast, the scales were the toughest shield they had. This was something that would make the men lose courage, so he didn't tell the others.

Besides, the bigger snakes were actually level four beasts! The smaller ones were level three or lower. It depended on their age!

The snakes they were fighting at the last were all about level seven! Xiao Mufei recognized it with what he had learned in his life!

The snake king that made the other snakes lower thei heads must be about level eight! That was horrible!

It could even be level nine!

That was a beast that most of the cultivators would ran away from in Qing-Yun Realm!

At least, none of these people had the capability to deal with it!

That was why the man who had been making the whistling sound left. He must have noticed the appearance of the snake king. He had never thought this would draw the snake king out. He might get killed too if he didn't leave in time…

Apparently, he thought that the men of Cold Moon Palace here would definitely die!

As the snake king arrived, the snakes attacked more fiercely.

Although the men had known the weak point of the snake, they couldn't defeat them all in a short time. As the fight went on, many men died. People kept screaming painfully. Twenty men had died under the snake bites.

Somebody got bitten, but before he died, he rushed into the crowd of snakes to kill as many as he could. Hundreds of snakes were chopped apart before he lost his breath. When he eventually died, his body became just a heap of bones!

After a while, the bones were gone. He eventually became ashes and tracelessly flew into the air.