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Chapter 769: Eliminate the King!

Chapter 769: Eliminate the King!
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The horrible and cruel scene made these men tremble. They even felt weak on the hands and feet. Some of them started to throw up.

The hundreds of men were almost exhausted, since they had been fighting for such a long time. They were still sober, but they knew their arms were weak. They couldn't make any powerful strikes anymore.

More snakes were coming, like it would never end!

They knew the fatal weak point of the snake, but to kill at least one hundred thousand snakes was truly too much a challenge.

Even if the snakes just stay there to be cut off, these men would be tired to death!

It was an impossible mission!

Looking at the silver light, especially the golden light, Xiao Mufei was showing a weird look on the face.

"I have never thought that I would die in a beast's mouth. We are famous for our art of beast training. Is this what we deserve? For the sin we have done to living creatures?"

He sighed. However, his eyes started to become fierce.

He turned to Ye Xiao and said, "I will lead the men to rush out first. You should better stay in the center. Do not do anything stupid. We stay together and fight for a chance."

That was the last thing they could do.

It was like the ants holding together to cross the river. Maybe there would be some ants that would survive, but most of them would die in the water.

That was exactly what Xiao Mufei wanted to do.

That was a plan out of no plans!

He wanted to sacrifice most of his men, including himself, to keep Ye Xiao safe.

Even though there might be lots of fights ahead of them after the snakes, he had to make Ye Xiao survive this first!

Ye Xiao was shocked. He took in a deep breath and he felt a bit dizzy.

The poison was mixed with the air. It became denser and denser and Ye Xiao started to fall because of it.

He was only level three of Spirit Origin Stage, but he had East-rising Purple Qi, the marvelous martial art. He should have been impregnable to poisons, at least most poisons. However, the poisonous air made him feel dizzy. That was some strong poison.

That was reasonable. A level three snake that could kill Dream Origin Stage cultivators with its poison, which was the third poisonous creature in Qing-Yun Realm, it should be extraordinary. There were over one hundred thousand snakes around and over half of them were beyond level five beasts. The poison they set free to the air must be indefensible!

"We don't have to do that. There may be some other option," Ye Xiao said.

"Other option?" Xiao Mufei asked.

"Yes. Elder Xiao, you have seen the wolves, haven't you?" Ye Xiao said, "When I was traveling in the lower realm, I once encountered the wolves. They were in enormous number, just like the snakes here. Lots of wolves kept coming up to me. I fought against them day after night. The number of the wolves grew from hundreds to million. They fought together!"

"A million wolves…" Xiao Mufei took in a cold breath.

"That was the most dangerous fight I have ever gotten involved. It was not any superior cultivator I was fighting. The wolves were all weak. I can kill one by only a fist hit. However, no matter how many of them died, the others would gather up immediately. I was excited at the beginning, but then became numb at the end. I fought with my instinct. That's all. The wolves were too weak, so none of them could successfully break my qi shield. Otherwise, I should have died long ago!"

"One of my friends came to me at the end. I was fighting like a mad man, following my instinct. If he didn't come to help me, I would die after using up all my energy!

"He is weaker than me, but within a short time, he drove away all the wolves!

"When I was sober again, he told me what he did. It is simple. He just killed the wolf king. After the wolf king died, the others all left!"

"It was horrible. The wolves fear nothing, not even death. They kept fighting. However, they had the biggest weak point." Ye Xiao's eyes lit up. "The king! As long as we find the king and kill it, the wolves will leave! We don't need to kill even one more."

"No exception."

"That I will never forget." Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "What we are facing now is similar to what happened to me that day. I have been watching the snakes… When the snake king didn't show up, the whistling guided the snakes. The whistling shouldn't be able to draw out so many snakes.

"I guess they must have thrown something in this area that could lure the snakes. You know much more about beast training than I do. You must understand it.

"I doubt that the whistling was just showing them the direction… It couldn't control their attacks. That whistling isn't that powerful yet… We aren't even influenced a bit by that sound, so how could the snakes?

"There must be something else that makes the snakes go crazy.

"Moreover, before the snake king showed up, these snakes fought one by one. They were just attacking, simply attacking. When the snake king showed up, the whistling disappeared, and the snakes became powerful and efficient."

"Besides… There is something else… The sound of the hissing…" He continued, "When they hissed, it sounded in a mess. It was like when a man was screaming with anger, he didn't know what he was saying."

"However, the hissing sounds orderly. It even follows a rhythm."

"I guess the snake king is commanding the fight."

"The snake king is apparently more terrible than than the whistling! However, it shows us the biggest weak point of the snakes. As long as we break it, we win."

Ye Xiao calmly spoke.