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Chapter 770: Predicament!

Chapter 770: Predicament!
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Xiao Mufei's depressed eyes lit up. However, he was still waiting Ye Xiao to finish the talking.

"The conclusion goes to, we kill the snake king. The time we kill the snake king, the time we survive this chaos!" Ye Xiao thought for a while and drew a conclusion.

"Great!" Xiao Mufei raised his head and looked at the golden light far away. His eyes were filled with murderous qi. He seemed refilled with endless strength.

"I should do this myself!" He took a deep breath after thinking for a while.

"That snake king is something extraordinary. Elder Xiao, be careful." Ye Xiao nodded.

Among all the men there, only Xiao Mufei had the capability to kill that snake king.

The others would just go for a suicide mission!

Erhuo stayed beside Ye Xiao's feet, half-closing its eyes while staring at Xiao Mufei.

[Is he going to kill the snake king?]

"Gather over!" Xiao Mufei shouted, "Guys, keep the defense. Be careful! The snakes will not stop attacking! I will go to the snake king and return soon!"

After speaking, he jumped up to the sky. As he was still in the air, he drew out the long sword. A stunning move!

In the splendid shining lights, he started to spin with the long sword, as if he was a colorful cyclone. And then a thunder stroke!

- Shoot! - He rushed out so fast that no words could describe it properly.

That was incorporation of human and sword!

He was a master cultivator of Dao Origin Stage!

As he moved, thunders rumbled with him!

The sword light was spinning. It hit the air and made thundering sounds. Behind him appeared a dark hole. Xiao Mufei had already rushed out a hundred meters. Wherever he went over, the snakes were making shrill sounds.

What could be seen was endless pieces of the snakes that was torn by the spinning sword attack.

The human-sword incorporation attack of a Dao Origin Stage cultivator was truly overwhelming.

He killed the snakes like cutting off the grasses. He had reached the silver light already.

Over a thousand snakes died behind him!

The snakes on the snake king's side were horrible. There were hundreds of snakes and each of them was as thick as a barrel. The snakes saw Xiao Mufei flying to them, so they stood up and started to attack.

Xiao Mufei didn't retreat a bit. He shouted and then made a sword strike down with thunders and lightnings!

- Puff, puff, puff… -

Where the sword struck on, seven big snakes were torn into pieces, being stricken by the lightnings. Besides, dozens more big snakes were blown away by the power of the sword attack. A blank area was cleared up under Xiao Mufei's feet.

That was when he stood back on the ground again. He didn't loose alert though. He rushed forward without hesitation, pointing at a golden snake with his sword. The golden snake was a few hundred meters away. It was slim and the size of the arm of a girl!

The snake king!

The snake king noticed him. Suddenly, it started to hiss loudly.

The hundreds of big silver snakes suddenly all moved to it like crazy, from everywhere… They started assault Xiao Mufei at the same time!

One of the snake suddenly became bigger and then shot out a silver liquid in the air. It was like a shooting arrow moving towards Xiao Mufei.

Xiao Mufei was terrified. The poison of a normal Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snake could kill a cultivator below Dao Origin Stage. That big snake was definitely much stronger than the normal ones. The poison of it must be even more murderous. He was a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, but if he got hit by that silver liquid, he would very possibly die! Even if he survived, he would get seriously damaged. How could he allow that to happen!

He hurriedly moved aside. That poison liquid hit the ground and the leaves there suddenly started to make sound and emit smoke. After one second, the leaves rotted. The raw ground was shown. The earth of the ground appeared silver and it didn't stop smoking.

Xiao Mufei's legs were nearly cramped. He felt himself so lucky to dodge that poison attack… How vicious!

If he didn't react quick enough… If he got hit…

While feeling fortunate, countless big snakes had surrounded him. From time to time, there were poison liquid shooting to him. It was dangerous. Xiao Mufei had to keep moving away.

He didn't even dare to block the liquid with his sword.

He was afraid once his sword was hit by that poison liquid, it would be corroded! If he lost his weapon and had to fight with empty hands, it would be much more difficult for him!

However, because he was scrupling, he couldn't do his best to fight. Things went worse and worse for him. The snakes were like a snake mountain, blocking the way between him and the snake king. The big snakes were surrounding it.

The snake king looked at Xiao Mufei. It was indifferent.

Xiao Mufei was a skillful and experienced man. He wouldn't be killed easily, but to escape the surrounding of the big snakes was another story. To kill the snake king seemed to be an impossible mission for him now.

As he fought, he was complaining.

[Why are these Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snakes… so tough?]

He could easily kill dozens of this snake of normal size by one sword attack. The big snakes were much stronger than the normal ones, but he was confident he could also kill them easily with his sharp sword. Besides, he knew the weak point of the snake, so he thought it would not be any difficult job to kill the snake king!

However, as he truly got on the fight, he found it was totally different. The truth wasn't like what he imagined. The first strike he made did kill lots of normal snakes, however, what happened next was completely out of his expectation!

Those big snakes were not so good at attacking. However, the silver scales gave them wonderful protection. He struck on one of the snake with full effort but still couldn't kill it!

That was not the most important thing. Every time when he tried to cut the caruncle, the snake would move its head away! If he was fighting just one of the snakes, he could make a second attempt and he would cut it. However, he was facing hundreds of them. There was no second chance for him. He had attacked so many times, but only successfully hit one. Even when he made this success, he nearly got bitten by the other snakes!

To damage the big snakes, he could use the human-sword incorporation attack again, but he needed to do that five times to wipe out the snakes. It wasn't easy to make that kind of attack. With the energy he had now, he could make two more human sword incorporation strikes. That was the maximum! He couldn't defeat the snake mountain!