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Chapter 771: Go, Erhuo, Go!

Chapter 771: Go, Erhuo, Go!
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Xiao Mufei couldn't proceed with his plan to kill the snake king. Now, he was in trouble and didn't know how to get out of it. He was fine now, but as time passed, he might get exhausted!

The men saw Xiao Mufei got trapped, but there was nothing they could do to save him.

Xiao Mufei was the strongest among them all. He was the only one who could rush so far over the snakes. The others was unable to do so. The only thing they could do was to sigh!

At the moment, Ye Xiao tapped on Erhuo's head and said, "Erhuo, it's your time to show what you got. Go!"

Erhuo looked aside and made a sound proudly. "Meow!" It got down to the floor and made a stretch, before it walked out step by step in an elegant way.

The disciples of Cold Moon Palace were trying their best to defend the attack from the snakes. Some of them stayed in the center of the defense area to restore the qi and energy, but they still kept watching Xiao Mufei. Nobody noticed what Ye Xiao just did. If somebody saw him, they might scold him for playing with a cat at this moment when their master was in great danger!

Erhuo elegantly walked over a dozen steps out and then suddenly hunch-up its back. - Shoot! - It disappeared leaving a mass of white smoke.

A long white smoke was shooting towards the snakes fast.

After a second, Erhuo was about one meter away.

That was where there were most snakes and the most dangerous place. Erhuo just touched the floor and the snakes all moved over to it. Dozens of snakes started to bite it.

Erhuo could be swallowed by one snake, not to mention dozens of them!

It stood there and didn't move a bit. It tilted its head looking at the snakes indifferently. Suddenly, it humphed with its wet nose.

"Humph! Mia!"

Its right claw pad hit the floor. - Pah! - Its half-closed eyes suddenly opened!

It burst out an enormous mass of qi towards the snakes.

After that, those snakes which had been surrounding Erhuo all moved backward like they all got stricken by lightning. The snakes from the distance were still moving closer to it, yet the close ones were moving outward!

The snakes kept getting closer like a mountain suppressing on the snakes around it. The snakes around it tried so hard to keep the other snakes away.

- Crack! Crack! - Too many snakes were getting close. Those around Erhuo were crashed!

However, even though those snakes' bones were cracked, they didn't move away a bit. They surprisingly formed a shield to defend Erhuo.

The snakes showed only fear in their eyes!

That was the fear for the upper level creature!

It was even more fearful than death!

Erhuo waved its tail and elegantly walked away.

Wherever it walked, the snakes made way for it.

That was such a marvelous scene to see!

At the moment, countless snakes stood up and moved aside. That made a small path for Erhuo!

Erhuo, a little cat the size of a man's hand, walked in the path casually and elegantly. It was so arrogant.

It happened so fast and nobody saw it. Otherwise, the men would have been shocked and their jaws would fall to the floor!

If Xiao Mufei saw it, he might cut off his own eyes because he wouldn't believe what he had seen. He was totally wrong about 'it is just a normal cat'!

The snakes that made way for Erhuo… their necks stayed the same shape. They didn't even dare to breath in front of Erhuo!

They all stood straight up and didn't move a bit like ice sculptures.

They might not be as respectful like this to the snake king!

Erhuo walked so arrogantly and elegantly! It looked so good!

As Erhuo walked away, the snakes finally got down to the floor. They didn't continue the attack, but just slipped away and hid in the bushes! They ran away from their battle!

Of course, they ran away! Nothing was more important than saving their own lives from that monster now!

The snakes attacked from everywhere like tides. People of Cold Moon Palace wouldn't have time to look at what happened on the little cat.

Ye Xiao had been watching Erhuo so he saw it.

However, the snakes blocked his sight, so he didn't see the whole thing happen. Otherwise, he would be impressed more about that little cat!

Nobody witnessed the glorious and great moment of Erhuo. What a shame!

Ye Xiao spoke to Erhuo with mind transmission, "The inner core of that snake king! Keep it for me!"

Erhuo was annoyed. "Mia!"

Apparently, it wasn't happy about Ye Xiao who did nothing but asked for lots of things. However, he was its owner!

Far away from the defense area, many snakes suddenly fell down…

Apparently, Erhuo's angry shout scared some snakes to death for real…

"And the inner core of those big snakes! I want half of them!" Ye Xiao added.


Erhuo was extremely angry about it.

"Damn you! I am working so hard here and you just do nothing but ask for a share!"

"And you only want the good ones! What the hell!"

"Can't you be just a little more reasonable?" Through mind communication.

"You are not working hard at all! No snakes dare to fight you!" Ye Xiao was indifferent. "Do not forget our deal! I got to eat whatever is good first! Not you! And hey, listen, there's a change. I want a bigger share of the big snakes' inner cores. Remember! Bigger share!"

Erhuo was furious. It rushed out fast.

[That… That is obviously bullying me!]

[But… so what? He is my owner. I can't change that. Fine. That is so annoying!]