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Chapter 772: Silent Kill!

Chapter 772: Silent Kill!
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[It is impossible to vent my anger on him. Fine. Let me kill some stupid snakes. They are the reason why I got bullied by the bastard! And they actually dare to stand in my way! Don't you know I am really angry at the moment?]

Erhuo burst in anger. Its qi burst out like thunder. Hundred of snakes were stunned. They were too afraid to move. After Erhuo walked away, they were still there, not moving… They actually couldn't…

Xiao Mufei was fighting the snakes with all effort. He wanted to change the situation, but hundreds of level seven big snakes were surrounding him. Seven level beasts were just like Dream Origin Stage cultivators in human, definitely not in a high level though.

However, their defense was putting him in despair.

Besides, they had that murderous poison. Xiao Mufei was having a tough fight there!

He couldn't move as he wanted.

At the moment, as a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, he actually didn't notice a little white cat was walking casually over the snakes not far away from him.

Xiao Mufei was fighting with the crowd of snakes. He was the most sensitive to the situation of the battle. As he fought, he found the snakes were getting weaker.

At the beginning, he couldn't believe it. He thought the snakes were just preparing for a final attack or something. He kept watching the snakes carefully. However, after a while, he was sure the snakes were getting worse.

Some snakes started to look around, panicking.

Xiao Mufei was curious.

[We are having a fight here…]

[You actually didn't put me in your sight? I am a level two Dao Origin Stage cultivator!]

[You are so looking down upon me! Hmm. Fine. Just go look around at others. I may get a chance to rush out and kill that snake king, and finally finish this f*cking hopeless fight!]

However, things became even stranger next.

The big snakes had been fighting in high spirits, however, the next moment, they started to move backward and then lowered their heads while hissing…

After that…

- Shoot! -

All snakes ran away from the fight like running for their survival!

They were like… dogs that just got kicked on the asses.

Well, snakes weren't like dogs, but they acted like dogs…

Xiao Mufei had a feeling. The snakes were like a bunch of hooligans that found out the man they were fighting turned out to be the boss of their boss… and the boss of their boss could easily kill them all by just a cough!

Hmm… when the boss told them to run, they had to run. It was lucky to have their lives saves…

When Xiao Mufei made the next strike, he didn't hit anything, because there was no snake in front of him.

He was confused. [What the hell is happening?]

When he looked around, he found the snakes behind him also moved away…

The snakes kept running away.

Problem solved, in a weird way.

It was just like a joke to him, except it was not funny!

[Wait, there is one thing. It is not done with it alive, the snake king!]

Xiao Mufei thought of it and hurriedly rush towards the golden snake but only to find it gone.


[Even… the snake king ran away?]

[So we are done here? It is done?]

[This is like a nightmare. And it is done now?]

Xiao Mufei was confused.

On the other side, the disciples of Cold Moon Palace suddenly felt relieved.

The snakes were all gone. Of course, they were relieved!

In the air, there was only the smell of blood and the fog.

What they could see were the dead snakes, no living ones.

Over a dozen of the men suddenly sat on the floor and couldn't get up anymore. The fight was over.

They had used up their energy. They had been fighting with the support of their spirits. As the fight was over, they couldn't move anymore. They just wanted to sit on the floor doing nothing but rest.

They didn't even want to move a finger.

They knew the fight was done, but it was finished in such an unbelievable way. They looked around and tried to figure out what exactly happened.

Behind the crowd, a small white little thing was quietly walking back to Ye Xiao.

It loathly put the thing in its mouth on Ye Xiao's hand. It was half of a golden snake body with a head. It sneered. "You snatch things from a little adorable cat… You are so… cheap…"

Ye Xiao was indifferent about it. He turned his hand and the golden snake head was put into his Space. He acted like nothing happened and knocked on Erhuo's head. "What else? Give me everything!"

Erhuo was sad.

[What are you? How do you know I am keeping something to myself. You have gotten the best one. Why can't you just leave me some? Why am I following such a curmudgeonly master?]

It opened its mouth and silver lights shot out of its mouth.

"You fool! Put them into the Space!" Ye Xiao pinched the wet nose of Erhuo and said, "Snake skin is old and stiff. How can you swallow that? You should eat that with the skin off. It would taste much better."

Erhuo heard that and felt it was reasonable. It crawled into Ye Xiao's clothes and disappeared. It entered the Space and spat out the dozens of big snakes into it…

Ye Xiao and Erhuo didn't know until now that it could enter the Space anytime it wished. Brother Egg had to get in and out the Space on Ye Xiao's will, but now it could get in and out by itself!

Erhuo was looking forward to the scaleless snakes Ye Xiao would make for it. It looked at the heap of dead snakes in the Space and felt so happy!

[So many food! Delicious food!]

[That is going to be a feast!]

[Meow meow!]