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Chapter 774: Another Ambush!

Chapter 774: Another Ambush!
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Even Ye Xiao couldn't put living things into the Space, yet Erhuo could. It actually put so many living snakes into the Space. It didn't have any limits! Ye Xiao was definitely shocked!

The next moment, Erhuo quietly entered the Space.

Ye Xiao found Erhuo could freely get in and out the Space earlier and got to know why.

Erhuo was born along with this Space. It was totally free to enter this place, more than Ye Xiao.

When it was Brother Egg, because of the eggshell, it couldn't get through the bound of the Space. Only Ye Xiao could take it in and out. When it killed Gu Jinlong, Ye Xiao got into the Space and took it out. Otherwise, even when Brother Egg wanted to help, it couldn't get out the Space. Now it was free. Erhuo could enter the Space and take anything it wanted into the Space!

Ye Xiao still owned the Space. If he closed the Space, Erhuo couldn't get into it either.

Now was the time Ye Xiao felt like closing it. [You take some dead snakes back, fine. You need food. Why do you take these living snakes back? Living snakes? So is it living fish next time?]

Erhuo didn't understand why he would be upset. After taking back hundreds of living snakes into the Space, it got into the Space and walked around the snakes.

The living snakes just lied on the ground shaking. None of them dared to do anything.

Erhuo walked around and meowed. Dozens of the snakes started to follow its instructions, standing, curling, lining up, crawling, moving fast, moving faster…

It was training the snakes like training soldiers…

It was having fun there.

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[What the hell? What is that?]

After a while, Erhuo was finally bored. It waved its claw and the snakes finally could have some rest. It hadn't been long, but the snakes were tired like hell. The snakes hissed and then went to the Wood Space themselves.

They just lied under the Tree of Cultivating Tea.

Ye Xiao was annoyed. [Little bastard. Where do you think it is? Penitentiary? How can you raise your pets here? You are a pet yourself! …]

The snakes seemed obedient though. Ye Xiao didn't say anything. He thought, [Maybe… someday… the snakes can fight for me? Right. Living snakes can be taken into the Boundless Space. What about living man? I have to make some test!]

The hundreds of men kept walking fast in the Dark Pine Forest. They had been worrying about the return of the snakes, however, nothing happened. They finally felt relieved.

Some of them started to gloat.

There were so many dead snakes in their space rings.

Xiao Mufei told them to take only two, but they didn't listen to him. They wouldn't give up the chance to take as many precious materials as they could!

Those were such marvelous things that might save their lives in the future. To wear an armor which was made with this snake skins meant being invulnerable.

Xiao Mufei told the others to take two, but he himself took four big snakes. That was why the others dared to take more!

Everyone had about four dead snakes in the space ring. Even Fang Dalong, who respected his master the most, took three!

They had lost many brothers in that fight, but they had so many dead snakes now. That must be a blessing after the catastrophe.

They had only heard about Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snakes. Even though there was people who killed a snake, he just took away the poisonous liquid. Nobody dared to take the skin, because nobody dared to take the risk. Once somebody took the dead snake, the living ones might rage up to revenge.

However, they had taken so many, but no snakes came after them.

That was such a blessing!

They all felt high-spirited and vigorous.

They had passed half of the Dark Pine Forest. Nothing happened. No snakes, no other enemies. It seemed the other sects were gone, believing these men must have died under the attack of the snakes…

Nothing happened to them again.

They felt even more relieved now.

Even Xiao Mufei had slightly relaxed after being safe for about six days.

However, he felt pain in his temples.

He knew why. He had used too much of his spiritual power earlier. That was normal after effect.

However, if he forcibly ignored it, it might cause a negative impact on his future cultivation. It seemed safe for them now. He thought there was no reason to push himself too hard. Thus, he told everybody to slow down and take some rest, so as to restore the energy.

It was a flat area they were headed to in the Dark Pine Forest.

There were some places the pine trees were not so dense.

There would be sunlight shining into the forest. It would make it look better, like a beautiful scenery.

Somebody smiled and said, "It looks like a good place for a man to live in seclusion. Nice place to mould one's temperament."

"That's right. When we have nothing to do, we should probably find a place like this to spend the rest of our lives. That would be nice," another man said.

The small hill in front of the men might not be special in other places, but in the wide and boundless dark forest, it was great.

When they were having a rest, everybody was interested with this place. They teamed up and went up to the hill.

Even Xiao Mufei smiled for the first time since they entered this forest.

However, at this moment!

Something happened!

Suddenly, it started to smoke on top of the hill. There were a few holes showing up on the floor. Dozens of men in black jumped out of the holes like ghosts. The sky suddenly became dark again!

It was darker than the night!

Dozens of men in black shot out countless of cold stars [1] covering the sky!

That brought the shadow of death!


[1] Cold star, must be some kind of hidden weapons like Ye Xiao's needles.