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Chapter 775: Real Killing Strike!

Chapter 775: Real Killing Strike!
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The few who were walking in the front didn't have time to react. Before they could do anything, they already became hedgehogs, stabbed by countless Coldstars.

Till they died, their faces still looked happy as they finally saw the sunlight in the forest.


Xiao Mufei widely opened his eyes and shouted. At the same time, he pushed Ye Xiao down on the floor. Then he jumped up so high to make a strike with his sword. His sword light shot out and became a light net moving to those Coldstars.

However, it was too late.

People kept exclaiming in pain.

In the area of attack of the coldstars, many Cold Moon Palace people were shaking, twitching, moaning, exclaiming and falling to the floor.

Those men in black who had suddenly showed up from the holes on the floor were fully covered, only revealing their eyes. They looked dark, cold and vicious.

After that first coldstar attack, they made the second one without any hesitation. They didn't stay to check how their attack went, but just left immediately!

They all hid into the forest!

One hit and then left!

"Where are you going!" Xiao Mufei was furious. With a sound of explosion, his sword light had rushed out like a shooting star.

If he just let those men leave, he was never going to find out who attacked them. His men would die for nothing. Xiao Mufei couldn't accept that, so he swayed his sword and went after them!

In Xiao Mufei's mind, the men in black attacked in such an organized method, so they must have had their own strategy in doing this. They took the first step and he was responding. He had no idea whether he could catch up with them. He wanted to get them, so he aimed at the several men who were closest to him.

However, they reacted so fast. One of them suddenly swayed his sword with light. It was like the moon rushing over with glow around the attack. It hit on Xiao Mufei's sword light.

- Clang! -

A loud noise was made. That man humphed and flew away, but spat out blood in the process. He coughed and said, "Good dog of Cold Moon Palace. Xiao Mufei, the Mountain Hack, you are indeed impressive!"

Xiao Mufei was shocked. Although he won the combat and didn't get hurt at all, he was slowed down by that attack. He had lost the chance to catch up with those men. They all flew into the forest and disappeared, except that man who got injured.

Xiao Mufei shouted with anger, "What dog? Don't you think you should be loyal to your own sect too? I dare you!"

That man sneered, "I don't know! We are of no sects. Loyalty means nothing to us!"

Xiao Mufei was furious. "Take off your mask and show yourself! Let me see whether you are in a sect or not!"

He thought only the other six great sects would attack them in this forest!

Yet that man said he wasn't of any sect. Xiao Mufei was pissed!

That man sneered, "Why do you think I should listen to you? You can come and try to take it off me if you can? What? If a sword and both your hands are not enough, maybe you can use your mouth too, doggy!"

Suddenly, that man waved his hand and made a blast of dark smoke. Xiao Mufei was going to rush over to get him, yet there were thousands of tiny needles flying out from the dark smoke!

That blocked the way.

Xiao Mufei didn't panic. He swayed his sword and hit off all the needles in the air. None of the needles hurt anybody. However, the man was gone.

There were only dead bodies of the men of Cold Moon Palace on the hill.

There were about eighty of them who died!

Xiao Mufei looked at those bodies and shouted with fury, "If you want to do anything, why not just come down and fight me! You can do anything once I'm dead! We are all people of noble sects. Why do you have to play such a dirty trick?"

His shrill voice sounded out.

It reverberated among the mountains, but there was no response.

The wind blew his clothes up. He stood on top of the hill, holding his sword which was stuck on the floor. He looked desolate!

"Can they be saved?" Xiao Mufei looked at the men who were checking on the bodies.

"I'm afraid not…" The men were all angry and sad.

"Those are flying weapons, stricken out by level nine Dream Origin Stage cultivators… There is poison on the coldstars." Fang Dalong angrily spoke, "Those bastards. Why are they so vicious! They are people of noble sects. How can they use such dirty methods! Vile! Shameless!"

Xiao Mufei checked on the dead bodies. He stayed silent.

The coldstars nearly hit through the bodies. Those men must be strong. There was poison too!

Apparently, those men just wanted them to die!

That was vicious!

"Seven sects are bonded. Three factions are brothers…" Xiao Mufei laughed loudly, "Hahahahaha… Think about it. Isn't it ironic?"

When Ye Xiao stood up, everything was done.

He could see nothing else but the horrible scene with blood and flesh!

Three of the men who originally stayed with him died!

There were lots of blood and flesh. Ye Xiao's eyes became cold, and so was his face.

[Saint Sunlight Sect! Saint Starlight Sect!]

[You just did more sin!]

[These people are from Cold Moon Palace. They are my enemies too. But they died for me today!]

[I didn't kill them, but they died for me!]

"Let's move!" Xiao Mufei shouted, "How can cultivators cry with tears like this? Martial man dies in the martial world! Bury them as we always do in martial world! Just take the chance to avenge them. That's what we are going to do."

"You gave me one thing, I will return two. You killed one of my men, I will kill everyone in your family!" Xiao Mufei shouted to the sky, "Listen, bastards! I know who you are! You should better not let any of us return to our sect! Because that will be the beginning of your nightmare!"

"Move! Fast!"

"Let's go!"

Xiao Mufei shouted.

At the moment, Ye Xiao felt itchy on the head. He felt terrible. Hairs on his skin stood up. He didn't even think before he hurriedly got down on the floor fast.

- Shoot… -

A stream of light that suddenly shot over from the behind!

It was aimed at Ye Xiao!