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Chapter 776: Assassination Attempt and Assassinating!

Chapter 776: Assassination Attempt and Assassinating!
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That was a fast moving dark light! It seemed to gather all the darkness in the night, quiet and traceless.

That was a killing strike!

Ye Xiao sensed something wrong, so he just got down following his instinct. If he turned to run away when he discovered that light, he would have died!

That dark light brushed pass his head! - Shoot! -

That was some lightning fast hidden strike. It had aimed at Ye Xiao and apparently was going to kill him instantly!

At the same time, with a thundering sound, Xiao Mufei furiously rushed out. His sword lights went out like storm. Within seconds, he had rushed into the forest, and after that, a series of blasting sounds came out!

Sounds of fighting came out from behind the trees. After a while, somebody exclaimed and everything became silent again.

Xiao Mufei was covered with murderous qi while holding a human head in his hand. He rushed back from the forest and threw the head on the floor.

That head rolled for some distance and then the face showed up. It was full of terror and fear.

"Isn't this Ma Dingding from Saint Sunlight Sect?" Fang Dalong shouted out loudly with anger, "I know him! He is an assassin! He is one of them! Soul Hunter Sword! He barely showed himself in the battle, so it was indeed Saint Sunlight Sect!"

Xiao Mufei showed a cold face and said, "Good. Dalong, put this head away! This is evidence! Saint Sunlight Sect is shameless. They broke the vow and sent assassins to us. We are going to sort things out with them sooner or later!"

He paused and continued, "Those men in black fought with lights like stars. They must be Saint Starlight Sect! This Ma Dingding is Saint Sunlight Sect. Two sects together… Haha… Brother sects indeed!"

In fact, he was still in shock.

The two attacks did such a great job working by turns. The flying Coldstars were just to draw the attentions, and the real killing strike was actually Ma Dingding!

What they wanted was just to kill Ye Chongxiao.

Ma Dingding was a lot weaker than Xiao Mufei. If he fought Xiao Mufei face to face, he would definitely lose it. However, he was at the top level of Dream Origin Stage, one step away from Dao Origin Stage. He was great at instant kill!

He never thought that he would fail to kill a man who had just come to this world from the lower realm. He was a bit lost because he couldn't believe he would miss, so he didn't run away in time.

If he made a quicker reaction and left fast, nobody could easily get him in this dark forest. After all, he had been an assassin for his whole life.

He might not be able to defeat Xiao Mufei, but it wouldn't be difficult to escape!

Ye Xiao was so close to death. He sweated!

[That… was close!]

[So close!]

He touched his head and held a curl of his hair in his hand. That attack didn't kill him, but it did cut off some hair off his head. Luckily, he got down fast, and only his hair was hit.

He looked at the dagger with blue glow. Even a fool could see the poison on it!

If it truly cut Ye Xiao, not to mention the poison, the sharpness and power of that flying dagger could have gotten him killed. It was a strike from a Dream Origin Stage cultivator. Ye Xiao was never going to survive that!

He gritted his teeth as he angrily muttered, "Saint Sunlight Sect!"

[I am never going to forget about this!]

[You better wait and see what I will do to you!]

Xiao Mufei led the rest of them running ahead again, day and night. They were running in their extreme speed and already rushed out two thousand miles!

They had been attacked another three times, however, Xiao Mufei didn't let the enemies do anything. He just rushed out and killed ahead before they could do anything.

They fought and ran. Even though Xiao Mufei was fighting so hard, they still lost over fifty more men. However, the enemies didn't take any advantage on the fights either. They also left dozens of dead bodies.

When they were about to get out of the Dark Pine Forest, there seemed to be no more enemies.

When they left the forest and saw the barren hills in front of them and the cooking smoke far away, they felt like they were living a totally different life.

Only one hundred and seventy-three survived!

One hundred and ninety were buried in the Dark Pine Forest!

The first thirty men died under the bites of the snakes. The others were all assassinated!

Xiao Mufei's face had been dark along the way.

It was such a great loss. It was the biggest loss for Cold Moon Palace since Xiao Monarch died!

"There is a village there. There are no hostels, but they do have a public house." Xiao Mufei pointed ahead and said, "Send two men there and tell the house there will be over one hundred and seventy men to be eating in their place. Tell them to prepare."

A small public house in a small village? How do they prepare for such a feast?

If nobody told them in advance, they could never be able to bring up food for over one hundred men.

The two disciples took the order and rushed away to the public house. The rest of them were moving so slowly, in fact they it was the slowest movements they made in their lives. They wanted to have their food as soon as they got to the village.

"You lazy ones. You are clever. You'd rather waste time here walking than face an empty table." Xiao Mufei actually smiled. "Am I right?"

Ye Xiao smiled too.

That was common sense.

No matter how tiring it was to walk on the way, at least they had things to do and had a destination to reach. It was better than just sitting there.

Of course, because there were too many people, if they got to the public house and turned out to not even chair to sit on, it would be frustrating.

It was only over a dozen miles. If they ran fast, it would only take the time for half a pot of tea of tea to boil. However, they spent three hours on the road.

Such a long time, they could have crawled to the village within such a long time. Yet they walked.

They walked so unbelievably slow that they were even a bit lost now.

They seemed to forget the fights they had been through and the brothers that had died earlier.

In fact, they didn't. Their eyes were red and their hearts were full of hatred. They didn't forget it. They just didn't want to mention it.