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Chapter 777: A Moment of Peace!

Chapter 777: A Moment of Peace!
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When over one hundred men rushed into the village, the natives didn't just watch them.

There was a kid who showed up inside the door to look at them, but soon a woman dragged him back into the house and slammed the door. There was a voice scolding the kid afterwards, "Little bastard! Do you want to lose your life? They are all…"

Xiao Mufei saw it and sighed. He didn't know what to do though.

What he did was slowly and quietly walk to the small public house.

When Ye Xiao went pass the house, he happened to see the kid. That kid was wearing a pair of shoes that were so worn out and his toes were sticking out of the shoes. He was shocked.

He waved one hand and a few gold leaves flew into the house with shiny glow.

"Buy the kid a new pair of shoes," Ye Xiao spoke gently.

It was only a few gold leaves. That was all.

There were so many gold and silver in his Space. It should be enough for a kingdom to use for about a year. However, he couldn't give the kid more. A few gold leaves were already more than enough. It might be valueless to cultivators like him, but for the poor family, it was enough to cover their life expenses for several years. It should be just the amount they could handle. If he gave them more, they might be killed for it.

In the house, the mother said thank you in a shivering voice.

"I should have known you have such a kind heart. You are from the lower realm. I thought you have long become indifferent to these things. I really didn't know," Xiao Mufei said.

"It just reminds me of my life. When I was a kid, my life was just like that kid's. No. Mine was worse. He has a mother who loves him. I didn't," Ye Xiao stayed silent for a while and then answered.

Xiao Mufei sighed. He tapped on Ye Xiao's shoulder and didn't say anything more.

He could tell that Ye Xiao was telling the truth from the bottom of his heart. It was never faked!

Obviously, in both of Ye Xiao's life, he had childhoods both worse than the kid's. He had never experienced the love of his mother. To be compared to that kid, he lost a big one!

It was all from deep inside his heart. Of course, he was honest about it!

The public house couldn't prepare enough food for the men, but since they were informed early, they had already sent people to buy food from the town.

If the public house did suddenly have enough food for so many people, the public house must be a trap!

The man of the public house had gone to about seven shops to buy enough teapots. Thus, over one hundred men could finally drink some hot tea.

The public house could never boil enough water in time for all these men, but they asked the neighbors to boil more for them. They had to use the kitchen mainly on cooking!

They didn't have enough chairs for these people, so some of them sat around one table, and the others all just sat on the floor. They had been traveling for days. To have a proper meal was all they needed now. They didn't care about chairs at all.

Ye Xiao did a counting. There were one hundred and seventy-two men. Only Xiao Mufei, Ye Xiao and two old men who were about fifty-five years old were sitting on the chairs around the table.

The others all sat on the floor in sixteen groups.

There were three groups sitting in a triangle around the table. They were the nearest to the table. Four groups sat farther in four directions, east, south, west and north. Each group was led by one of the four eldest disciples.

The rest nine groups sat farthest in a circle surrounding the four groups.

Each group was ten meters away from another.

Three stars guardian array.

Four sides iron barrel array.

Nine squares ambush array!

Three formation arrays bonded together. Where Ye Xiao and the other three were sitting was the center of the three arrays. Xiao Mufei was sitting at the center. He was the eye of the arrays.

Where he sat gave him a broad view. He wouldn't miss anything. Anybody who showed up or anything that happened around them, Xiao Mufei could notice in time.

These men were obviously unbelievably cautious during the time they were on the way back.

At the beginning, there were people drinking tea and having some leisure chat. Some would burst in laughters. However, as they moved further, nobody talked anymore.

Some people started to look around.

Some lowered their heads and drank the tea. Some of them drank the tea but didn't know that their tears had dropped in to the tea they were drinking.

[When I came, somebody sat beside me…]

[Now that man is dead. I am never going to meet him again.]

[There is nothing I can do. There is nothing I can say. What I can do is to drink up the tea along with my grief and anger.]

It was getting more and more depressing.

It drove people crazy!

The owner and the waiter had been trying so hard not to tremble. They tried to boil the water and made the food like they did everyday…

Five carriages were moving slowly towards them. There were water, liquor, food in them…

Their special customers were all just watching the carriages. Nobody talked.

They were starving.

They still had the food they had prepared to eat on the way. However, when Xiao Mufei told everybody there was a public house in the village ahead of them, nobody wanted to eat the terrible food anymore. They just wanted to have a good meal!

Before they had the meal, they felt like they could eat up a bull. They decided to eat as much as they could later. However, when they were about to get the food they had been thinking of, they lost their appetite.

The reason was simple. They lost too many brothers… Those who died never needed to eat anymore.

Thinking about that, nobody had the mood to eat anything.

They just quietly sat there, waiting and watching…

The smell of the delicious dishes spread out.

The liquors were brought out and given to them.

They were served with lots of plates of beef first.

Liquor and beef. What a match!

Xiao Mufei sighed. He held the bowl of liquor and splashed it on the floor. "Kids, rest in peace! Grudge in the martial world! Debts will be paid!"

"We will avenge you! They owe you!"

All the others raised up the bowls and shouted with red weeping eyes.

One hundred and seventy-one bowls of liquor were splashed on the floor at the same time.

The smell of liquor spread out. It spread to the end of the world with sorrow!