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Chapter 778: Weird Carriage!

Chapter 778: Weird Carriage!
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"Let's eat!" Xiao Mufei took a deep breath, closed his eyes and then suddenly shouted!

"Eat!" The others all picked up their chopsticks.

However, many of them had their tears dropping down into the bowls when they lowered their head to drink it up. They kept pouring the liquor to the bowls and dropping their tears in it, then drank up…

Nobody raised their heads, because none of them wanted to be found out weeping.

Nobody sobbed, because it was too obvious.

However, it felt much worse than bursting into tears.

The only sound that could be heard was the sound of them chewing.

At the moment, one more carriage was moving over in a regular speed.

It was an old carriage. The wheels seemed broken, so it moved jerkily. The curtains in the carriage were rubbishy. That must have been cut by some sharp weapons.

There were blood marks too.

Apparently, it was a carriage that had experienced something terrible.

The carriage stopped not far away from the people. The horse suddenly neighed and got down the floor with its knees. The carriage fell down, and there came an exclamation.

An old man crawled out of the carriage. His face was pale and his chest was all red. He was bleeding on the chest…

He coughed out a full mouth of blood and curled on the floor, trembling.

A young girl got out the carriage too and called the old man. She was panicking. "Uncle Gao! Uncle Gao…"

The girl saw the the old man's wound. She didn't know what to do as she just held the wound with both of her hands. Blood came out between her fingers. She couldn't stop the bleeding.

She panicked and shouted, "Somebody! Come save my Uncle Gao… Please… Somebody come help us… Oh…" She sobbed.

She was in despair. She burst in tears, which continuously poured on her cheeks. Tears kept dropping down…

Everybody else sighed in the heart. [What a miserable world. Such a piteous family…]

Xiao Mufei looked at them and then continued the meal indifferently.

"Rongrong… Don't cry…" The old man was still bleeding. He coughed, reached out a hand and fondly spoke, "I am afraid I am not going to make it… You… You must take care…"

"No! No, no, no! You will be okay, Uncle Gao…" the girl cried while holding the old man.

"No…" The old man sighed. "Rongrong… I am worried… You are going to live alone…"

The girl just cried.

"Listen. No matter what happens, you must remember this. The last thing I am telling you…" The old man breathed with difficulty and said, "Rongrong… Remember… No matter when, you must not… not… beg!"

The girl was sobbing and nodding. Her skinny body was shaking. She was going to pass out at any second.

Road from the old days, broken carriage, dying man and a lonely girl...

Many disciples saw it. It reminded them their departed brothers, so they felt their grief again...

Xiao Mufei suddenly shook. There was a sense of confusion in his eyes.

You must not beg!

It was like a lightning striking right in his heart!

"Rongrong…" Xiao Mufei sighed and murmured.

Suddenly, he stared at that girl.

That girl was just moaning. She heard Xiao Mufei and slightly turned over her face and wiped the tears on her face. Xiao Mufei saw her side face.

As he saw her face, he was suddenly shocked as if he had just got stricken by a lightning.

He suddenly stood up and walked fast to the girl.

He walked to the girl and said to her in a low voice, "Your name is Rongrong?"

It seemed he was questioning her.

Ye Xiao was confused. He looked at Xiao Mufei with confusion. He knew Xiao Mufei was never going to help others!

Xiao Mufei showed indifference to it and that was what he would usually do. Why would he suddenly do this?

The girl and that old man showed up in such a special time. It was weird. What happened felt like acting. It was unreal. Xiao Mufei actually had no suspicion on that.

[What is going on?]

The girl was still sobbing. She lowered her head as if she panicked because a strange asked her a question. She looked scared and didn't answer him.

Her hair hung down and covered half of her face. That made her look more piteous.

Xiao Mufei sighed and asked her again, "Your name is Rongrong, right?"

He sounded gentler.

That girl finally answered, "Yes…"

Her voice was shaking. She still didn't raise her head. She was scared.

"Raise up your head and let me look at you." Xiao Mufei softly spoke to her, "Maybe I can help."

As he said so, his disciples were shocked.

[What? Xiao Mufei? He is actually being so gentle to somebody else than us? No. Even when he speaks to us in a caring way, I can still feel that he wants something. He… why would he be so honest and gentle to that girl? What… What is this?]

That old man's eyes lit up. He eyes were actually filled with joy and comfort. He tried to say something, "Rongrong. Rongrong… You… Quick… Say thank you to this honorable man… He… He can…"

He then coughed with a full mouth of blood again. He couldn't even speak smoothly. The more eagerly he wanted to speak, the worse he coughed. At the end, he couldn't even breath. After coughing heavily, he passed out with his eyes rolled up.

"Uncle Gao…" the girl exclaimed. She held the old man and cried. "Uncle Gao… Don't go… Don't leave me alone… I am scared…"

"Uncle Gao… I have no families in the world… Oh… Please don't leave me… I will listen to every word you say… I won't beg…"

The girl was in such a great grief and she nearly passed out.

When Xiao Mufei heard her, his face started to twist with sorrow and struggle.