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Chapter 779: Let Her Go!

Chapter 779: Let Her Go!
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Xiao Mufei gently said, "He won't die so soon. Girl, are you Rongrong? Rong… Rongrong, come here, let me have a look at you."

When he called her Rongrong, his voice was shaking.

The girl raised up her head and kneeled to him, holding his legs and cried with her face up, "Please… Please… Save my Uncle Gao… He doesn't want me to beg… But I don't want him die… I am begging you…"

Xiao Mufei finally saw her face.

His eyes suddenly opened up widely. Deep inside his eyes, there was confusion. He finally couldn't stop shaking…

That girl's face was like a lightning striking into the weakest and most painful part of his heart.

He felt like his heart was bleeding. He felt the pain in it.

With tears in his eyes, he murmured, "Rongrong… Good girl… It is you? Is this real?"

He bent down to hug her.

At this special moment, the girl's eyes, which were full of tears, were suddenly filled with murderous intent. Two streams of cold light shot out from both herhands and got through Xiao Mufei's legs…

That old man rolled over to him too and two cold lights showed up in his hands. He suddenly struck on Xiao Mufei's chest with both hands!

At the same time, the girl stepped back a bit and lowered her head quickly. Countless of black lights shot out from her dark hairs to Xiao Mufei's face!

Xiao Mufei seemed lost in the memory, but he closed his eyes under the instruction of his instinct. He reached out both hands and grabbed the swords from the old man. He suddenly leaned backward, as if his body was bent!

As he bent his body, the murderous attacks flew over his face and didn't hurt him.

However, he didn't escape the mass of needles with dark lights. Those were exactly aiming at him.

The needles all hit on his body, chest, waist, and legs.

Xiao Mufei shouted loudly and energized his fists. Both of the old man's swords were broken! He then reached a hand to grab the old man on the neck, shouting at him, "Give me the antidote!"

The wounds on his legs weren't that serious. The needles hit on his chest, but it didn't go deep. However, he felt itchy and painful on the wounds. That meant their weapons were poisonous.

Xiao Mufei was such an experienced man. He instantly operated his spiritual qi to block the veins around the wounds, so as to suppress the efficacy of the poison. However, he still felt itchy. That must be some extraordinary poison. Even a Dao Origin Stage couldn't completely suppress it down.

Even so, Xiao Mufei was still able to restrain the girl and the old man at the same time. He could have killed them right away, but he didn't attack the girl, only attacked the old man.

There was grief and pain deep in his eyes.

That old man was grabbed on the neck. His neck was cracking in Xiao Mufei's hand, but he still sneered in a vicious way, "Antidote huh? Come get it from me then, if you can catch up with me."

Then he tilted his head. Some black blood came out from his mouth, nose, eyes and ears. He died. He knew he wouldn't survive this, so he bit the poison capsule in his mouth to kill himself.

The old man died, but his eyes were still staring at Xiao Mufei with joy and viciousness.

He died, but a Dao Origin Stage cultivator was dying with him!

Xiao Mufei was going to die too!

All his disciples were shocked and they gathered over to him.

Many people surrounded the girl with murderous qi.

"Give me the antidote!" Everybody was vexed. Xiao Mufei's face was turning darker now.

Everybody knew he would die soon without the antidote!

If Xiao Mufei died, the one hundred and seventy men would never be going to make it back alive.

That girl stood there gasping. Suddenly, she giggled and vilely spoke, "You won't get it, even if you kill me! That is Nine Determination Dark Poison! Anybody who thinks he can save him, go try it!"

The others were all stunned!

"Hahahaha… There is no antidote for this poison!" The girl laughed crazily. "I came here today, with a plan of death. To die with such a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, I kind of feel happy."

She didn't stop laughing, but in her eyes, there was sorrow.

Who would want to die if there was a chance to live?

However, she knew she was going to die. No matter who, nobody could stay alive after messing with Cold Moon Palace! She was just a Dream Origin Stage assassin after all

What she needed to do was to kill Xiao Mufei. Whether she made it or not, she had to die!

"I am going to kill you!" Fang Dalong felt grieved and angry at the same time. He shouted loudly with tears in his eyes. He had grabbed the long sword and was about to strike it down.

That girl closed her eyes and didn't move a bit.

"Stop!" A shout full of anger reverberated. Xiao Mufei suddenly stood up and shouted, "Don't kill her!"

"Master!" Fang Dalong burst in tears. "Why not?"

Xiao Mufei's face was getting darker. When he looked at that girl, there was no hatred in his eyes. He still looked at her fondly. Even with two daggers stabbing his legs, he still walked over. Every step, blood came out from the wounds.

He acted like nothing was happening on his legs. He just kept walking ahead.

He walked to the girl step by step, staring at the face of the girl with greediness. He wanted to confirm something. After a while, he said, "Girl, you should go. Run… Run from people of Cold Moon Palace."

He then reached his hand into his clothes and took out a space ring. He gave it to the girl and said, "There is everything in it… Take it and live a good life. It should be enough to cover the expense of your entire life…"

When Xiao Mufei finished these words, he closed the eyes. He sighed and said, "You should go now."

The girl was shocked.