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Chapter 780: I Am A Dan-Maker!

Chapter 780: I Am A Dan-Maker!
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She never thought this would happen. She just attacked a superior cultivator in a vile way who was known to have a bad temper and put him into a fatal danger. However, he actually treated her with kindness.

He didn't kill her, didn't torture her, but gave her lots of treasures and materials!

"Why?" the girl asked confusedly.

She was curious.

Not only her, everybody else was curious!

Xiao Mufei closed his eyes. He was in pain. He blandly spoke, "No reason. I just don't want to kill you. I have never met you before. I don't need any reason to forgive you!"

The girl stood there, confused. Xiao Mufei shouted, "Why don't you just go? Do you want to die here so much?"

The girl was shocked. She suddenly kneeled and kowtowed to Xiao Mufei. She spoke in a low voice, "I am sorry. Thank you!"

And then she turned over and ran away fast.

The others wanted to chase her, but Xiao Mufei wouldn't let them. He saw the girl leave. There was reluctance and caring in his eyes…

"Why? Why would you do that…" Fang Dalong was in tears. "Master… Why would you let that murderer go… I wish her to be torn into pieces…"

Xiao Mufei shook his head and bitterly smiled. "Why? I owe her that much…"

In his eyes, there was sign of a weird emotion.

He staggered and said, "I have been thinking about how I would die… I don't want to die… I have been struggling, fighting… I thought… I have to take you all back to the sect."

"It appears I am not going to make it."

"It turns out I will die this way. Nine Determination Dark Poison. The famous incurable poison in Qing-Yun Realm." His eyes were filled with some strange glow. He didn't have hatred or reluctance, instead, he felt relieved. "To die this way… It should be… I should be satisfied."

Fang Dalong burst in tears.

However, a voice sounded, "Elder Xiao, I am here. You won't die. Nine Determination Dark Poison? So what!"

Everybody looked to him. It was Ye Chongxiao, the young man who had just eaten the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish!

Fang Dalong was thrilled. He rushed over and grabbed Ye Xiao's hand. "Chongxiao, you… Can you? Really?"

Ye Xiao affirmed and spoke in a deep voice, "I can't guarantee that I can cure it. That must be some tricky poison. However, I am sure it is not a problem to restrain the poison for some time. I can keep the poison from impacting his body, so he won't die."

He then stepped forward to Xiao Mufei.

Fang Dalong and the others made way for him. They looked at Ye Xiao nervously. There was expectation in their eyes.

Xiao Mufei was blank. He smiled bitterly and said, "I don't want to die, but… I guess this is it… Nine Determination Dark Poison… It is incurable… Don't waste your time…"

In his eyes, there was his yearning for the past. He spoke in a low voice, "I… I knew it was a trap… But I still stepped in it myself… willingly… Heh, heh…"

Ye Xiao stepped closer to him and said, "Don't talk now. You are not making the call here. Just see what my dan beads can do first!"

He then took out a jade bottle from inside his clothes. There was a supreme dan bead in it, Supreme Antidote Dan. He put it into Xiao Mufei's mouth.

"It won't work… This is incurable in Qing-Yun Realm… It isn't ordinary poison…" Xiao Mufei didn't want Ye Xiao to do anything useless. However, in surprise, he saw a mass of mist and clouds in his sight.

His dying body suddenly became energetic again. There seemed to be energy pouring into his body without a stop. His eyes lit up.

Everybody was shocked by the magical view. After a while, somebody exclaimed, "Supreme Dan!?"

The others repeated, "Supreme Dan?"

They were all astonished. Some of them even tried rubbing their eyes to see if it was a dream.

[Could it be… really the mythical treasure?]

They couldn't believe what they saw.

The mist and clouds just showed up for an instant. They recognized it was a supreme dan bead and it was fed into Xiao Mufei's mouth. Xiao Mufei felt that dan melt into a mouthful of water and ran through his throat. It brought wonderful scent to his mouth. Before it all went to his throat, it already pumped up his arms and legs.

The poison that had nearly ran into his heart actually flowed backward!

After giving him the dan bead, Ye Xiao didn't stop. He turned over his hand and showed a knife. He suddenly swayed the dagger and ripped off a piece of flesh on Xiao Mufei's chest. He swayed the knife again and ripped off a piece of flesh on the leg. He did it again and ripped off a piece of flesh on the other leg.

Almost at the same time, black blood spewed out from the wounds. It smelled so terrible that it made people throw up.

Nobody saw the knife disappear, but it was gone. Ye Xiao didn't stop though. He kept moving his right hand on Xiao Mufei's body like playing an instrument.

As he pressed him with spiritual energy, lots of dark blood spewed out like flying arrows. After a while, the blood became fresh red. Ye Xiao didn't hesitate as he just hit the wounds with his finger for several times to stop the blood and then seal up the wounds. Ye Xiao was doing a decisive and fast job. The black blood was gone and the healthy blood remained. If he didn't stop the bleeding in time, Xiao Mufei might die of loss of blood.

"Brother Ye, well done! It turns out you are so good at medical treatment!" Fang Dalong saw Xiao Mufei's face. It was still pale but not dark at all. It was getting better. He felt relieved and asked, "Are you a medic?"

"No. I am a dan-maker." Ye Xiao spoke with sorrow, "This dan bead… My master gave it to me… before he died. This is the only one that exists. As he said before he died, this dan bead is in epic level. It is the only one supreme dan bead we have for thousands of years… It is our unique treasure!"


Over one hundred men of Cold Moon Palace were shocked!

[He is a dan-maker?]