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Chapter 781: You Won’t Die With Me Around!

Chapter 781: You Won’t Die With Me Around!

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[He is a dan-maker?]

[His sect has made a supreme dan bead as their unique treasure!]

Before what just happened, they wouldn't believe Ye Xiao. If Ye Xiao told them this earlier, they would have smashed him to death and spat on him!

'You are shamelessly bragging! Supreme dan bead? Why don't you blow a bull to death!'

However, Ye Xiao had just shown them a supreme dan bead. They all saw the clouds and mist. Xiao Mufei was dying because of the Nine Determination Dark Poison, but that one dan bead pulled him back from death right away. They had to believe it was a supreme dan bead!

Supreme dan!

What did that mean in Qing-Yun Realm?

How many famous dan-maker was there in Qing-Yun Realm?

It wouldn't be more than ten.

Dan-makers in Qing-Yun Realm were all arrogant pricks!

However, none of them could make supreme dan beads!

They weren't even able to make superior level dan beads with dan glow when they needed to. It was a fifty percent chance with luck.

Dan-makers, famous or not, were all weak. None of them could cultivate both martial art and dan-making art at the same time.

One must choose one profession.

Some tried to handle both at the same time, but ended up failing both. Many people who were talented in dan-making or martial art eventually became just normal, because they wasted too much time on the other field that they weren't talented in!

[Ye Chongxiao is definitely a monster! He has a bright future in martial art, also in dan-making! And he has unbelievable good luck! The first day in Qing-Yun Realm, he got ten thousand years of cultivation!]

[He… he is not just priceless!]

[He is definitely a living treasure!]

None of them, except Xiao Mufei, knew that Ye Xiao also had the Natural Exquisite Body. He was not just a monster. He was against the laws of nature!

At the moment, Xiao Mufei took a long breath out and slowly opened his eyes. He still felt in pain, but it was getting better.

He could smoothly operate his own spiritual qi in the body. Power was howling in his body with the energy from that dan bead, driving the poison out to cure him. That was overwhelming. His spiritual power was massively consumed, but it would recover as long as he took good rests.

He slowly stood up and smiled with relief. He said, "What a marvelous supreme dan bead. The poison is gone. I am safe. Don't worry, guys."

Ye Xiao wanted to say something, but Xiao Mufei hinted that he should stop. Xiao Mufei looked confused. "That girl… Is she gone?"

"Yes. You let her go. We didn't dare to stop her," the others answered.

"Hmm." Xiao Mufei looked into the distance and spoke seriously, "She actually just left… Hmm. Fine."

"Master, why would you do that?" Fang Dalong couldn't bear it anymore. He asked the question everybody else wanted to ask.

Xiao Mufei looked weird and said, "You must be confused. You must be surprised how that terrible trick got me? Oh. An inch could be long, while a mile could be short. That was specially designed for me. It succeeded, as you could see. It was a perfect trap…"

He smiled bitterly and said, "I had a daughter. She was so smart and adorable… I spoiled her as much as I could… Her name was Rongrong… That girl earlier, she looks exactly like my daughter… Almost the same face."

He said, "That trap only worked on me. It wouldn't get anybody else. For me, even though I knew it was a trap, I had to step in it. I don't regret…" He sighed and stopped talking.

Ye Xiao inhaled and couldn't find a word to say.

He was speechless about that trap. As he thought deeper, he felt terrified.

If Xiao Mufei didn't see that girl, the disciples of Cold Moon Palace might just kick them away or just kill them. That was a definite failure, yet the enemies just lost two ordinary people, two unprofessional assassins.

If Ye Xiao wasn't there, the Nine Determination Dark Poison would definitely kill Xiao Mufei. Two rather weak assassins and one important figure, that was a perfect gamble for the enemies!

They used the weak point in Xiao Mufei's heart, used the name and face of his departed daughter to kill him…

That was against humanity. That was vicious!

Xiao Mufei couldn't kill that girl. If he killed that girl, it would feel like he was killing his daughter!

That was his daughter's face! Even though she wasn't real, Xiao Mufei couldn't do it!

Deep in his heart, he knew it was a trap, but he still wanted to see her. He knew he might get himself in trouble, but he didn't care anymore. Even when he was dying because of the poison, he chose to let that girl leave! He just let the person who killed him leave!

The disciples were silent.

Ye Xiao gently spoke, "Maybe it means something after all. When that girl heard that you allowed her to leave, she kowtowed three times to you. She said she was sorry and she thanked you!"

Xiao Mufei's eyes lit up like lightning. At this moment, his eyes were full of heat. It was so glistening that nobody dared to look at it!

Then he took a long breath out with relief.

He was still staring into the distance, murmuring, "I hope that she… has a happy life after she goes back."

Ye Xiao was touched.

Just because her name was Rongrong and looked like his daughter… he actually cared for her that much… She nearly took his life…

Was Xiao Mufei a good man?


Not entirely at least!

He was definitely not a good man for people outside Cold Moon Palace!

However, as a father, he was so heart-warming.

He reminded Ye Xiao Ye Nantian. He couldn't help comparing him to Xiao Mufei.

'Who dares to mess with my son?'

'My son will do whatever he wants to!'

'Who dares to touch my son, I will smash him to death!'

Suddenly, he felt a mixture of emotions. He longed to see his fake father again.

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