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Chapter 783: Life-risk Recommendation Letter

Chapter 783: Life-risk Recommendation Letter

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Xiao Mufei said, "Those who attacked us will eventually be scapegoats for their sects. It won't hurt their sect. If they send their best men to do this, once the world knows about this, these men will be sacrificed…"

"The harmony among the sects is superficial, but there are reasons why we must keep it." Xiao Mufei laughed coldly.

"Anyways, as we move further, the enemy will become stronger. When we are about one thousand miles away from our sect, the strongest enemies will show up. They will have to do whatever they can to stop us."

"They have set up so many traps to put us down. They will never let us live. The last one thousand miles is our real challenge. Life and death."

Xiao Mufei made a long sigh. "Only when we are all killed before we make it to the sect will the grudge can be held down. Nobody will start a war for some dead men…"

"However, if we make it back alive, things will be different!"

Xiao Mufei smiled coldly.

Ye Xiao nodded. Of course, he understood.

Dead men meant nothing. Even though everybody knew who kill them, people would only ignore the truth to protect the overall interests. However, if they could survive, and one of them was a talented young disciple that could be powerful enough to hold up the entire sect…

No matter what, they had to seek revenge, not just for the honor of the sect, but also for the departed disciples and for the talented man which was the very hope of the sect!

"Chongxiao, how did you get that supreme dan bead?" Xiao Mufei asked, frowning. "Dalong told me something. You said you are a dan-maker?"

He was unconscious, so he didn't hear Ye Xiao earlier.

Ye Xiao said, "Yes. I specialize dan making. Martial art is minor. We have different methods in dan making. They way we make dan beads requires strong physical fitness. We have to cultivate martial art. We use all kinds of materials to make dan beads. I am a cultivator of both dan-making and martial art…"

Xiao Mufei's eyes lit up. "How is your dan making level by the way?"

Apparently, Xiao Mufei knew that it wouldn't be good to cultivate both dan making and martial art. Ye Xiao was weak in martial art cultivation, so he must be weak in dan making too. He figured he could help Ye Xiao to focus on martial art so that Ye Xiao could be a great cultivator soon. However, he also figured if Ye Xiao focused on dan making, he would also become a great figure! Ye Xiao just gave him a supreme dan bead after all!

Ye Xiao looked ashamed. "I am ashamed. I am truly not skilled in dan making. My master used to say I spent too much time in martial art, that I wasted my talent in dan making. I didn't listen to him. I thought I was great in martial art. Now as I am here in this realm, I know he was right…"

"I am poor in dan making. When I try to make some low-level dan beads, I can create a bit dan glow. It isn't good glow though. Only about twenty percent of the dan beads I make can be well covered by dan glow. That's just a joke. I am ashamed."

Ye Xiao tried to be humble. He was actually humiliating himself. However, it shocked Xiao Mufei!

It was so shocking like a thunder!


[Dan glow?]

[Twenty percent can be well covered by dan glow?]

[And you feel ashamed…]

[Ashamed your ass!]

[The dan makers we have been paying for in our sect can never easily make dan glow!]

[You are so great in it, yet you keep saying you are ashamed? Please let the other dan makers live!]

[Are you actually self-praising?]

[Hmm… He's from a sect that can make supreme dan beads after all… It is reasonable he can be so good at it…]

[Pah! No supreme dan beads could be found in even Qing-Yun Realm. How come it exists in lower realm? This young dan maker can actually be so good at dan making. I guess those arrogant dan makers in Qing-Yun Realm can all go hang themselves!]

[Well… Well… This young man is our disciple now!]

[In other words… a peerless treasure has become ours!]

"Oh, right. I must thank you for saving my life." Xiao Mufei spoke seriously, "Chongxiao, listen…"

His eyes looked profound. He gritted with his teeth while trying to make up his mind. He said, "You are from the lower realm. I know you are weak in cultivation, but you must have a stronger mind than other disciples. You should better have a broad view and make better judgments. If something happens, and we can't survive… I will try all I can to create an opportunity for you… You must find your way out and leave us. Hide yourself and never let others know who you are… All you have to do is to stay alive and find a way back to our sect!"

"No matter what happens, save yourself first!"

Xiao Mufei spoke word by word, "Only when you are alive will we die with honor. We will be avenged one day!"

"I will give you a Life-risk Recommendation Letter. You take it to Cold Moon Palace, and they will treat you well. You will be much more powerful than me someday!" He was serious. "Do you understand?"

It was a letter written with the blood of a man who would sacrifice his life to recommend someone. It could never be faked.

Ye Xiao said, "Elder Xiao, I don't think we are that desperate yet. We still have a chance to get back."

Xiao Mufei made a long sigh. "It is a dim and hazy situation ahead of us."

He shook his head. He looked sad and weak. "When I took you away from the Solar Ice River, I was confident and vigorous. Now… I am not. Otherwise, I won't write you any Life-risk Recommendation Letter. You must know it is quite a difficult thing to do!"

Ye Xiao felt heavy in the heart.

Only people beyond Dao Origin Stage in the sect could write a Life-risk Recommendation Letter. It is a great power in the sect. Whoever was recommended by a Dao Origin Stage in such way would definitely be valued. However, it was a special letter that would consume one's life. That was why many Dao Origin Stage Cultivators wouldn't write such a letter even once in their lives!

Xiao Mufei would do it. That meant in his heart, Ye Xiao was much more important than his own life!