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Chapter 784: Die For You!

Chapter 784: Die For You!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
They walked on a flat road among farmlands while they were talking.

It was quiet.

However, suddenly a strong wind was rising, breaking the peace.

The wind blew over them.

The farmland rose and fell like waves in the sea. A bright sword light suddenly showed up in front of them!

That was cold!

It seemed the entire land was going to be frozen soon!

Another assassination!

This assassin was obviously much stronger than the previous ones!

That cold light showed up far away, but when it was about a hundred meters away, it became a huge helical storm!

The sword light was dazzling.

When the dazzling sword light was rushing over to them, nobody saw the enemy.

A bright light spot rushed over to them and became a storm of sword lights. It hit the crowd and blood rushed up to the sky like an explosion. At least thirty men were attacked. They all lied on the floor moaning, yet the sword light didn't slow down at all.

The attack was going toward Xiao Mufei and Ye Xiao.

It was a killing strike!

The enemy wanted them to die!

Over a hundred men in front of them. Some of them saw the attack coming and wielded their weapons to defend it. Yet none of them succeeded. They just got hit down.

The massive sword light illuminated Xiao Mufei's hair. He shouted loudly and pushed Ye Xiao ten meters aside by one hand before he drew out the sword to face that sword light.

"Tell me your name, coward!"

There seemed to be a white figure hidden inside the sword light. He was smiling indifferently. - Clang! - After a huge sound of crashing, Xiao Mufei felt his long sword had hit nothing. He felt terrible about it.

The man inside the light spat out a full mouth of blood. The sword light started to waver, yet he didn't give up. He made a turn and rushed over to Ye Xiao like lightning!

Xiao Mufei shouted, "You crazy bastard!"

That man wasn't ordinary. He couldn't defeat Xiao Mufei, but he was not much weaker.

Xiao Mufei was affected by the poison inside his body. He might not be able to defeat this enemy in a tough fight. He knew it well, but the enemy knew it too. However, what the enemy chose to do was nuts!

The man forcibly struck right on Xiao Mufei's sword attack with his life energy to draw the power from Xiao Mufei's sword into his dantian. The power rushed into his dantian, so he was seriously injured. However, he made a turn to attack Ye Xiao when Xiao Mufei didn't have time to react!

That was such a crazy move!

No matter whether the man could eventually kill Ye Xiao or not, he would be seriously damaged on the dantian. That was impossible to cure!

The man was basically ruining his own career in the martial world.

He would sacrifice his life to kill Ye Chongxiao!

He was obviously resolute!


Xiao Mufei was trying to hold himself. He couldn't make a turn to chase that man yet. He had been seriously injured by that poison. That man was not as powerful as Xiao Mufei, but he had a perfect plan to get a chance to take Ye Xiao's life.

Xiao Mufei had to suppress down the poison inside himself, also got hit by that splendid sword light attack. It was too late for him to catch up with that man.

It was just shorter than one second, yet it was long enough to do so many things already!

Ye Xiao was still stepping back fast after being pushed by Xiao Mufei.

That man was moving faster than him with his sword in the hand!

Much faster!

More than ten times faster!

Ye Xiao wanted to do something, yet the man had caught up with him. The sword had pointed at Ye Xiao's chest.

Ye Xiao felt pain in the chest. He thought of many methods to deal with it, but he wasn't able to. How sad…

If that man pushed it further, Ye Xiao would definitely die.

A young man who had just come to this realm. How could he possibly escape a full-effort strike from a Dream Origin Stage cultivator? That man might be over Dream Origin Stage. He might be level one of Dao Origin Stage!

At the moment, somebody shouted!

A strong man rushed over and hit Ye Xiao aside.

Somebody saved Ye Xiao by pushing him away.

Fang Dalong!

Fang Dalong had been staying around Ye Xiao all along. Now that things were extremely dangerous, he didn't have time to think anymore. He just did it.

Ye Xiao rolled away after being pushed by Fang Dalong. The point of that man's sword scratched on his chest, making a long incision. It almost ripped his chest apart.

Ye Xiao finally stopped rolling. When he looked back to Fang Dalong, he saw Fang Dalong holding the sword in that man's hand. He was shouting and rushing toward that man.

The sword had stabbed into Fang Dalong's chest!

He ruined that's man's plan. The man didn't hesitate. He humphed and wheeled the sword. Fang Dalong exclaimed and his fingers were all cut! A hole appeared on his chest. That man stood there sneering and pulled out the sword. He then jumped up to the sky and started to make that splendid sword light storm. He was trying to flee away!


"Give me your name! Bastard!" A thunder strike sounded in the sky. Xiao Mufei was rushing over to him!

His eyes were all red. He didn't care about the poison in his body anymore. What he did was to pour every bit of his energy into his sword!

[Fang Dalong died!]

[Just because I told him to protect Ye Chongxiao!]

'You must sacrifice everything to protect Ye Chongxiao!'

'Don't worry, master! If somebody dares to kill Brother Ye, he would have to step over my body!'

Xiao Mufei had been teaching Fang Dalong everything since he was a kid. He liked this eldest disciple the most. At this moment, he died to keep the promise!

Xiao Mufei would never let that man go! He would sacrifice himself to catch him.

That man had made that sword light in the sky, preparing to go.

However, Xiao Mufei's sword arrived.

Huge sounds of thunder strike were resounding in the sky. Clouds rolled while the wind was howling. It was like the end of the world. Lightning was striking and clouds were rolling!

He was like a mountain in the moonlight when he sat; like a rainbow when he stood; like clouds rolling when he moved. He moved with thunders striking around!

That appeared when a Dao Origin Stage cultivator fought in full power!

Xiao Mufei had gone crazy!