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Chapter 785: It Was Saint Sunlight Sect!

Chapter 785: It Was Saint Sunlight Sect!

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The man had just begun to leave, but he wasn't gone yet. Xiao Mufei rushed so fast with thunder and clouds. As his sword pointed out, he was already so close to that man!

The man didn't even have time to exclaim before his body was cut into pieces by Xiao Mufei in the sky, becoming minced flesh flying in the air.

- Dang, dang, dang… -

The sword in his hand became pieces too!

A blood rain fell in the sky.

The enemy was down!

What about the disciple?

Xiao Mufei withdrew the long sword and moved straight away to Fang Dalong without even a glance at the enemy's broken body. He said, "Dalong… Dalong… You…"

Fang Dalong's strong body was standing there like a big pine tree, with his two eyes wide open angrily.

There was a hole through his chest. Xiao Mufei could see through it and see the ground. Fang Dalong's two hands had lost all the fingers. Blood had made a puddle under his feet.

"Master…" Fang Dalong's body was swaying. There was fear in his eyes all of a sudden. He murmured, "Master… I don't want to die… I… I am scared… Why is it so dark…"

After that, he fell down backward. - Puff! - He hit the floor. His two eyes were looking to the sky, and his lips were moving. "Revenge… Ah…"

He stopped breathing.

The world seemed silent all of a sudden.

Xiao Mufei was stunned.

After a long time, he shouted so loud with anger from deep inside his heart, from inside his soul… "AH!!!!!!!"

It was so deplorable.

Ye Xiao rushed over as quickly as he could. He didn't even check on himself. "Dalong… You…"

He was grabbing a bottle. In the bottle, there was a dan bead that might save Fang Dalong's life…


It was too late.

He was dead!

That sword had gone through his chest and smashed his heart.

Even a supreme dan bead couldn't save him from death!

Ye Xiao was stunned too.

Fang Dalong just sacrificed himself to save Ye Xiao. Maybe he did it for his duty, or maybe he personally wanted to do it, or maybe he did it for the rest of the brothers in the sect…

No matter what, he died for Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao owed him so much!

Before it happened, Fang Dalong was talking to Ye Xiao. 'Our sect will depend on Brother Ye in the future. When you become a great figure, please don't forget me, although I am not a really helpful elder brother…'

Fang Dalong was an extrovert. He talked and laughed, drinking and eating with everybody else. No matter where Ye Xiao went, he followed… like a shadow…

Even when Ye Xiao was in the toilet, he would stay outside the door waiting patiently…

'You are our treasure. I can't relax for a bit. We can't let you get hurt…'

'If anybody tries to hurt you, he will have to kill me first and walk over my body.'

That was Fang Dalong's words.

His voice seemed to never fade away beside Ye Xiao's ear.

Many people had made such a promise to another, but seldom would they truly do it!

Men feared death!

Fang Dalong feared death too, but he protected his oath by giving up his life.

Everyone remember his voice and his words, yet he was lying quietly and would never wake up ever.

The last words he said…

'I don't want to die… I am scared…'

Who wasn't?

Fang Dalong was so scared to death, but he still chose to die. He chose to do something he was scared of.

Maybe there was nothing in his mind, except one thing. 'I will never let Brother Ye die!'

Xiao Mufei stayed silent for a long time. Suddenly, he shouted in great grief. He shouted to the sky with tears in his eyes.

The next moment, he turned around and stared at a pile of flesh on the floor. He walked over and dug it with his sword.

He was trying to find out who the assassin was!

He had to know who killed his most beloved disciple! He had to figure out which sect sent him!

The assassin was dead, in a rather miserable way, but it didn't ease the hatred in Xiao Mufei's heart!

He had to find out every detail about this assassination. He had to wipe out all the people that were relevant, so as to relieve the pain from losing his beloved disciple!

"Revenge…" he murmured. Suddenly he shouted, "Revenge!"

It was a powerful shout. The earth trembled because of it!

How horrible when a Dao Origin Stage cultivator burst out his full power...

- Dang! - The sword hit something.

Xiao Mufei grabbed that thing. It was a space ring. He reached the other hand to wipe the ring. His face was suddenly covered by purple qi. It exploded with a huge sound!

Xiao Mufei was sacrificing his life to forcibly remove the soul stamp on the ring. He actually opened the space inside the ring, which should only be opened by the owner!

It was dangerous. If he did it wrong, the space ring would explode and create an energy flow. That could seriously bring damage to him!

However, he just ignored that. Nothing else was more important for him at the moment.

He just wanted to know who the assassin was!

Luckily, the assassin was much weaker than Xiao Mufei, not to mention he was already dead. The soul power on the space ring was weak. The soul power was gone and the ring was opened!

Xiao Mufei didn't hesitate. He poured out everything inside the ring.

There were dan beads, stones, weapons, medical materials…

Xiao Mufei saw a jade token.

It was an identity jade token of Saint Sunlight Sect.

He grabbed that token and stared at it. Suddenly, he shouted with fury, "Jin Nu! It was you! Saint Sunlight Sect! F*cking Saint Sunlight Sect! From now on, there will never be reconcilement between me and you!"

There were just a few words on that jade token. 'Saint Sunlight Sect, Jin Nu'!

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