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Chapter 786: Remember the Kindness; Remember the Hatred!

Chapter 786: Remember the Kindness; Remember the Hatred!

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They all knew that man, Jin Nu. He was a famous cultivator part of the second generation disciple of Saint Sunlight Sect. He was limited by his own talent and experience, so he couldn't enter the ten great disciples in his sect. However, he was still one of the most valuable twenty disciples in the second generation!

His sword art was marvelous.

Although he was a good cultivator, Saint Sunlight Sect didn't really like him, because he liked killing.

For him, the best thing in his life was to kill with one sword move.

It should be normal that a cultivator killed another in Qing-Yun Realm, however, he was too arrogant. He kept talking about who he recently killed and how many people he had killed. Saint Sunlight Sect tried to show the world it was a righteous sect, so it didn't like the way Jin Nu acted, although Saint Sunlight Sect was actually vile and evil.

The important figures in Saint Sunlight Sect had scolded Jin Nu in front of other sects. However, everybody knew that it was just acting. There had never been any punishment given to him!

Jin Nu never changed. He killed whoever he wanted to kill!

This time, when he was trying to kill somebody, he was killed instead.

Xiao Mufei's full-power strike crashed into him with fury, ripping him into pieces!

Saint Sunlight Sect had sent a real good disciple this time. Jin Nu was even willing to sacrifice himself to complete the mission. Saint Sunlight Sect was paying a lot to finish Ye Xiao's life.

It was a great loss to sacrifice such a good man, even for great sects like Saint Sunlight Sect.

Jin Nu was qualified to his fame. He really was brilliant. He made one attack and it broke three layers of defense of Cold Moon Palace disciples. Besides, he earned an opportunity to kill Ye Xiao from Xiao Mufei's attack. If Fang Dalong wasn't that loyal and honest, he would definitely succeed.

Within seconds, thirty-six third generation and fourth generation disciples of Cold Moon Palace died under his sword, including Fang Dalong, one of the third generation disciples!

Ye Xiao sat there looking at Fang Dalong's body. He felt blank.

[Fang Dalong died!]

[For me!]

[If he didn't come out, I would have been killed.]

Ye Xiao was such an experienced cultivator. Of course, he knew what would happen if Fang Dalong didn't save him!

Even though he had the experience of a Dao Origin Stage cultivator and the mysterious martial art, East-rising Purple Qi, also countless of marvelous dan beads, none of these could protect him at that moment!

He hated Cold Moon Palace because of what they had done to him in his previous life!

However, the disciples of Cold Moon Palace had been sacrificing themselves to keep him alive.

If he ignored the hatred, joined Cold Moon Palace and brought greatness to it, he would fail his original aspiration!

If he ignored the kindness, kept fighting Cold Moon Palace and brought extermination to it, he would fail his conscience!

He didn't know which side to choose…

He felt confused.

He felt extremely contradictory.

After a long time, he closed the eyes and made a sigh. He spoke in a low voice, "Dalong, I will avenge you! I will destroy the entire Saint Sunlight Sect for you! I will do it, but not all because of you. However, it is the best I can do for you!"

Then he stood up quietly. He looked calm.

[That's right. Qing-Yun Realm is still the world I remember. People will do everything for their own interests!]

[They will kill without reasons. They also kill a million innocent people with one simple reason!]

[This is the martial world!]

[This is Qing-Yun Realm.]

[Only swords can judge. Power means everything!]

[If I am not powerful enough, I will either get myself killed or make people die for me!]

There were one hundred and seventy men of Cold Moon Palace who survived from that Dark Pine Forest. Now, thirty-six were dead.

Including Ye Xiao, there were only one hundred and thirty-five alive.

They got back to the road. The disciples were all listless and quiet. Xiao Mufei was like a volcano that would erupt at any second. He was full of rage and fury.

"There will be more people showing up. Let them come. I will kill every one of them without mercy. I won't let any of them live!" Xiao Mufei gritted his teeth. There was hatred in his eyes.

"Elder Xiao, I have a question. This time, the other six sects people who have been hunting that fish with you guys, which six were the leaders? How's their cultivation level?" Ye Xiao asked.

Xiao Mufei once again gritted his teeth. "Sun Sky Palace, Qin Changge, who has just entered level two of Dao Origin Stage. Saint Starlight Sect, Tian Weijian, who has just entered level two of Dao Origin Stage while he stayed in Polar Ice River…"

He gave Ye Xiao six people's names.

They had encountered over a dozen assassinations. Three of them were managed by Saint Sunlight Sect, two of them were proceeded by Saint Starlight Sect, while the rest of them were from the other sects.

In other words, the six sects were all responsible.

When Xiao Mufei said the names of those men from the other six sects, Ye Xiao kept them deep in mind.

Xiao Mufei understood why Ye Xiao asked for the names.

Seven great sects, only Cold Moon Palace was attacked. They couldn't contact their sect, but the other six could still send messages to give orders. It was surely the administrative staff of the six sects who arranged all these ambushes.

However, the ones who started it must be the six people who led their teams in the Polar Ice River!

These six men must be the ones who implemented the evil plans.

Ye Xiao wanted to remember these people, so that he could avenge Fang Dalong.

Xiao Mufei understood it. He didn't stop him.

He didn't say anything about it either.

He just gave him the names.

They were gone. Fang Dalong's body had become ashes inside a pot in a box on the back of Xiao Mufei.

An eight chi [1] tall tough man was now inside a half chi wide box.

If Fang Dalong knew this, I wonder if he would feel aggrieved! [2]


[1] A unit of length. 1 chi = 1/3 meter.

[2] Author's insert

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