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Chapter 787: That Man!

Chapter 787: That Man!
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When they had moved a hundred miles further, they encountered another ambush. This time, Xiao Mufei was leading the way. He rushed ahead at first.

After a while, Xiao Mufei walked out from the forest, with his long sword in his hand, covered by murderous qi. His face looked cold like ice. There was blood dripping down along his sword.

"Let's move!" Xiao Mufei shouted in a deep voice.

It was the only fight that nobody on Cold Moon Palace's side died!

Hmm. When Xiao Mufei was poisoned, nobody died either, but Ye Xiao saved him. If he hadn't given him the supreme dan bead, Xiao Mufei would have died for sure!

Three hundred miles later, there was another fight. This time, Cold Moon Palace people didn't get lucky. Several sects had participated in this fight. The enemy was so powerful. Xiao Mufei definitely fought hard. He took care of most of the enemy's force. They eventually kicked away the enemies, but over forty disciples died.

There were less than a hundred disciples alive now!

Every day after that, there were people who died in the fights. The hatred in Ye Xiao's heart was getting heavier and heavier. The murderous qi in him was getting denser.

One day… in a forest.

Xiao Mufei looked gloomy. He wasquietly eating the roasted wild pig . His eyes kept looking around like sharp swords.

Over twenty disciples of Cold Moon Palace were eating, sitting around.

A few of them were injured. The wounds were still bleeding.

As they got closer to the sect, the enemies sent more powerful forces to attack them.

Cold Moon Palace had been losing their men in every fight.

They had three hundred and sixty people when they left the Polar Ice River, but now, only twenty-one disciples were around Ye Xiao and Xiao Mufei!

Xiao Mufei seemed insensible now, but Ye Xiao knew he wasn't.

His eyes were getting more and more fierce and vicious. It was the deep hatred hiding in his eyes.

Every disciple had been staying with Xiao Mufei in Polar Ice River for over ten years!

They were like families to each other.

However, one by one, they died in front of him.

Xiao Mufei had a mission to do, and he wanted to take revenge so badly. If not, he should have been broken down by now.

Ye Xiao didn't make any contribution in those fights. Sometimes, he used dan beads to save people. What he did was to concentrate in cultivation.

He was quiet, seemingly lost in thoughts.

He was obviously improved a lot.

Xiao Mufei felt scared when he realized how fast Ye Xiao improved.

However, it was a great comfort to him too!

"How is your cultivation today?"

"Level three of Spirit Origin Stage. Over a dozen new qi vortexes."


"What about today?"

"Last step in level three of Spirit Origin Stage."


"What about today?"

"I have reached the top of level three of Spirit Origin Stage. Over fifty new qi vortexes."

"That's fast!"


"Level four!"


Xiao Mufei was satisfied with such an improvement.

He had to be!

There were many talented cultivators in the history. They were all fast in cultivation.

However, Ye Xiao was the fastest he had ever known.

Xiao Mufei even thought that there wouldn't be anybody faster in the future!

"Don't just try to be faster," Xiao Mufei warned him.

"I know."

"You must go steadily and surely." Xiao Mufei said, "You need a strong foundation. When you finally have the chance to kill the other sects, you will be able to do it with joy and delight!"

"Yes," Ye Xiao replied.

"I want nothing more in this life now. I don't think I can take revenge, even though I want it so badly. I am limited in cultivation. I am old and I couldn't break through level three of Dao Origin Stage. I may be one of the strongest in the world… but wiping out those sects… I can't…

"I may get myself killed before I can get near to their gates.

"You have to be much stronger than me if you want to take revenge on those sects!

"Chongxiao, you are full of hope. Don't feel down. Focus on cultivating. No more than one hundred years later, you will be more powerful than me. You may be much more powerful than me. You have such great talent. Do not doubt that!"

"But before you reach level nine of Dao Origin Stage, don't even think about revenge." He spoke deeply, "Before that, you should try to stay low. Don't show your true power. I can show my power, because I will never be stronger than now. They wouldn't care. If they find out how talented you are, they will kill you. They will do everything to kill you. Remember, do not talk too much. You are our hope. You are the only one who can take revenge for us!"

"I understand."

"Hmm. Remember, if they know you are hostile to them, if they know you are this talented, they will send their first generation disciples after you… not just these useless people!"

"They may even send their elders… The ten thousand years of cultivation inside you is so terrifying. It is a strong power that can shake the foundations of all the sects. They wouldn't let you grow stronger. They won't allow you to become a figure… as horrible as that man!"

"All in all, before you are fully improved, stay low."


'As horrible as that man'! Who was that man? Ye Xiao didn't ask. Xiao Mufei didn't say.

Ye Xiao knew who he was though.

He was Ye Xiao.

Xiao Monarch, Ye Xiao!

Xiao Mufei made a long sigh.

Unexpectedly, there was nothing that happened that night.

Xiao Mufei and Ye Xiao didn't feel relaxed at all. It must be the calm before the storms.

Indeed, it was. The next morning, when everybody got up, preparing to leave…

Xiao Mufei suddenly stopped moving, like a stone statue!

Suddenly, he shouted to the sky. He sounded so weird. He seemed to be calling for something or communicating with somebody.

Nobody understood. They wondered what Elder Xiao was doing.

The next moment, they got it.

There were two little birds flying down from the sky so fast like shooting arrows.