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Chapter 788: Unforeseen Event!

Chapter 788: Unforeseen Event!
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Not only those two little birds, there were countless birds that started to fly fast in the sky…

Everybody knew they were carriers of the sects!

Countless carrier birds were flying in the sky at the same time, that was rare.

A few years earlier, it had happened once. That was the only one they knew.

Only when something really influential happened—an event that could affect the future of the entire realm—would the carrier birds act like this.

Once such a thing happened, every sect would try to call their disciples back to the sect.

How could all the sects encounter something huge at the same time?

Was it really something that could bring change to the entire realm?

No matter what, it was a good thing for Xiao Mufei's people!

They could finally reconnect to their sect now!

That two flying birds brought them this opportunity!

Cold Moon Palace was good at beast training. Xiao Mufei stayed in the Polar Ice River with his men for so many years. It was so cold there that few beasts could stand that coldness. Xiao Mufei and his men all left their trained beast in the sect.

They didn't bring their beasts, but they took a few special birds as carriers with them. The weakest disciple among the three hundred and sixty was in Dream Origin Stage. Because they didn't have their beasts around, they were weakened. That was why so many of them died in the fights.

Xiao Mufei was also weakened. If he had his beast, he could defeat enemies in level five of Dao Origin Stage!

However, he didn't have it, so he was much weaker.

The disciples were all good at beast training. They were confused, but they knew they shouldn't disturb Xiao Mufei.

Xiao Mufei held the Iron-winged Sparrow in his hand. He took off a small iron stick on the foot of the sparrow. There was a wax pill inside the stick.

Xiao Mufei opened the wax pill and read the letter inside. He looked worried, but then he relaxed. For the first time, he felt relieved.

He spoke in a deep voice, "This is an unforeseen event… It concerns all the sects… However, we are saved."

Ye Xiao said, "What event? How can it make such an influence?"

The others were all waiting for Xiao Mufei's response.

Xiao Mufei made a long sigh. "A huge event from the sect."

Before others asked, he read the letter for the others.

"Xuan Bing, who has been missing for months, the Grand Elder of Misty Cloud Palace, now appears in the realm. She has been improved greatly. She fought against our sect and warned us all in stern words. She has broken our pailou [1]. Our three grand elders fought against her but were badly hurt… Disciples should return to the sect as soon as possible. The gate will be closed soon."

The disciples were all stunned.

Ye Xiao was confused.

[What is it?]

He had heard about the grand elder of Misty Cloud Palace, Xuan Bing. She was the most powerful woman in Qing-Yun Realm, one of the three most powerful figures in the realm. No conclusion could be made about who was the most powerful.

Even Xiao Monarch, in his previous life, didn't dare to mess with her. Ye Xiao have once shaken the heaven and earth in this realm in his previous life. He had been fighting against a few sects and even badly damaged them. However, compared to Xuan Bing, the marvelous figure in the world, he was so weak. She could have easily killed him within a few moves! That was not a joke!

Misty Cloud Palace had been built behind the clouds and fogs. They merely interfere in others' business. Ye Xiao learned from Bing Xinyue and Wenren Chuchu that Misty Cloud Palace was in a severe crisis. Their lotuses were all destroyed. Everybody in their sect was now in need of the lotus. Xuan Bing should have been dying or fighting against the divine punishment at the moment.

Basically, they should be thankful that nobody made troubles on them. How could this Elder Xuan Bing attack other sects like this?

It didn't seem like there was any specific reason though. She must be showing her prestige…

In Ye Xiao's memory, that mysterious Elder Xuan Bing from Misty Cloud Palace was such a powerful figure, but she wasn't an enemy to any of the seven sects…

Why did she do that?

"I don't know the reason. The sect didn't say. I can only figure it out after we are back to the sect."

Xiao Mufei said, "However, the sparrows flew over here. That means we are no longer a blank zone of the communication system. We can sent a message back to the sect again. Our problem here… is solved."

He looked at Ye Xiao and said, "Chongxiao can definitely return to the sect."

He ripped off a piece of cloth on his clothes and wrote on it with his blood. 'Disciples encountered ambushes on the way back. We need support as soon as possible! Three hundred and sixty men… Mostly died… Please send support as soon as possible…"

Then he put it on the foot of that sparrow and set it free.

As he didn't want anybody to attack that bird, he jumped up real high in the sky with sword light on his sword. He even followed the bird for a while to protect it.

He didn't return after the bird finally flew above the clouds.

Two days after that, nobody attacked them at all.

It was so peaceful that they all felt strange now.

When they left the mountains and arrived at a town, they finally knew what happened after talking to somebody in the martial world!

It was a shocking news. They were all surprised.

Several months earlier, after that huge fight against Xue Danru from Ice Cloud Palace, Xuan Bing disappeared. Now she appeared again.

During these months, Misty Cloud Palace had been attacked by the united force of the two halls, two palaces and seven sects. That was such a mess.

Xuan Bing was taking revenge these days!

The first sect she went for was Saint Sunlight Sect. She wore a black robe, descending to the sect quietly. She just did one thing. She killed. She killed a path along the main hall of Saint Sunlight Sect and fought against the ten grand elders. Two elders were disabled. At the end, she only left a few words and casually left.

"Behave yourself from now on! Close your gate for three years! Otherwise, I will return!"

Saint Sunlight Sect was nearly broken by the great Elder Xuan Bing.


[1] decorated archway