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Chapter 789: Myth!

Chapter 789: Myth!
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That was just the beginning. Xuan Bing didn't even pull off her energy flow after breaking down Saint Sunlight Sect. She went directly to Saint Starlight Sect. She kept rushing on the way and shot into the center of the sect. She didn't waste time talking. She just started killing.

That was a one-sided crack-down. After disabling a few people of Saint Starlight Sect, she left a few words behind too, "From now on, be careful! Close your gate for three years!"

Then it was Cold Moon Palace. It was much better this time, because only a few elders got injured. Nobody was disabled or killed. It was much better than Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect.

The other four sects encountered the same thing. Elder Xuan Bing swept over them all.

After the seven sects, she didn't stop. She went to the other two palaces of the three great palaces, Ice Cloud Palace and Qiong-Hua Palace. At the end, she went to the two great halls!

She was just like the whirlwind, blowing over all the most powerful forces in Qing-Yun Realm!

The two great halls were better. After all, they had some great cultivators who could fight against Xuan Bing, so they didn't lose much. The two palaces didn't lose a lot either. Three palaces were all run by ladies. Xuan Bing didn't really try to destroy them. Among the seven great sects, the sun, moon, and star were the worst. The others were better.

Cold Moon Palace, Saint Sunlight Sect, and Saint Starlight Sect were definitely unlucky.

Not long earlier, they joined together to kill Xiao Monarch and successfully took his life. That was a war that lasted for several months. Nearly half of their best men died.

Countless of their elite disciples died.

Those who survived the fight against Xiao Monarch were all seriously injured when they returned to their sects.

Some Dao Origin Stage cultivators would stay wounded for decades. Those who didn't get injured badly would need a long time to recover too.

That was why they didn't have a chance facing Elder Xuan Bing of Misty Cloud Palace.

Xuan Bing easily swept them in their own places.

That embarrassed them.

They were lucky that Xuan Bing didn't really try to wipe them out. She held back her punches after all, otherwise, the three sects might no longer exist…

"Why is Elder Xuan Bing so crazy? She actually challenged all the super forces in the world on her own…" A disciple murmured, "What is she doing…"


Xiao Mufei scolded, "Grand Elder Xuan Bing was missing. Somebody said she had fallen…"

"Because of that, everybody kept pushing Misty Cloud Palace but didn't really try to destroy them. We all wanted to know if Xuan Bing had truly fallen or not.

"If she was still alive, she would definitely show up to protect her sect. If she didn't show up, she must be dead. Then Misty Cloud Palace would be wiped out.

"Looking at it now, we got the result… Xuan Bing is alive, and she is even stronger. She is unbelievably powerful now. In other words, she has been cultivating secretly all the time."

He sighed. "That was such a stupid mistake. The great sects were finding troubles for themselves… That was pouring a basin of sh*t onto ourselves… The martial world will be in peace for a period of time for sure now."

Everybody sighed and felt relieved.

[Well if all the sects are at peace, then we won't be hunted. This is bad for the sect, but it saves our lives!]

Ye Xiao felt strange though.

He hadn't seen Grand Elder Xuan Bing, but… he knew she was a super powerful figure in the world... but then again, she shouldn't be that powerful…

He remembered the ranking list of the cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm.

Among the ten most powerful cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm, one man occupied the first for a long time. Nobody could replace him yet.

That man was famous. His name was Wu Fa.

People only knew how to pronounce his name, but nobody knew how to spell it…

He had been the first cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm for so many years. The world was beneath his feet.

The two lords of the great halls came next to him. People knew the name of the 'one man', but nobody knew anything about the two lords!

After the two lords, it was the three great palaces. Grand Elder Xuan Bing of Misty Cloud Palace was the strongest. She was actually equally powerful as the two lords, but her martial art was in the same level of the other two great figures in the other two palaces.

The ten most powerful people represented ten different forces. It was basically a ranking list of the ten most powerful forces too.

There were a few other cultivators who were actually qualified to be in the top ten powerful cultivators, but they didn't have a sect supporting them on the back, so they didn't get in the list. However, they were also truly powerful.

All in all, as Ye Xiao could remember, Xuan Bing shouldn't be this powerful.

She wasn't just fighting against one or two cultivators. She fought against all the cultivators in all those forces!

Except Wu Fa, she fought against all the people on that top ten list!

She fought against all those great figures in turns. She challenged them and made troubles for those sects. She traveled a hundred thousand miles just to beat all those men up!

That was such a myth!

That was unbelievable.

Yet it did happen.

Why would Xuan Bing become so powerful?