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Chapter 790: Zhan Yunfei!

Chapter 790: Zhan Yunfei!
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Had she been cultivating secretly during the time she was missing like Xiao Mufei said? Was that why she was improved that much?

Ye Xiao felt that this world was no longer the same since he left less than two years ago. He felt completely strange to this world now.

"No matter what, Elder Xuan Bing shouldn't be this strong." Xiao Mufei frowned.

After feeling the astonishment, he thought for a while and spoke.

"Hmm. Elder Xiao, you said she wasn't missing. Instead, she was cultivating secretly all the time. Isn't it reasonable that she should be improved? Why did you say she shouldn't?"

Ye Xiao thought and said, "Or do you mean even though she was already really powerful in the old days, she shouldn't be this strong after her secret cultivation? That she shouldn't be strong enough to defeat all other great forces at a time?"

"Hmmm… That's right." Xiao Mufei said, "Chongxiao, you are new here. There are many things you don't know. Xuan Bing was already a world shocking name in this world. People call her the World's First Female Demon. However, that is just a demon… In the two great halls and three palaces, there might not be anybody who are stronger than her, but there are definitely people who are equal to her. Xuan Bing swept the seven sects. That is understandable. But she defeated the two great halls and the other two palaces… That is impossible."

Ye Xiao was deep in thought for a while and then he said, "Was it possible that this grand elder got inspired by something special or ate something marvelous to greatly improve her strength? I am new here. I barely know the natural rules in this world. In the realm I am from, there are lots of treasures and materials that can boost one's cultivation. Maybe she got something…"

"Chongxiao, you are right about that, except that only works on people in low stages. For people above Dao Origin Stage, the only way to improve oneself is to spend years to cultivate. Every bit of improvement is a blessing from the heavens. Treasures mean nothing. Xuan Bing is the Grand Elder of Misty Cloud Palace. She has been one of the most powerful figures in Qing-Yun Realm for so many years. Do you really think there are any special treasures in the world that can make her improve this much in such a short time?"

Xiao Mufei frowned. He was confused too.

No matter what, the fact was this legendary level cultivator, Elder Xuan Bing, shocked the world again!

Xuan Bing treated different sects differently.

She obviously targeted certain sects. When she went to her destined enemy, Ice Cloud Palace, all she wanted to do was just to show her strength.

Cold Moon Palace had three elders seriously injured, but they still felt lucky compared to the other two sects. Weirdly, they were glad.

Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect were much worse. They both were specially targeted by Elder Xuan Bing!

Every cultivator in Saint Sunlight Sect who were above level eight of Dao Origin Stage was attacked. Two of them were disabled, completely ruined. Those Dao Origin Stage cultivators who were still too weak to fight Xuan Bing all firmly got slapped on the face!

There were hundreds of Dao Origin Stage cultivators in Saint Sunlight Sect!

Elder Xuan Bing actually slapped them one by one.

Of course, they wanted to get away but they couldn't!

The grand elder of Saint Sunlight Sect spat out a full mouth of blood when he saw how Xuan Bing humiliated his men…

Saint Starlight Sect encountered the same thing.

All cultivators above level eight of Dao Origin Stage got injured, including one disabled. The rest of the Dao Origin Stage cultivators got slapped on the face hard.

That was a hard and loud slapping session.

What she did after all that was to leave the same words.

It looked like the seven sects encountered the same thing, but there were quite different things she did to them. She just made small disturbances to the other five sects and that was all.

Cold Moon Palace had it rough. They had three elders who were severely injured, but nobody was disabled.

Apparently, Xuan Bing hated Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect the most.

These two sects were especially pissed because of that.

[We didn't really hurt Misty Cloud Palace either… We didn't offend you personally!]

[When the two great halls and the other two palaces attacked you, we didn't do it…]

[Why did you treat us the worst?]

In fact, they did want to go after the great halls and palaces to attack her sect back then.

However, after the war against Xiao Monarch, the three factions were exhausted.

Misty Cloud Palace was still a rather powerful force even without Xuan Bing. The three factions wasn't sure they could win the fight, so they didn't start it…

They had been behaving themselves for over a year.

However, even if they had tried to stay in peace, troubles hit them. Before they realized what really happened, Xuan Bing kicked them hard.

According to Xiao Mufei, Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect should be happy about it. Xuan Bing must have shown them mercy since she only slapped the disciples' faces and didn't really hurt them. Twenty percent harder, she could have killed all those cultivators by slapping!

They should be grateful as she spared all those men's lives!

Xiao Mufei's disciples all agreed, so they despised the other two factions!

The world was all talking about this.

News spread around the world so fast like a pestilence.

Xiao Mufei and his men all felt thankful to what Xuan Bing did to the other two factions. However, they still felt humiliated. After all, Xuan Bing had attacked their sect too. Three elders of Cold Moon Palace got damaged. It disgraced Cold Moon Palace!

Xuan Bing fought the entire world!

Ye Xiao felt thrilled about it.

He was shaking because of excitement.

[That is the real peerless cultivator!]

[That is awesome!]

[I was alright in the previous life. I was famous, but I was much worse than Xuan Bing.]

[Three factions didn't even send their best forces, yet I died in their hands. Xuan Bing fought against all of them and defeated all of them!]

[If I… If I can sweep the entire world like that, it must be great!]

He felt his blood boiling while thinking of it.

Why didn't Xuan Bing get to Wu Fa? People had the same opinion. She couldn't find him! Wu Fa was too mysterious!

Otherwise, how could she let him go.

She might lose, but she would definitely go get a fight!

That was for sure!

Suddenly, Xuan Bing's fame was getting close to Wu Fa. She might replace Wu Fa and become the world's first cultivator.

"Misty Cloud Palace is rising crazily! We must be careful. Do not mess with their people. If you piss them off, you should better pray for your life. Once they get to our sect, they will show their prestige to the world by stepping on the ruins of our sect. That won't be good."

Misty Cloud Palace suddenly became the sect with the most prestige!

When Cold Moon Palace got the message from Xiao Mufei, they were all shocked.

Without hesitation, Cold Moon Palace sent their men to help.

Ye Xiao and the others had only moved forward for about seven hundred miles after Xiao Mufei sent the message. Suddenly, he saw lightning striking in the sky. Many male figures got down from the sky so fast.

Seven men arrived. Everyone was one of the first league cultivators!

The leader of the seven men was a middle-aged man with a hawk nose. His face was like jade, his eyebrows were thick, and his eyes were bright. His long white robe made him look taller. Take away that ugly nose, he would be a beautiful man.

Ye Xiao's pupils contracted when he saw that man.

It was Zhan Yunfei, the Rainbow Wing of the Dual Wings of Moon!

A level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator.

He never thought that it was him who was sent to help Xiao Mufei!

Cold Moon Palace must really have attached great importance to this event.

Zhan Yunfei was one of the twenty most powerful figures in Cold Moon Palace, among over dozens of thousands of disciples!

His soul beast was a Spread Vulture. With the vulture around, he could defeat a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator!

Zhan Yunfei had participated in the fight against Xiao Monarch back then. He was the person who stabbed hard with a sword in Ye Xiao's right leg.

However, he didn't get any better in that fight. He was hit by Ye Xiao with a palm strike on the chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. If his vulture didn't kept disturbing Xiao Monarch, Zhan Yunfei should have died there. In the end, he survived but his vulture's wing was broken by Xiao Monarch. It couldn't fly anymore.

Xiao Monarch's palm strike was rather powerful. Zhan Yunfei still looked pale on the face at the moment. Apparently, he had yet to fully recover from that palm strike.