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Chapter 791: Unworthy of Mentioning?

Chapter 791: Unworthy of Mentioning?
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Anyway, when Xiao Mufei saw Zhan Yunfei and the other six people, he felt relieved and made a long breath out.

They were over a thousand miles away from the sect. Now that Zhan Yunfei was here, they would be safe.

Xiao Mufei was sure they would be back to the sect safely. Even if the sky fell, Zhan Yunfei could hold it up!

He had lost his soul beast when they were fighting Xiao Monarch, and he hasn't fully recovered yet. However, he was level eight of Dao Origin Stage. That was enough!

"What's wrong?" Zhan Yunfei walked closer in big strides. His eyes were sharp like hawks while staring at Xiao Mufei. "Mufei, did anything happen back in the Polar Ice River? Powerful enemy?"

The other six people all looked at him with astonishment and anger.

They couldn't believe Cold Moon Palace would suffer such a loss!

Three hundred and sixty disciples, over three hundred of them died.

That was a great loss!

"There was an accident." Xiao Mufei didn't have time to explain everything in that letter. It was a long story after all. He walked over to the seven men and said, "That Golden-scaled Dragon Fish is gone…"

"What?" The seven men frowned.

"Listen…" Xiao Mufei pointed at Ye Xiao and explained everything to Zhan Yunfei in a low voice. "… So, we have been through a lot to make it here… Every step could have taken our lives…"

"Hmm. Are you poisoned?" Zhan Yunfei frowned. He didn't look at Ye Xiao. He grabbed Xiao Mufei's arm and his spiritual energy ran into Xiao Mufei's Jing and Mai. He was shocked. "Nine Destinations Dark Poison [1]?"

He then operated his martial art in full power. A circle of moonlight shined above his head!

His spiritual power rushed into Xiao Mufei's Jing and Mai like angry tides. It washed over Xiao Mufei's body. Xiao Mufei suddenly spat out a moutful of dark blood, then he felt rather relieved. He looked energetic again.

"Alright." Zhan Yunfei let go of Xiao Mufei's arm and smiled. "You are lucky that the poison has mostly been removed. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to help."

"Thank you, Master Zhan." Xiao Mufei bowed.

"No need. There is just a bit poison left in your body. You will be fine after a month of rest with your cultivation capability. What I did was just to help you a bit so that you can be better earlier!" Zhan Yunfei said.

Xiao Mufei bitterly smiled. "Master, it is more than just a bit of help. You saved me from despair. You must know that I have been exhausted in all aspects recently. It is getting more and more difficult to fight against that poison in my body. If you didn't do me such a great favor, I may need more than three years to fully recover!"

"You call me master. How can I just let you suffer? However… That poison, the Nine Destinations Dark, how did you remove most of it? I guess you must have gotten hit by a weapon with poison. This poison can absolutely kill everyone below Dao Origin Stage. You are a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, but you are still too weak to drive that poison out of your body. How did you do that…" Zhan Yunfei asked with his hands behind the back.

"Well… Because of Chongxiao…" Xiao Mufei explained it and then spoke in a low voice, "… Chongxiao ate the fish with luck. He is a dan-maker, an outstanding one. The sect he comes from has supreme dan beads. I should have died when I got hit by the poison, but…"

Finally, Zhan Yunfei looked around and gazed at Ye Xiao. He smiled and said, "Young man, your name is Chongxiao?"

He sounded gentle and nice, but he obviously talked in a high position.

Ye Xiao was prepared for this.

Zhan Yunfei was above tens of thousands of people in the sect. How could he not go about with his head high in the air when talking to a new disciple?

"Yes," Ye Xiao answered, neither humble nor pushy. He looked polite as a new disciple should do in a sect, also prideful as he was the most powerful person in the realm where he was from.

Zhan Yunfei smiled.

He looked at Ye Xiao from head to toe and asked, "Mufei, you told me that although he is weak, but he improves unbelievably fast. Strangely, I don't see how good he is. He is just like a normal man!"

Xiao Mufei smiled. "That is why I said he is such a talented man. He ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. It has the specialty of hiding its energy. Chongxiao was just like that fish. He naturally shields himself from being observed. People who have less than ten thousand years of cultivation will never be able to see through him."

"Oh?" Zhan Yunfei was interested. He murmured, "Golden-scaled Dragon Fish… Ten thousand years of cultivation… Dan-maker…"

Suddenly he took in. a cold breath He looked at Ye Xiao again, as if he was a rare and priceless treasure in the world that everybody wanted.

The next moment, he grabbed Ye Xiao's hand. A stream of powerful spiritual energy started to pour into Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai and ran around his body.

"Spirit Origin Stage. Level four… hiss…" Zhan Yunfei said, "He has just come to this world, yet he is already level four? How fast he improves… That's…"

He raised his head and looked at Xiao Mufei's eyes. Xiao Mufei looked strange.

Zhan Yunfei was enlightened. He shouldn't praise the young man like this. Ye Chongxiao was already too full of pride. He wouldn't want him to become arrogant. So he said, "Hmmm… Your cultivation level… That is much better than anybody else considering you are new to this world… However, for people in the Qing-Yun Realm, especially disciples in our sect, you are nothing. Unworthy of mentioning…"

Xiao Mufei coughed and looked down at the floor.

Ye Xiao was surprised.

He couldn't believe this man that he hated so much had such a funny personality. [I just ascended to this world. Why did you compare me to the cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm? Compare me to the disciples in a great sect? Are you kidding?]

[Why don't you just compare me to Wu Fa and Xuan Bing? That would definitely make me worse, wouldn't I?]

[1] We changed from Nine Determination Dark. The old chapterswill be updated later on.