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Chapter 792: Nine Exquisite Body!

Chapter 792: Nine Exquisite Body!
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Zhan Yunfei kept holding Ye Xiao's hand. He closed his eyes, as if he was trying to feel something. After a while, he shook his head and said, "Hmm. Strong blood, flexile Jing and Mai. Tough and firm. Stretchy. No hidden wounds… It's good. Dantian is full. Purple qi fills it. What you are cultivating must be an authentic martial art… That is very… well that is not bad…"

Zhan Yunfei half closed his eyes. His spiritual power ran over Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai fast. Everything about Ye Xiao's body was shown to him.

However, the power of the Boundless Space automatically hid the secret of the East-rising Purple Qi.

That was a peerless martial art in the universe. It wouldn't allow anybody else to explore it freely.

However, Zhan Yunfei felt something strange!

The next moment, he was shocked.

"Wait. This is not Natural Exquisite Body! No!" Zhan Yunfei's eyes shined with lights. He spoke with confidence. His pale face suddenly turned red of excitement. "Mufei, you are wrong."

"No? How come? That's impossible!" Xiao Mufei couldn't believe it. "I have checked so carefully. His body fits every description of Natural Exquisite Body…"

"Surely it does, because his body is Nine Exquisite Body." Zhan Yunfei made a long breath out. "Mufei, you have brought such a precious treasure to the sect this time. We did lose many disciples, but they died for great value. Nine Exquisite Body is much better than Natural Exquisite Body!"

"This young man has a perfect body, the only Nine Exquisite Body in a hundred thousand years." Zhan Yunfei's eyes were full of fever. He stared at Ye Xiao, as if he was going to swallow him alive.

"There was no record of such a body since one hundred thousand years ago…" Zhan Yunfei took in a long breath and seriously said, "This young man… may have the only Nine Exquisite Body in the history!"

"No wonder the other sects would take it so seriously to kill this man. Ten thousand years cultivation could be the reason for them to do this for sure. I just didn't know that this man has such a monster-like physical condition… Nine Exquisite Body… That is much more valuable than ten thousand years of cultivation!"

"One can spend time to get better cultivated. However, nobody can change their talent…" Zhan Yunfei nodded with great satisfaction. He let go of Ye Xiao's hand and said, "Ye Chongxiao, will you join Cold Moon Palace?"

Ye Xiao thought, [They seem nice and friendly to me so far, but if I say no to him now, they will smash me into a pile of meat!]

[No matter what, I should say yes for now.]

"I owe Elder Xiao a great favor. I am willing to join Cold Moon Palace humbly with sincerity," Ye Xiao answered peacefully. He was a bit confused though. [How come I have a Nine Exquisite Body now? How did Zhan Yunfei find out? Is this a joke?]

He then operated martial art to check his own Jing and Mai immediately.

What he found astonished himself too.

In his body, there was purple qi everywhere—in the dantian, in every corner of his Jing and Mai... He did have the legendary Nine Exquisite Body!

[What is happening? I have checked this body when I was reborn. It should be just a little above the average. It wasn't even talented. The East-rising Purple Qi has been improving my physical condition and gives me a Natural Spirit Body. It is good, but far weaker than Natural Exquisite Body and Nine Exquisite Body.]

[I might be wrong when I was first reborn, but I have checked my body again before ascending to this world. It should still be Natural Spirit Body. How come…]

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[Was it… the lightning trial that changed my body?] Ye Xiao remembered that the purple qi had been operating crazily when he was taking that trial. When the lightning his him, his body became transparent…

[It must be that trial.] Ye Xiao spoke in mind.

East-rising Purple Qi gradually improved Ye Xiao's physical condition. The power of East-rising Purple Qi was the nature's law. The lightning trial was also the power of the nature's law.

Lightning trial and the purple qi were different things but had the same nature. They both worked on Ye Xiao when he was ascending. Unexpectedly, it changed the nature of his body…

That was the only possibility that Ye Xiao could think of. The others had been through the trial too, but their bodies didn't change a bit.

Ye Xiao felt relieved thinking about that.

He agreed to join Cold Moon Palace, excitedly and kindly, but then he was lost in thoughts about the change on his body. Zhan Yunfei seemed unhappy about that. He scolded, "Ye Chongxiao, you don't know the position of Cold Moon Palace in the martial world of Qing-Yun Realm. We are a super sect that has lasted for tens of thousand years. We are one of the great sects in this realm. We are outstanding!"

"There are over thirty billion people in the realm, but there are no more than twenty big sects! Cold Moon Palace is definitely one of the ten most powerful ones!"

Zhan Yunfei frowned. "You must know. You must understand. You have just ascended to this world. To join our sect is one of the greatest fortune you can ever have in your life! You are young and ignorant. You must not fail the blessing of heavens!"

Ye Xiao thought, [My heavens. It's like Cold Moon Palace is the No. 1 sect… You said it is one of the ten most powerful sects. That's all. Stop bragging, will you? I am in a negative position here, so I can't do anything to you. Otherwise, do you think I would play this stupid game with you now?]