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Chapter 793: The Girl Rongrong

Chapter 793: The Girl Rongrong
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Ye Xiao said, "I know. I understand. I am new to this world, yet I have already realized how broad the sky can be and how high the clouds can be. I will do my best in cultivation and cherish the opportunity."

One had to bow the head while staying under another's roof.

Zhan Yunfei heard the humble answer, so he was satisfied. He turned to Xiao Mufei and said, "Do not let people in other sects know about his physical condition. Tell the over twenty disciples of yours that if anybody dares to leak this out, they will be punished with death!"

"Yes, I will! I know this is important. I have never told anybody else about Chongxiao's body!" Xiao Mufei answered.

Zhan Yunfei nodded and said, "Well done. This young man must be the hope of our bright future. We will rise and become the most powerful sect in the realm soon!" He turned to Ye Xiao and said, "Ye Chongxiao, will you bow to me and be my disciple from now on?"

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[Your disciple?]



[That can't be more blamed! How can you come up with such an idea?]

[We are deadly foes to each other in my previous life. You stabbed my thigh with your sword! I feel pain to think of it even now. Your stupid bird kept holding me, otherwise, you wouldn't have the chance to survive! Now you want to be my master? Enemy becomes master? A smile solves everything? How dare you!]

He was definitely unwilling, but… he had no other choice.

He didn't answer yet, but Xiao Mufei spoke in a low voice. "Master Zhan, that is… not quite appropriate…"

Zhan Yunfei rolled his eyes and said in a deep voice, "Why not?"

Xiao Mufei spoke in a low voice, "You must remember. A talented disciple like Chongxiao… The elders in the sect will definitely fight for him… Chongxiao is so talented. I think even the great elders, even the senior grand master... will want to be his master… If they know that you did this in advance…"

Zhan Yunfei made a weird sound.

Xiao Mufei continued, "Besides… whoever wants to be our disciple must get through the destination trial first… If you take him in before he gets through the trial… what if your martial art doesn't fit his talent… If it ruins Chongxiao's great potential, it will violate your kindness. That wouldn't be a good thing for the sect!"

Zhan Yunfei looked strange on the face. He humphed and said with anger, "Who killed our disciples? Bodacious bastards!"

He knew he couldn't forcibly recruit Ye Xiao as his own disciple, so he awkwardly changed the topic immediately. He was definitely angry, so he had to find someone else to vent the anger out of his chest.

Xiao Mufei looked gloomy and spoke in a low voice, "I reckon… the other six great sects must all be blamed!"

"Urh…" Zhan Yunfei opened his eyes wide. He was in deep in thoughts immediately. He was quite capable, but he was far weaker than Xuan Bing. If he went to the six sects to take revenge, he would very likely be punched into a pile of meat…

After thinking for a while, he gritted his teeth. His hawk nose nearly dropped off. He spoke with a vile face, "We must not waste time here. Let's move as fast as we can. Make a report to the Prime Master!"

The other six men who followed Zhan Yunfei here were all Dao Origin Stage cultivators. They were just a bit weaker than Xiao Mufei. Apparently, Cold Moon Palace was truly pissed about losing over three hundred men out here.

Over three hundred Dream Origin Stage cultivators, that was such a great loss for Cold Moon Palace, even for every other great sects!

"Now, the seven great sects will all close their gates. We have to take revenge someday later!" Xiao Mufei was furious about it, but there was no other choice.

Once a great sect closed the gate, people inside couldn't get out and nobody could get in either. Whoever truly wanted to get in the sect had to deal with the great guardian array first. To fight against the great guardian array, nobody could claim an easy win, and most of them would die. How could they take revenge if they couldn't even get in the enemies' places?

They had to put off the plan to the future. What they should do now was to go back to the sect as soon as possible. Now that they had eight Dao Origin Stage cultivators, the rest one thousand miles should be easy.

Even the six other sects together wouldn't dare to fight against these eight at the same time recklessly. They actually had the capability to destroy these eight if they fought together, but it would be too risky. Cold Moon Palace would never let go of such a great loss. The other six sects wouldn't want to risk turning Cold Moon Palace into a destined enemy just to kill a new disciple!

They thought he might die someday because of cultivating improperly anyway…

When the men walked to a forest, something happened. A young girl ran over staggering along and shouting, "Don't go that way…"

She might be weak and tired, or just lost her balance in the mind. She suddenly fell on the ground and blood went out from the wounds on her body.

"It's you!"

The surviving disciples all showed anger in the eyes. They held their weapons, as if they would go up there and tear the girl into pieces!

Xiao Mufei looked weird on the face.

"Who's that?" Zhan Yunfei looked cold and he sounded weird too.

He saw that girl's face at the first gaze. Even though he was calm like any other level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivators, his eyes blinked.

"That vile woman! She cheated Master Xiao earlier and poisoned him with that Nine Destination Dark!" a disciple shouted in anger. "Now she pretends to be piteous again! She must want to play the same trick again!"

"Humph! Does she believe we are all fools? How could we fall to her trap again!"

Ye Xiao frowned and looked at Xiao Mufei.

Others might not fall to her trap twice, but Xiao Mufei was different. Even though he was cheated once already, he might still go to the trap as he did the first time!

Xiao Mufei's face still looked weird. It seemed there was nothing in his sight. What he could see was only that girl.

Zhan Yunfei looked at Xiao Mufei for a while and said, "Mufei… What's your thought?"

Xiao Mufei was woken. He looked struggling and spoke in a bitter voice, "Master…"

Zhan Yunfei sighed and closed his eyes. He said, "Just go deal with it. Be careful."