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Chapter 794: Why Are You So Nice to Me?

Chapter 794: Why Are You So Nice to Me?
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Ye Xiao was just looking at them without saying a word.

However, from what Zhan Yunfei said, Ye Xiao realized that the former had seen that girl's face already. That's why he said that. In other words, he knew so well about Xiao Mufei's past. He had definitely met Xiao Mufei's daughter before…

That was why he let Xiao Mufei deal with it himself and told him to be careful…

It was kindness from an elders to the younger generation.

Xiao Mufei walked over to the girl, and Zhan Yunfei didn't follow him. He just half closed his rather piercing eyes while looking over to the girl. His hand was holding the handle of the sword. He would take necessary moves if anything went wrong.

Ye Xiao was sure that if that girl would attack Xiao Mufei again with the same method, Xiao Mufei might still fail to defend it! No matter what the girl was planning to do, no matter how fast she could be, no matter how Xiao Mufei would react to her attack, Zhan Yunfei could definitely save him!

He could stop everything.

He could even kill that girl!

For a level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator, it was a piece of cake!

With Zhan Yunfei around, everybody was safe!

Zhan Yunfei cared for the disciples of his sect. He cared for Xiao Mufei. Ye Xiao learned it from observation.

Actually, he had been watching everything. He watched the disciples talking to each other and tried to know how firm their relationship was…

He was trying to measure the power of this great sect from Xiao Mufei, Zhan Yunfei and all other disciples.

Ye Xiao used to think that Cold Moon Palace must be a vicious and swashbuckling sect. However, now he realized it was wrong.

There was jealousness among the disciples, but never hatred.

For a great sect like that, it was unbelievable.

Even Zhan Yunfei, Ye Xiao's hateful enemy, was actually cute and trustworthy in the sect. It was obvious and true.

"What happened, girl?" Xiao Mufei went over and stayed down, looking at her worryingly. He reached his hand to grab the girl's wrist. He sighed. "How did you get so seriously hurt?"

He saw the girl staggering with bloody wounds on her body, but he didn't fully believe she was that badly wounded. Now he confirmed that the girl's injury was true. She bore lots of severe wounds, which revealed the bones under the skin. She was also damaged from the inside. If she didn't get treated properly soon, she might die!

Xiao Mufei didn't hesitate. He just poured the spiritual energy into her body to heal her.

The girl kept looking at him with bright eyes. She was shaking. After a while, she exhaled and spoke in a soft voice, "There… There are landmines over there… Don't go…"

Xiao Mufei's eyes lit up.

At this moment, he felt rather comforted, not because he got to know the enemy's evil plan, but because the girl didn't come to hurt him!

[She is here to warn me! She is here to save me!]

Suddenly, Xiao Mufei felt like he was beloved by his own daughter. His eyes were moistened by tears.

"Landmines… Explosive." Xiao Mufei smiled blandly. "How do you know that? Besides, what happened to you? I warned you. You should go far away from the martial world. Do not get involved."

Xiao Mufei didn't really care about the landmines. He only cared for the girl about her wounds.

He felt like… if his daughter got bullied outside… a father had to care of her. He had to take care of the troubles for his daughter.

The girl was trembling as she leaned over to Xiao Mufei. Tears dropped down from her eyes. She was sobbing, "Can I ask you something… Why are you so nice to me? I tried to kill you. That poison should be incurable. You…"

Xiao Mufei went stiff. He stayed silent for a while and said, "I… had a daughter once… You look just like her… You have the same faces…"

The girl opened her eyes wide while staring at Xiao Mufei.

Xiao Mufei made a long sigh and turned his face over but didn't stop pouring the energy into the girl's body. He was healing the girl with full effort.

"I came here… because I failed the mission last time… I was sent over to lit the landmines. These landmines can only be lit in a short distance. There are thousands of them over there. If I lit the landmine, I won't be able to survive… So I fled…"

The girl spoke weakly, "I don't want to die… I want to live… I want a happy and leisure life…"

Xiao Mufei took a deep breath and said, "Your associates started to hunt you down?"

The girl smiled bitterly, "Yes… I didn't know I would meet you again… I just want to get away. I didn't particularly come here to warn you… But I saw you. I know I have to tell you that. You are the only person in the world who truly cares for me… even though you know you are my target…"

Xiao Mufei closed his eyes. He looked struggling. "I know. I understand. Nobody wants to die."

The girl looked ashamed and guilty. "Sorry. I…"

A shadow flashed over. Zhan Yunfei had suddenly showed up beside them already. He spoke blandly, "She is not dying."

Xiao Mufei said, "I know. But she is still too weak. There are too many wounds on her. She is damaged from inside too…"

Zhan Yunfei looked weird on the face. He stood with his hands behind the back and asked blandly, "Lady, I am grateful that you told us about the landmines. I have to know where you are from and whom you learn your martial art from? Besides… I need to know everything about the organization behind you."

He sounded arrogant and proud. It seemed irresistible.

He sounded as if he would definitely get the answer as long as he asked for it. He believed the girl would tell him everything.

Ye Xiao frowned.