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Chapter 796: Be My Daughter!

Chapter 796: Be My Daughter!
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"I don't remember… I don't remember anything… I don't know my name…" The girl looked so sad. "The only thing I can remember is that I was begging on the street. After that, I was in the valley. They said my name was Rongrong… I don't know what is my real name…"

The girl sobbed with tears.

"You lived there for so many years. Do you have a title that distinguishes you from other girls? A title that only represents you!" Ye Xiao asked another important question.

The girl looked confused and then she said, "Yes, I do. I have a number. It is… Seventy-nine thousand five hundred ninety-six!"

Seventy-nine thousand five hundred ninety-six!

That number shocked Zhan Yunfei! His pupils shrank!

It was too huge a number!

Ye Xiao conjectured a flurry image of the entire organization, yet he was still shocked by the number.

"Then, among those people that you know in that place, is there anybody that looks alike to him?" Ye Xiao pointed at Zhan Yunfei.

Zhan Yunfei was speechless. Then he interrupted, "I don't have kids!"

The girl looked at Zhan Yunfei and shook her head slowly. "No, there isn't."

Ye Xiao answered with 'hmm' and said, "I am done. Elder, do you have any other questions?"

He looked at Zhan Yunfei.

Zhan Yunfei wanted to say something but only sighed. He said, "You have asked over twenty important questions that I didn't think of. That's enough…"

He sounded sad.

He looked at Ye Xiao and unwillingly spoke a few words, "The younger generation will surpass the older indeed!"

Then he took a big step ahead to the girl and asked arrogantly, "Girl, do you have any other place to go?"

"No. They will find me no matter where I go…" The girl feared Zhan Yunfei from the bottom of her heart.

[This man is like an ice sculpture in human shape. He is full of cold murderous qi that keeps people away.]

"Do you have any relatives?" Zhan Yunfei asked fiercely.


"Are you afraid?" Zhan Yunfei continued.

"I…" The girl was trembling.

"Are you scared?" Zhan Yunfei said.

"I…" Her teeth were trembling.

"I can arrange somewhere for you to stay. You can live a peaceful life. Nobody will find you. How about that?" Zhan Yunfei smiled.

For the girl, it was like a smile on a demon's face.

That hawk nose scared her so much…

What he said should be such a beautiful song to her, but in her ears, it was horrible like the whisper of devils!

Ye Xiao didn't understand. [Does he know how to smile? It is fine that you don't know how to smile, or your smile is ugly, terrible, terrifying, but you smile like that… It is wrong to scare people!]

"I… Where… Where can I go…" Her teeth kept trembling. She couldn't even say a complete sentence. Her face was pale because she was injured. It was getting worse because she was scared by Zhan Yunfei.

"You came to kill him. He nearly died because of you…" Zhan Yunfei pointed at Xiao Mufei and said, "You owe him. He had been living a vagabond life since he was a kid. Luckily, he had a wife. But she was killed a few years after they got married, leaving a five years old daughter. His daughter was killed when she was eighteen."

"Ah?" The girl was shocked. She looked at Xiao Mufei with regret and sympathy in the eyes. She didn't know that this man had been through such a miserable life, and she nearly killed him with poison.

"Now that you have nowhere else to go, like you said earlier, they will find you no matter where you go. Maybe they will kill you immediately when they find you."

Zhan Yunfei said confidently, "I guess you know why he is so nice to you now. Heavens bless you with a face that looks like his daughter. That is destiny that brings you two together. From now on, you just stay with him, be his daughter. Your name remains Rongrong. A lonely old man and a solitary daughter. It is perfect."

"Ah?" The girl raised her head while looking at Zhan Yunfei. She was shocked.

Zhan Yunfei spoke in a terrifying voice, "What? You don't want to?"

It should be such a good idea for both Xiao Mufei and the girl. However, Zhan Yunfei made it sound like forcing a young girl to prostitute herself.

The girl slowly turned her head to look at Xiao Mufei. She was a bit shy and worried. There was a complex expression on her face. She seemed longing for something… [Am I… Am I going to have a home? A father?]

Xiao Mufei couldn't believe what was happening though. He wasn't quite sure about what he wanted yet. He was excited. He wanted to say something but just coughed.

His cough was shaking. Finally, he asked, "Well… Girl, do you… want to be my daughter? Do you want me to be your father?"

The girl was shaking. Tears filled her eyes. She felt extremely happy from the bottom of her heart. She spoke in a shaking voice, "Do… Do you truly forgive me… Do you…"

With tears in Xiao Mufei's eyes, he smiled in a clumsy way. He nodded heavily.

The girl struggled and got up, and then she kneeled in front of Xiao Mufei. She kowtowed to him sincerely and solemnly. It looked sacred and serious. Her body was shaking, but she tried not to. Tears dropped down from her eyes. "Father!"

Xiao Mufei laughed loudly with tears on his face. He held Rongrong up and said, "Good girl… Come on, get up… You and me… We stay with each other in Qing-Yun Realm from now on!"

"Your family name is Xiao. Your full name is Xiao Rongrong… Rongrong…" Xiao Mufei's voice was shaking. "My good kid…"

"Father…" The girl felt the sincere concern from Xiao Mufei. She couldn't help holding him in the arms and crying out with tears.

[From now on, I have a family.]

[I have a home.]

[I have a father.]

[It feels so good.]

[This is the first time to call somebody father. I have dream about my parents countless times in my life. I spoke the words 'father' and 'mother' so many times in the night…]

[There was never response.]

[Now there is.]

[This is family. This is father! I can feel it!]


Xiao Mufei was weeping. He spoke slowly, "You might live in danger for your entire life. From now on, I won't let you get hurt!"

"I will never… let anybody hurt you!"

It was a vow!

He spoke it even in a fierce way!

It felt like he was making a vow to his departed daughter too!