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Chapter 798: Gain And Loss!

Chapter 798: Gain And Loss!
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Ye Xiao was moved. This moment reminded him of Jun Yinglian. He made a few deep sighs too and spoke with sadness, "That's true… Everybody wants a life without pain and regret… However, life doesn't go as we want… As long as we are living, we have to move on. There will be lots of pain and troubles. There will be something we don't want happening in our lives. There will be full of regrets. When we turn over and look back to the past, finally, we realize how much we have already missed…

"Even when we finally wake up and realize it, there is no way to get back what we have lost, no matter how regretful we are…

"We have so many reasons and lots of sighs. The most ironic thing is… when we are right in the middle of a beautiful life we long for, we never cherish it, until it fades away… Life is full of choices, gains and losses…

"We kept getting things, but also losing those we had. You get this, so you lose that… When you lose what you had, you are still enjoying the happiness of getting the new. You won't realize that something extraordinarily beautiful in your life has vanished until it is too late."

"When you finally realize it and want to fix it, you can't, even if you sacrifice your life. At this moment, you find that what you have gotten is merely nothing… compared to what you have lost."

Ye Xiao looked at the leaves Zhan Yunfei was staring at too. He said, "Superior cultivators in the martial world, or solitary cultivators, or ordinary people… We are all the same.

"Ordinary people toil so hard to continue living. They are always busy to make a living. When they are young, they get married and fight for money and fame… However, when they finally get what they are chasing, looking back to the people besides them, their wives had become ugly old women… Some already died…

"Only when that moment comes do they realize the wealth, fame and achievements they gain, can never buy them their youth, and their beloved ones. They can't even buy one day with their beloved ones…

"They frown when they are just living the most beautiful lives they can ever have in their lives, because they are worrying about the money, fame and their position in the world…"

"Maybe the leaves are the luckiest creature in the world." Ye Xiao looked at the leaves, which were shining with golden glow because of the setting sun. He said, "From a baby tree to a big tree, from light green to dark green, till it become withered and fall to the ground turning into dirt... they barely feel anything. They have no emotions. They face wind, snow and rain… They never feel pain…"


Ye Xiao made a long sigh to end the talk.

He was still lost in thoughts.

Zhan Yunfei had been listening to him quietly since Ye Xiao started to talk. He was surprised. The more Ye Xiao talked, the more the expression on Zhan Yunfei's face changed.

Approval, sadness, regret, lost, despair…

Ye Xiao's words seemed to reflect Zhan Yunfei's life. Zhan Yunfei was moved, as if he relived his life. At the moment, there was only grief on his face. He might cry out with tears at any second!

After a while, Zhan Yunfei said, "You are not a leaf. How do you know the leaf has no feelings?

"How do you know whether it feels scared when the storm rolls on it from the day it grew upon the earth?

"When a leaf was just a bud, it had no veins, or maybe it had veins but we couldn't see it. However, the bitter experience in its life makes it grow stronger and stronger, bringing more and more veins in it. It strongly connects to the tree, so as to protect itself from the storms…

"Even a leaf has lots of toughness in its life."

Zhan Yunfei calmed down a bit after speaking about this. He smiled. "However, you are right. In the martial world, sometimes a person's life has less value than a leaf.

"At least this leaf has two people caring about it right now. If it knows this, it must feel honored. However, in the martial world, when one is killed… others will only feel relieved… even gloating!

"What a dead man could leave to the world is just a lesson. That is all…"

Zhan Yunfei made a long sigh. He took a deep breath, as if he exhaling all the depression in his chest away.

It didn't only exhale out the negative emotions in his heart, but actually made a whirlwind like a long dragon blowing to the forest. The leaves on the trees were all falling off.

There was no leaf on the trees anymore.

Including the leaf he had been looking at earlier.

Life was unpredictable. Life was changing. Because of this conversation, all those leaves were blown off the trees and fell to the ground. Nothing survived!

The next moment, Zhan Yunfei turned around to look at Ye Xiao. He spoke seriously, "I never thought a young man like you could have such a deep understanding of life. Have you been through too much in the realm you were born?"

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly. "Like I said, people know many things, but they will still regret and sigh. It doesn't matter how old or how young I am. What matters is… how much did I come through in my life.

"Some people understand many things just in minutes!

"Some people are living so happily even though they are hundreds years old. They are still pure and young in their hearts. Because they haven't encountered any suffering yet…

"I… I may look young, but I am from a lower realm after all. I have been through a lot to ascend to this realm." Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "I am weak in cultivation indeed. Maybe I am just like an ant in this realm, however, I was once like a king in the realm I come from. I was once on top of the entire world looking down upon everything else. I was invincible."