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Chapter 799: What Do You See?

Chapter 799: What Do You See?
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"To get such an achievement in my age, how many fights, how many deaths, how many things should one get through… Nobody else can feel what I feel. Only those who lived in it understand it."

Zhan Yunfei stayed silent for a while and then said, "You are right. I forgot that you are not a native here. You are from the lower realm.

"That's right. You are young, yet you have ascended from the lower realm to Qing-Yun Realm. You must be talented, firm and persistent. You must have been through lots of troubles that nobody could imagine…"

"That's why you can think of those questions to ask that girl." Zhan Yunfei rolled his eyes. His eyes glowed in sharp lights. He said, "Well, Ye Chongxiao, what conclusion do you have after she answered all your questions?"

Ye Xiao thought for a while carefully in the heart. He said, "Elder Zhan, the answers to my questions earlier only scared me."


"This is so horrible. I don't even have the courage to dig deeper!"

"Really? How so?" Zhan Yunfei looked solemn.

"Think about it. That girl said that there were a few girls who looked just like her… They were weeded out… We know what that means. In other words, it shows us that she is the one that looks like Xiao Mufei's daughter the most. She is the best.

"What they want from the girl is the death of Xiao Mufei. Nothing else, nothing more!

"There are lots of people they have that are just like this girl. Think about her number. Seventy-nine thousand five hundred ninety-six. There are at least nearly a hundred thousand assassins like her!"

"Each assassin had one particular target! All those assassins are designed to kill a particular person."

"They raise the kids since they were little. They might look like somebody's wife, daughter, son or closest disciple… They could be anybody."

"I reckon they all have the same mission in their lives. They must replace the ones they look like. It would be less effective if their simulated objects are alive after all. They might get strongly resisted if they tried to show up as somebody else."

"As long as they have a good assassin to replace somebody in the world, the real person must be missing… Only when they are gone can the assassins show up to get on the mission."

What Ye Xiao said seemed reasonable, but it was unclear and confusing.

The simulated object, the assassin, the target, this person, that person…

However, Zhan Yunfei was carefully listening. He actually understood it. He nodded and praised, "Impressive. Please go on."

"Take this assassination against Elder Xiao as an example. Everybody held great suspicion on the wrecked carriage, dying old man and weeping girl, except Elder Xiao. It was obviously a trap. However, Elder Xiao didn't care. He stepped in it anyway. Everyone else felt it unbelievable. Elder Xiao is such an experienced man. How could he not see the trick behind all that!

"In fact, Elder Xiao knew it was a trap for the first sight. I was right on Elder Xiao's side. At first, he was calm and steady. What he thought was to send somebody to kill the stupid assassins. However…

"The name Rongrong… It broke Elder Xiao's heart. It touched the softest part of his heart. Even though he knew it was a trap, the girl was an assassin and she had nothing to do with his daughter, just had the same name and a similar face, he still fell into it. The girl looked just like his daughter. That was all he cares!

"What happened after that was simple. Elder Xiao got hit. I had something that could luckily deal with that Nine Destination Dark. Otherwise, Elder Xiao should be dead. It was a perfect assassination to kill Elder Xiao.

"After he was hit, he still asked others to let that girl leave. He even gave that girl so many things so that she could live a peaceful life in the future. He was kind. However, it showed a terrifying truth about that assassination organization. No matter how powerful their target was, they would succeed!

"That was why they would spend so much resources and time to raise these assassins. They use the soft parts of people's hearts, they use the people's deep emotions to kill them! It is such an unsolvable, dangerous, and deadly assassination! It uses the weakness of humanity!"

"There is actually such an assassination organization in the world. It is horrible. They are patient and rich. What they do is unbelievable but efficient. They must have some evil plan!

"The other thing about this organization I care about is the massive scale of it!

"They have over a hundred thousand assassins!"

"How many people they need to train and raise so many assassins?" Ye Xiao said, "That is unbelievably large!"

"The assassins they are training are all designed to kill particular people. Those people must be famous figures in the realm. It is not an easy thing to investigate the background of all the famous figures in the world. It is easy to draw the targeted people's attention. Those men were all strong figures. They were normally hundreds of times more cautious than normal people. What we are talking here is an intelligence network based on a hundred thousand people!

"There must be a huge intelligence force behind this organization. It must be bigger, stronger and better! This intelligence network must be covering the entire martial world, even the entire realm!"