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Chapter 800: Terrifying!

Chapter 800: Terrifying!
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Zhan Yunfei took a deep breath. He nodded to agree at what Ye Xiao just said.

"Why don't we make a further conjecture. Did somebody kill Elder Xiao's daughter on purpose? Did these people kill his daughter?

"If we go along this conclusion… Well… These people… This giant organization… In order to make a perfect chance for their assassins to show up, they need more people to kill those simulated objects in advance. They create tragedy… so as to create a weak point in those strong figures heart.

"That is the only way they can make their assassins play a perfect role in the assassination.

"That means they have a totally hidden assassination group."

"On the other side, they need more people to cooperate with the assassins they are training. That old man is an example. In fact, he triggered the entire assassination. If he didn't call the girl 'Rongrong' loudly, Elder Xiao might not notice her. They might both get killed by the others before they had the chance to get close to Elder Xiao. This old man also played an important role. He was also a good cultivator!"

Zhan Yunfei nodded. He looked terrible.

"So, there are over a hundred thousand simulating assassins, a strong assassination group, and a great intelligence network. All these made a perfect assassination success!

"To raise and train the one hundred thousand people, they must have a huge amount of manpower, a huge place to live, lots of food to eat, countless materials to improve their martial arts. That is an enormous expense… There must be over two hundred thousand people in those valleys.

"Besides, there must be over two hundred thousand people working in the intelligence network. Otherwise, it couldn't cover it so widely.

"The hidden assassination group must have over a hundred thousand people.

"So, what we are talking about is a mysterious force that may have over a million people!"

"It is a great expense to keep everything running every day." Ye Xiao said, "So they must have a way to make money and get resources."

"I am new to this world, but I know something about this world. In Qing-Yun Realm, a normal person needs only gold and silver to exchange goods in the market. It is not so difficult to get gold and silver. However… to get materials for cultivation, one must have spiritual stones.

"So, this huge organization must have a great business in the world, that can earn enough money for their daily expense.

"They need a way to get the materials. Channels of resources are always held by some special forces. These forces may not be very powerful, but they are good at obtaining resources.

"These are not enough for such a big organization though. Such organization must have enormous ambition.

"If they accidentally mess with some super powerful cultivator, one particular powerful cultivator can wipe them out at once. That is why they must have a marvelous martial power as their protection."

"In this world, I guess not many sects can do such a great thing." Ye Xiao said, "One person, two great halls, three palaces and seven sects. One of these people."

"There are no other people who can build up and maintain such a great organization and ambition!"

"To put it frankly, the other sects are not qualified!"

Ye Xiao took a long breath. "According to what we know now, I am sure they have already made many tragic cases. They must have killed many people, who were families, friends, disciples, associates of some influential figures…"

As Ye Xiao spoke to this point, Zhan Yunfei's face twitched painfully, as if he was grabbed tightly on the heart. He looked painful and terrible.

"Moreover, they are targeting the elites of the sects. That means what they want is never just money. They kill for some great purpose… I can think of one great purpose. To conquer the entire Qing-Yun Realm!"

Ye Xiao finally made a conclusion.

"They have controlled roughly seventy percent of the influential figures' weak points in the heart. At least seventy percent. No matter how vicious and brutal those men are, they are still too weak to kill their own children…

"That is the key to that organization's success!

"Once they set up traps like they did to Elder Xiao over the entire realm, Qing-Yun Realm will definitely fall into chaos and blood!"

"At that moment, lots of the cultivators who should be difficult to defeat will fall for different reasons…

"After these figures fall, somebody will take their place to become the controlling league of the realm…" Ye Xiao said, "Like Cold Moon Palace, if all the Dao Origin Stage cultivators in our sect die one day… what next? Those who survive, what will they think of it? Everybody lives in fear. People may get killed by their most beloved ones. Who can they trust?"

Zhan Yunfei gritted his teeth and said, "If that happens one day, some vile people will swallow everything we built! We will fall into perdition!"

"Yes. I guess that is what they want." Ye Xiao took a long breath out. "That's why I said when I heard her answers, I only felt scared.

"This is the most vicious, ambitious, terrible, scary, cruel, and cold-blooded plan I have ever heard in my life!"

Ye Xiao spoke word by word, "Everything is well planned. One after another, step by step. This is the most vicious plan in the history! The most terrifying!"