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Chapter 801: A Huge Conspiracy!

Chapter 801: A Huge Conspiracy!
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"However, we have to admit that not even one sect in the hundreds of thousands years history has ever controlled the entire Qing-Yun Realm. If this organization goes on what they are planning and the powerful sects in the world didn't have time to prepare for this, we may all get destroyed. Once all the powerful sects are utterly weakened, that secret organization will easily conquer the entire realm. It is just a matter of time. They are moving forward to a position that no one ever achieved in the history. Under the firmament, in this realm, who can stop them?"

Zhan Yunfei's face was dark. He didn't say anything. After a while, he suddenly made a palm strike.

The grudge that filled his chest had to be vent out. He made a palm strike with full power.

Suddenly, it made a big sound of explosion, as if a thunder struck down from the sky. An area of forest which was ten miles wide was suddenly swept out. Countless big trees became ashes flying away in the air!

There was a ten meters deep long fissure appeared on the ground! That was shocking!

"If I find out which fxcking organization it is, I will destroy it thoroughly. I will kill every living thing without mercy!" Zhan Yunfei gritted his teeth. His cheeks plumped up a bit as he fiercely shouted, "No mercy!"

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "They are going on an enormous plan. No matter how careful they try to be, they will leak traces of it. Besides, we have already found one. We can go along the trace we have now and dig deep to the source.

"In fact, there are just a few people who have the power to do this.

"We were blinded. We were fighting enemies in the dark. That's why it was hard to figure it out. Now we finally sensed it and we have a rough image of their entire plan. Our enemy is exposed to the light now. The only thing we should do is to secretly investigate until we finally figure everything out.

"After all, that is not just a work of somebody ordinary.

"It is not just ordinarily vicious and vile.

"I have just stayed in this realm for a few days. I just know a little about the twelve great forces in this world. I wonder which force has the similar style of doing things. Elder Zhan, you should have something in your mind. Maybe it doesn't lead you to some specific conclusion yet, but as time goes by, you will get to it."

Ye Xiao spoke word by word.

Zhan Yunfei's eyes lit up as he said, "That's right! You are right!"

"However, we have to return to the sect and report this to the Primary Master and the Greatest Elder first," Zhan Yunfei spoke fiercely. "We can't do it alone. Chongxiao, from now on, you have to keep all this in mind. Never tell anybody about it, unless those in charge of our sect ask you. Otherwise, I am afraid you will get yourself killed."

Ye Xiao nodded and said, "Yes, I won't."

Even if Zhan Yunfei didn't warn him, he would never do that. He was not a fool!

Such a great conspiracy concerned all the powerful forces in the world. He was one of weakest in this realm. If he got involved, he would get himself smashed into ashes at any second.

Even Zhan Yunfei had to be extremely cautious. If he investigated this overtly, he would die soon in silence.

Ye Xiao was sure about that.

Luckily, even though Zhan Yunfei was arrogant like hell, he knew his real position in the world. He knew this was something beyond his power. He had to discuss this with the people in charge of the sect. He was sober…

When they both walked back from the forest, Ye Xiao was showing a gloomy face, while Zhan Yunfei was showing a solemn one.

Ye Xiao was thinking, [Such a huge conspiracy must have been there for more than two years. I left Qing-Yun Realm just over one year ago.]

[I traveled this world in the previous life, yet I have never noticed any trace of this!]

[I was that powerful, yet I felt nothing of it… This organization is obviously rigorous… Other than that, does this organization have anything to do with my death too?]

They walked back to the crowd and saw the girl standing up already. She looked happy, with a smile on the face. She seemed like another person now.

The others congratulated her with kind words and she responded politely with a smile.

Zhan Yunfei saw the warm and happy smile on Xiao Mufei's face. He was lost in thoughts.

He felt it reckless to make this thing happen though. Maybe he should seriously think about this for a second time earlier.

The enemy was such a big organization, with such great plans, vicious like hell, doing great in using the weak points of humanity. How could they allow a girl like her to go over to their enemy?

What if this was a part of their more vicious plan?

What if this was what they were planning on Xiao Mufei? Were they using Xiao Mufei's kindness?

Even if Rongrong did luckily get away from that organization and actually treated Xiao Mufei as her father with her full heart, how would the organization let her do this?

Maybe… after this, they wouldn't give up hunting Rongrong down until she was dead.

Zhan Yunfei knew about Xiao Mufei clearly. After Xiao Mufei's daughter died, he was totally broken, as if he was ten years older in one night!

He should be a rising star of the sect back then, but because of his loss, he fell.

He hadn't improved a bit at all. Instead, he had become weaker in the recent years.

Now he had a bright hope. This girl must be the last light in Xiao Mufei's life…

What if… this girl didn't really treat Xiao Mufei with sincerity… what if she got killed at the end…

If that tragically happened, Xiao Mufei would definitely fall to the bottom of desperation. His life would be hopeless and he would become like a walking dead!

The enemy was such a great organization. They had countless assassins and powerful cultivators. They wouldn't allow Xiao Rongrong to live! They wouldn't want their secret to be revealed! Xiao Rongrong was a Dream Origin Stage cultivator. To kill her, it would only take a flick of a finger…

If the organization truly wanted to kill her… even the entire Cold Moon Palace wouldn't be able to save her!