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Chapter 802: Sky Thunder Landmines!

Chapter 802: Sky Thunder Landmines!
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Looking at Xiao Mufei, who had never laughed so happily for so many years and was now full of joy and happiness with love in the eyes as a father… Zhan Yunfei didn't know what to say.

What could he say anyway?

How dare him?

He couldn't and didn't dare to break such a harmonious scene—the happiest moment in Xiao Mufei's entire life!

He had to keep his face stiff as he spoke in a deep voice, "Congratulation."

He then took out a space ring as a gift to Xiao Mufei. Nobody knew what was inside the ring, not even Zhan Yunfei himself. He was totally blank at the moment. He didn't know what he was doing.

The only thing he still knew and felt was how insincere he was at the moment.

Luckily, he still sounded the same as how he usually spoke to others. Although he might be a bit colder, he still said something nice. Besides, he gave a space ring as a gift already. Nobody noticed anything wrong about him at all. Except for Ye Xiao, nobody heard the helplessness behind his 'congratulation'.

It seemed he was watching something tragic happening, yet he couldn't stop it. It might burst into tragedy the next minute or the next day… He didn't know. He couldn't stop it.

What hurt him the most was that… he made all this happen…

Ye Xiao felt pity for Zhan Yunfei.

He was having sympathy for this man, one of his biggest enemies in the previous life.

He actually didn't think he was a vile and accursed person anymore. Was an accursed person always a piteous person too?

"There. There are Sky Thunders buried in the ground over there."

Rongrong pointed at somewhere in the front after leading the crowd dozens of miles ahead.

It was a valley with mountains on two sides.

It was such a dangerous place.

If they walked into it unprepared and triggered the landmines, the explosion would make the mountains collapse. Most of them would die there, only a few could survive.

Ye Chongxiao, the weakest in the crowd would definitely die!

Zhan Yunfei frowned. He looked at that place and then looked around. He humphed and said, "Just a little trick! Wait here! I'll take care of it!"

Then he jumped and disappeared.

About an hour later, he was back.

He came back boldly, with his white clothes flying in the air. He seemed casual and enjoying.

He didn't do this just to show off though. He waved a hand and some big buckets showed up. The buckets flew to the sky and cracked. There was something inside the buckets and it was pouring out…

That was kerosene!

Zhan Yunfei threw out those buckets. There were thousands of them. Nobody knew where he got them from. He looked like an expert in playing fire. The entire valley was covered by kerosene after a while.

Far away in the valley, somebody exclaimed because of the kerosene.

Zhan Yunfei laughed coldly. He waved his hand and there went out a fire, shooting to the valley like a fire dragon!

It was just like a dragon The fire was about a hundred meters long and a few meters wide. It was like a fire dragon flying over to the valley. It lit up everything and created a sea of flames. After seconds, flames covered hundreds of miles.

They looked to the valley and saw a few people awkwardly running away.

Zhan Yunfei held his two arms on the chest, staring at them with a cold face.

The next moment!

- Boom! Boom, boom, boom… -

A series of explosion burst with huge sounds.

The next moment, the sounds were getting louder. That must be the explosion of the Sky Thunder landmines. The flames triggered the landmines!

- Boom! -

A mushroom cloud appeared and rushed up to the sky!

At this moment, they saw a man getting bombed up by the cloud rushing up to the sky… What a marvelous experience for that man!

The mushroom cloud was still a cloud, but not as normal as the clouds in the sky!

Nobody felt Zhan Yunfei moving, but he suddenly appeared in the sky. He rushed up to the sky in the heat of the flames. He grabbed that man with his two hands as if he was catching a chicken.

"Pah!" He then threw him out.

When Zhan Yunfei saw that man, he thought it must be a superior cultivator. He thought that man was using the power of the rushing mushroom cloud to get away. Zhan Yunfei tried to be careful when he was about to grab that man as he was about to fight a powerful enemy. However, when he grabbed that man, he realized the latter was not even close to powerful. This man was just an unlucky dude who accidentally got bombed up by the cloud and was already roasted by the heat. Zhan Yunfei only touched the roasted flesh on that man's bones.

He was disgusted. That was such an extraordinary experience for him too!

The next moment, he started to fly around up in the air above the flames.

He was like a hawk flying in the sky. His eyes were like the eyes of a hawk, sharp, staring at the valley.

Whoever ever attempted to get away from the flames, he would see him.

The flames were rolling up on the ground. It was reaching about a hundred meters high. The smoke and heat were rushing up. However, he didn't seem like feeling it. He just kept staying in the sky.

He knew there must be enemies hiding down there.

They must have sent more than just a few stupid guys to do this.

There must be a leader.

The leader must be a powerful figure.

It must be somebody rather powerful, as he could hide in such a big fire for so long!

However, no matter how powerful he was, as long as the fire continued, he would give up and show himself. Even people who has reached the top of Dao Origin Stage couldn't stay calm and safe in such fire.