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Chapter 803: Wings in the Sky!

Chapter 803: Wings in the Sky!
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Zhan Yunfei was still flying in the sky, looking around.

He was waiting for those people. He believed those people would flee away if he looked away or got down to rest. He wouldn't let go off such a chance to catch them.

He stayed in the sky observing, with a flow of spiritual qi in the body. He didn't want to miss any traces.

However, even a real hawk would get tired flying in the sky for such a long time.

After a while, he felt tired.

He started to fly lower.

As he expected, there were eyes in the flames watching him.

They were watching him! They didn't want to miss any possible chance to get away!

As long as Zhan Yunfei got down to the ground, he would lose sight of them. They would rush out and flee away immediately. The fire was scorching them, but they had to bear it.

At the moment, it was a competition of endurance.

There were two possible results. One, Zhan Yunfei would be exhausted and would go down to the ground. Those people would seize the opportunity and flee away. Two, they couldn't endure the scorching fire anymore and finally show themselves.

There was a big difference between the two sides though. If Zhan Yunfei couldn't hold it anymore, he would just get down and have a rest, giving those people a chance to get away.

However, if they couldn't stand the scorching fire anymore, they would either be killed or be burned!

That was why they were still enduring the heat and hiding down there.

In fact, these people were unlucky. What they needed to do was just to kill a lucky guy who had just come to this world. Their biggest enemy should be Xiao Mufei, but Xiao Mufei was badly injured in the previous fights. It should be easy for them to finish the job!

However, unexpectedly, Cold Moon Palace actually sent their men over so quickly. They had never thought they would have to face Zhan Yunfei.

They definitely couldn't compare with Zhan Yunfei!

If they were caught by Zhan Yunfei, it would be even worse than death.

They would never be able to keep any secrets from him.

Nobody could keep a secret under Zhan Yunfei's torture.

Finally, Zhan Yunfei was exhausted. He was getting down. Those people were pleased. They couldn't make any sound, otherwise, they would cheer up loud. All they needed was just a second. For these people, one second was long enough to do many things! They could very possibly get away within one second!

However, at this moment, something flew up to the sky.

Two stones!

The stones were in regular size, as big as a fist. They were flying up hundreds of meters high aiming at Zhan Yunfei.

Precisely, they were flying toward Zhan Yunfei's feet!

The two stones were not very big, but they were so important for Zhan Yunfei at the moment. He had been staying in the sky because a flow of spiritual qi was operating in his body. He was consuming his energy so fast. He was running out of power at the moment. He had to get down to the floor and took a rest before he could fly up again. He had to hold another flow of spiritual qi in the body.

However, he was in the air. There was nothing he could step on. There were trees though, but that was too far away! He couldn't reach the trees!

Zhan Yunfei was about to give it up, unexpectedly, he found two stones flying up to him.

The stones were flying to his feet.

He was thrilled. He changed his posture and firmly stepped on the two stones. He took a deep breath out and exhaled his spiritual qi. And then he inhaled to form another flow of spiritual qi. He felt totally refreshed in the chest!

The two stones didn't fall back down after being stepped by Zhan Yunfei. They continued flying up. Apparently, whoever threw the stones must have done it in full power.

The stones held Zhan Yunfei for a second and went on flying up over a dozen meters.

As the stones were about to fall down, Zhan Yunfei slightly stepped on the stones. The stones suddenly fell to the floor rapidly like shooting stars. Zhan Yunfei flew up high again like a hawk in the sky.

He was flying around again.

His sharp eyes were observing everything down in the flames.

Zhan Yunfei could stay in the air for a whole day as long as somebody kept throwing the stones for him like this.

His people would definitely continue without hesitation.

Everybody saw this. It wouldn't be a problem for any of them to help Zhan Yunfei!

The difficulty of all this was to figure out such a method!

In fact, the flying stones were really going on a perfect route and whoever threw the stones wasn't really powerful enough. To lift a person up only a dozen meters high, that was weak!

Xiao Mufei and the others had held stones in their hands after watching how the stones helped Zhan Yunfei.

The enemies hiding in the flames sighed with despair.

There was no hope for them now.

Zhan Yunfei shouted in the sky, "Bastards, what are you going to do now? Come out and surrender! I will spare your pathetic lives!"

It was done. If those people didn't want to be burned to death, they would have to be caught by Zhan Yunfei. There was no other choice.

Ye Xiao shook his head. If he hadn't experience the life down in the Land of Han-Yang, if he hadn't fought Master Bai, hadn't worked with Zu Wuji, if he didn't know those people who had brilliant wit, if he didn't know how cruel the assassins' lives could be and how they could be cruel to themselves, he might as well believe those people had only two choices, to be burned or to be caught!

In fact, they did have a third option. They might not have to be burned, or to be caught by Zhan Yunfei!

The option…

In the flames, an old man sighed with sorrow on the face. Suddenly, he reached out his hand like lightning!

He wasn't going to attack Zhan Yunfei though. He was going to kill his six underlings!