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Chapter 804: Broken Clue!

Chapter 804: Broken Clue!
Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

- Pah, pah, pah… -

Six sounds. Six men were slapped by their leader on the faces. Their heads were entirely smashed and became unrecognizable. They didn't even have time to exclaim. Six men died.

"Don't worry. I won't live on in degradation by myself. Let us go to hell together! I can't let the great plan be ruined in our hands. I won't give anybody any chance to leak anything about the great plan, not even myself!" the old man murmured. He then destroyed everything on the six men. He destroyed all the space rings.

The next moment, he broke everything he had, including his weapon, which had been with him for so many years!

After that, he still couldn't stop worrying, so he smashed the dead bodies of his underlings and threw them all into the fire. He just couldn't leave anything to Zhan Yunfei.

It took him seconds to do all these, but it still exposed him already. When he killed the six underlings, when he broke the space rings, there would radiate strange energy flows. Zhan Yunfei noticed it.

As soon as he noticed it, he shouted and flew over to the old man, holding his sword in the hand like a rainbow! He was staring at the old man fiercely.

The old man showed a wan smile and said, "Zhan Yunfei. Impressive. Good endurance. Good plan. What a shame you are never going to find out who we are! You are wasting your time!"

And then he focused his full power on his palm and hit on his own face without hesitation!

That palm hit made a sound of thunderstrike. This old man was actually a Dao Origin Stage cultivator!

It was such a powerful strike. His entire body, including his head, was hit and turned into pieces.

His body immediately flowed to the floor like a pile of mud.

As Zhan Yunfei got to the old man, what he found was already an unrecognizable dead man.

He couldn't tell the old man's body type, not to mention the face.

The only unbroken part of his body was the arm with the hand he used to kill himself!

Zhan Yunfei humphed and waved his sword. The next moment, he was heading back with that arm on his sword!

Xiao Mufei was waiting for him to return.

Finally, there was a glow of a sword shining and a sound of thunder. Zhan Yunfei got on the floor fast.

- Pah! -

He threw the arm on the floor and said, "Guys, come and look at this. Let's all think about it. There may be some trace left on this arm. It could be… a birthmark or some mark that was only made by some special martial art."

The girl Rongrong exclaimed because of fear. She was an assassin indeed, but to kill Xiao Mufei was her first mission. She was not really qualified to be an assassin yet. How could she not be scared by a broken and bloody arm?

Xiao Mufei and the others started to look at the arm immediately. They kept turning it over and over, hoping to find something useful.

Zhan Yunfei walked to Ye Xiao and said, "Chongxiao, is it you? Did you throw the two stones?"

Ye Xiao was surprised. "How did you know? Did you also focus on our side too?"

"No. I didn't have time to… But… If somebody else threw the stones, it wouldn't be so weak. Besides, it would be bigger stones…"

"Elder Zhan, are you praising me or teasing me… What else do you want to say about it?"

"Of course I am praising you. Anyways, the others wouldn't figure out that idea. They can't outwit you even if they think together."

Ye Xiao was surprised. He rubbed his nose and asked, "How did you bring over so much kerosene? Where did you get it?"

Zhan Yunfei answered arrogantly, "I robbed a sect nearby. I got all their kerosene. Hmm. It was not enough, so I took their rapeseed oil too…"

Ye Xiao was shocked, "Did you pay for it?"

"Pay for it?" Zhan Yunfei was surprised as if Ye Xiao was joking. "Why should I?"

Then he casually walked away with two hands behind the back.

Ye Xiao was speechless.

He found that Zhan Yunfei was sometimes quite a funny guy.

They had a beautiful victory on this. However, there was no clue that leads to the secret organization. They had been checking on that broken arm for a long time, but nobody found anything useful. Zhan Yunfei took over the arm at the end. He decided to take it back to the sect. Maybe people in the sect could find something, although he knew it was very unlikely!

Nothing else happened next. They were in peace all the way back to the sect.

Nothing happened.

Ye Xiao felt unaccommodated already.

There was one thing not so good… Since Zhan Yunfei and his men arrived, it became impossible for Ye Xiao to leave this crowd…

Zhan Yunfei hadn't stop watching Ye Xiao till they reached the sect. He spent over twenty hours watching Ye Xiao in a day. He was so concentrated as if he was watching his most beloved lady. Ye Xiao didn't dare to say anything.

Could he say 'please stop watching me! It's scary!'

That would be a huge problem. Zhan Yunfei was watching him with his spiritual mind. How did Ye Chongxiao know a level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator was watching him with his spiritual mind?

That showed Zhan Yunfei how extraordinary Ye Xiao was!

Why was he so extraordinary then?

That would be a huge problem!

When they finally saw the gate of the sect, everybody sighed. "The sect did close the gate…"

Ye Xiao looked up to the mountain and saw only clouds and fog. There was nothing else. He just couldn't see it.

Before Ye Xiao said anything, Zhan Yunfei was leading everybody else into the cloud. They were actually walking on the cloud like they were on the ground. They were walking up higher and higher, but nothing changed. They were still surrounded by cloud, as if they were in the heavens.

Ye Xiao followed them ahead. He could feel his feet stepping on something firm. There was grass too. But he just couldn't see anything down under his feet.

The closed gate was invisible. It couldn't even be seen by spiritual mind!