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Chapter 805: Cold Moon Palace!

Chapter 805: Cold Moon Palace!
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"It is closed…" A disciple sighed. "Now I have this feeling. I feel it is better to get beaten up everyday inside than hanging outside the sect in the martial world…"

The other disciples all stayed silent and then sighed. It seemed it reminded them of something.

In the cloud, nobody saw their faces. However, everybody heard the sound of the tears dripping…

They had lost so many brothers out there…

Mountain gate closed…

Ye Xiao heard it and suddenly, an image of a humble and honest man showed up in his brain. That man was speaking, "When I first got into the sect, the mountain gate closed after I had cultivated half a year. Back then… I got beaten one hundred and seventy-six times in one day…"

Ye Xiao sighed.

[Fang Dalong.]

[I will avenge you!]

[I swear to heavens! I swear that I will avenge Fang Dalong! I will uproot that organization and wipe them out!]

A few disciples heard Ye Xiao's sigh. They started to comfort him. "Actually, the competition fights are not so terrible. Chongxiao, you are in the lowest league. You will definitely get beaten… But relax. We all will take care of you. Our brothers, they won't really beat you up that hard…"

"That's right. Don't be afraid. It is not a big deal. We just need to beat somebody or get beaten. That's all. If you get beaten, you will have a chance to beat somebody else. We believe you have a great talent. You will become the one who beat up everybody else someday…"

As they tried to comfort him, some started to gloat.

"I thought Chongxiao was lucky. It turns out the mountain gate closed this earlier than we thought… He hasn't officially become one of us yet, but the gate is closed…"

"He will get beaten three hundred times a day… I bet!"

"Pah! Nobody wants to bet against you. He will definitely get beaten up over three hundred times and break the record…"

"That's right. There is no doubt."

As they were talking and laughing, someone suddenly sighed. "It's a shame that Dalong and the others…"

Suddenly, everybody was silent.

"This is life!" The voice of Zhan Yunfei came over from inside the cloud. "Life is unpredictable. One kills or gets killed in the martial world. We all will end like them. Why are you still so sad? If you have the time to weep, you have the time to cultivate! If you get killed, that means you are weak! You die because you are weak, so you deserve to die! You don't want to be killed, then you should better work hard to be the one who kills! Simple!"

"We show our strength by living! One will only die for his weakness! You can complain how miserable your life is. Go ahead. But it is nonsense! If you can't understand this, you don't deserve to live in the martial world! Why don't you just marry a woman and have a kid in some shxt hole!"

Everybody just followed him silently. They all wanted to argue and speak something filthy!

They all thought Zhan Yunfei was too cold-blooded and vicious at the moment.

They really couldn't believe how he could say that.

However, Zhan Yunfei was a great cultivator in the sect. Nobody dared to challenge him. They had to bury the anger in their hearts and try not to reveal it.

Only Ye Xiao understood him. Zhan Yunfei was not a cold-blooded man. He knew that Zhan Yunfei just wanted these men to work harder instead of wasting time moaning…

However, no matter how nice Zhan Yunfei was, he always talked differently…

Ye Xiao thought, [Well, it seems he has a fantastic skill to naturally offend people and make people hate him. That is so… talented…]

[Anyway, I guess I am a member of Cold Moon Palace now. I don't think I can get away in a short time.]

[There is no other option…]

[I wonder whether this is a good start or not for me to begin my life in Qing-Yun Realm?]

[Anyway… I guess I can just wait and see. There is nothing else to expect now…]

They had walked half a day in the cloud. Ye Xiao could feel they were walking upward all along.

He was surprised. He never knew that Cold Moon Palace would be located so high.

As he remembered, it shouldn't be that high…

Finally, when he started to feel sour on the legs, he saw a bright light ahead of them.

Finally, they walked out the cloud.

What he saw was a huge archway!

There were three huge words on the archway, Cold Moon Palace!

It was shining in the sky.

Zhan Yunfei showed a cold face, with his hands behind the back. A disciple ran over to them and said, "Great Master Zhan, you are back!"

Zhan Yunfei truly was in a high position in Cold Moon Palace. Otherwise, he wouldn't be called Great Master.

Zhan Yunfei was calm. He led the others across the archway.

Behind them, the huge bell ring sounded. The disciple on duty rang the bell to inform the sect that Zhan Yunfei was back.

Ye Xiao used to be a great figure in Qing-Yun Realm in his previous life, but he never had a good connection to the great sects. He hadn't entered the seven great sects ever. This was his first time he stepped into one of the seven great sects!

The mountain in front of them was actually a huge hall. It looked like a huge crescent moon on a huge mountain.

There was a huge plaza in front of the hall.

As they stepped on the plaza, a middle-aged man walked over fast and saluted. He then spoke in a low voice, "Master Zhan, the grand elders and the Prime Master knew you are back. They have been waiting for you and Brother Chongxiao in the main hall."

Zhan Yunfei sighed and looked at Ye Xiao. He thought, [I guess I am not going to have this man as my personal disciple. They truly are not going to leave me any chance…]

[This is too obvious. The old wounded folks stopped hiding for secret cultivation anymore. They are waiting for the young man to arrive. Look at this, I am never going to win this competition.]

He was upset about it, so he said, "Do you think I am stupid that I need you to tell me what to do?"

That middle-aged man was surprised and stunned. He didn't know what to say next at all. [Should I just shut up?]

[Did he eat gunpowder or what?]

[I am just telling him what happened. Why did he have to scold me like this?]

However, he said, "No. I am sorry. Please, Master Zhan."

Zhan Yunfei rolled up his eyes and fiercely said, "Why do you have to say that nonsense. Do you think I will just stand here if you don't tell me to get in? You better do more than you talk!"