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Chapter 806: Never Offend Me!

Chapter 806: Never Offend Me!
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That middle-aged man didn't dare to say more.

"Mufei! Come with me."

"The others wait here."

Zhan Yunfei walked to the main hall with a dark face. Xiao Mufei followed.

After a while, that middle-aged man came out and spoke loudly, "Who is Ye Chongxiao?"

Ye Xiao stepped forward and said, "I am."

The middle-aged man looked at him. He seemed unhappy. He said, "You should answer 'Yes, master'!"

He must be really pissed by Zhan Yunfei back in the main hall, so he vented his grudge on Ye Xiao now.

Ye Xiao was shocked. "Well… I actually haven't joined the sect officially yet. I don't think it is appropriate to answer as a disciple!"

The middle-aged man was angry. "How dare you! You little bastard! You will suffer in the days to come! I promise!"

Ye Xiao felt wronged. He said, "I didn't do anything. I am just telling the truth…"

The man angrily said, "You are talking nonsense! What are you waiting for? Just come with me!"

Ye Xiao stayed calm and then answered in a cold voice, "I was going to follow you, but I am not now. Look at your face. I won't follow you in there."

The man was pissed. "What did you say? Do you dare not to come with me? Do you know the elders and the prime master are waiting for you now. How bodacious! You should be punished!"

Ye Xiao turned away and prepared to leave. "I think bodacious people like me is unqualified to be a disciple here. I am weak and lacking talent, and I misbehave. I will leave this place and join a small sect. It is satisfying enough to just have a place to spend the rest of my life."

Ye Xiao could never be wronged. [I am such a talented man now. People in your sect begged me to join them. Now you actually dare to mess with me…]

[I will never let you go easy with this.]

The middle-aged man was so angry that he didn't know what to say next.

He hurriedly tried to grab Ye Xiao's arm. People in the main hall were all waiting for Ye Chongxiao after all. He couldn't let the young man leave now!

At the moment, somebody in the hall shouted in fury, "Wang Yushu! What are you doing?"

It was severe.

It was Zhan Yunfei.

People in the main hall now were all leaders in Cold Moon Palace. The weakest of them was level seven of Dao Origin Stage. They all knew what was going on outside.

Ye Chongxiao was a talented disciple that they all wanted to recruit. He was the future of Cold Moon Palace. Zhan Yunfei and Xiao Mufei told them everything about Ye Chongxiao and they all believed he was the one they wanted.

Ye Chongxiao was not only talented, he also ate the inner core of Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. That meant he had ten thousand cultivation inside him. Besides, he was good at dan-making. His experience, personality, and views were all outstanding. Xiao Mufei was attacked and the girl who attacked them told something about a secret organization. Ye Chongxiao was so smart that he figured out many things about that organization!

How could Cold Moon Palace give up the chance to recruit such a brilliant disciple?

Wang Yushu was so stupid that he actually made trouble against Ye Chongxiao. Now Ye Chongxiao was leaving for other sects. The leaders were anxious!

They didn't want him to leave this sect. They didn't want him to hate this sect. They wanted him to love this sect. Zhan Yunfei wanted it the most!

The next moment, Zhan Yunfei flew out the main hall and slapped on Wang Yushu. Wang Yushu was slapped out dozens of meters away. His eyes, nose, ears, and mouth were all bleeding. That slapping attack wounded the inside of him. Zhan Yunfei didn't want to kill his own man, so he didn't do it in full power. Otherwise, Wang Yushu should be dead!

Zhan Yunfei fiercely said, "Bastard! Who do you think you are! You are nothing! All we want you to do is to watch the gate for the sect. Where the hell did you get that stupid pride from? You want to bully your brothers? You want to tease our people? I am going to beat you to death!"

He rushed over and kicked him hard.

Wang Yushu was kicked and flew up dozens of meters high. Zhan Yunfei jumped up and punched him fast in the air. He was cursing, "Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!…"

As he was shouting, he had punched seventeen times and kicked sixty times on Wang Yushu.

Surely, he didn't really try to do it seriously. Wang Yushu looked beaten up so hard but it was the first slapping attack which hurt him worst. If Zhan Yunfei truly punched him seriously, he should have died long ago…

Zhan Yunfei was totally pissed.

He had been planning such a long time to recruit such a brilliant disciple. Now that he finally brought the young man back to the sect, he himself couldn't take him as his personal disciple. That made him feel rather angry already.

Wang Yushu actually messed with the young man and nearly made the young man leave…

Zhan Yunfei was furious.

He absolutely wouldn't endure the anger this time!

"Stop!" Suddenly, a white-bearded old man showed up and shouted. He grabbed Wang Yushu and held him in arm. He looked at Wang Yushu and found him bleeding. Wang Yushu passed out, with a head swollen almost twice its original size. That was uglier than a pig head. The old man was angry. "Zhan Yunfei, how vicious! How dare you do this to my grandson."

Zhan Yunfei stood straight up and shouted, "I did! So what! What are you going to do? Say one more word and I will beat you too! I dare you!"

The old man was shaking because of anger. "You… Can't you be reasonable?"

Zhan Yunfei sneered, "Old bastard! Who would kindly be reasonable to you in this world?"

He didn't want to be reasonable. He could accuse Wang Yushu for wasting all the leaders' time in the main hall by messing with the talented disciple Ye Chongxiao. That would ruin Wang Yushu. However, Zhan Yunfei didn't want to say it.

He just beat him.

[I will beat you no matter it is reasonable or not. So what? What can you do?]

The white-bearded old man was so angry that he nearly passed out. He was shaking because of anger, yet he didn't dare to step any further.

The old man came to the sect earlier than Zhan Yunfei. However, he was weaker in cultivation than Zhan Yunfei. Zhan Yunfei was obviously being rude and unreasonable to him, but he could do nothing to respond.

"Are you done with the stupid game? Bring him in. What are you waiting for?" An august voice sounded from inside the main hall.

"Young man, come with me! Let's get in! We don't have to talk to fools. That lowers our standings!" Zhan Yunfei beckoned Ye Xiao. He looked so gentle and friendly all of a sudden. As he walked over that old man, he was murmuring, "Old bastard! Young bastard! … Two perfect bastards!"

"You!" The old man nearly spat out a full mouth of blood. "Zhan Yunfei, this is not done yet!"

Zhan Yunfei ignored him as if nobody said anything. He just strutted and led Ye Xiao into the main hall.