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Chapter 807: Moonlight Trial!

Chapter 807: Moonlight Trial!
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Zhan Yunfei and that old man disliked each other for thousands of years. They were brother disciples in the sect. They had been fighting each other since they were kids. None of them got killed. Zhan Yunfei didn't care about it. They had said thousand times worse words to each other before. He was used to it.

Ye Xiao followed Zhan Yunfei to the main hall. In the spacious hall, there were twenty chairs on both sides, left and right.

Up on the stairs, there was a big chair that was made of Purple Crystal Jade. Light went into the chair and it reflected back thousands of glows. A man was sitting on that chair. The chair made him look like a god, sitting in the clouds.

The man looked about forty years old. Three long strands of beard floated in front of his chest. He looked slim. His eyes were crystal and sharp. His staring seemed so shockingly powerful.

At the moment, he was staring at Ye Xiao.

He was exactly the Prime Master of Cold Moon Palace, a well-known superior cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm, Bright Sky Moon, Yue Changtian.

There were nine other men sitting on nine chairs which were closest to the Prime Master. They were all looking at Ye Xiao right now.

They were the nine grand elders in Cold Moon Palace.

Ye Xiao knew very well about these men, well, at least the six of them. Those six had joined the fight against him in his previous life. The six of them all showed a pale face at the moment. Apparently, they hadn't fully recovered from that fight yet.

The terrifying Xiao Monarch truly had caused a huge damage to these people.

On nine of the ten chairs that were further from the Prime Master, there sat nine people. They were the ten grand disciples of Cold Moon Palace! The ten grand disciples were the most powerful and influential disciples in the first generation.

Zhan Yunfei was the fourth.

He was wearing white. He looked calm. He was carefully clearing up his clothes at the moment.

Ten seats, but there were only nine of them. The outermost seat was empty. Apparently, it belonged to that white-bearded old man. The elder brother disciple of Zhan Yunfei, who got out to stop Zhan Yunfei earlier. He was Wang Yushu's grandfather.

He must have gone to cure his grandson at the moment.

Nineteen men were sitting in the hall. Thirty-six eyes were looking at Ye Xiao at the same time.

Wait? Nineteen men should have thirty-eight eyes…

Oh. Zhan Yunfei didn't look at Ye Xiao. Zhan Yunfei was sure that as long as this young man showed his talent and potential to these men, he wouldn't have the chance to have Ye Xiao as his personal disciple!

He knew he wouldn't stand a chance, so he decided not to waste the time.

"Are you Ye Chongxiao?" Yue Changtian asked.

His voice was gentle, but also solemn and powerful.


This Prime Master Yue didn't join that fight against Xiao Monarch in the previous life.

It was Ye Xiao's first time to see this man, the Prime Master of one of the three factions.

"He ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish? How lucky!" An old man opened his eyes wide.

"No wonder we don't see anything special on him." An old man nodded.

"We can't all go over and touch him, can we…" Another old man frowned.

Ye Xiao trembled. [All come over to touch me? A bunch of old guys touch me?]

[My heavens!]

[That is killing me!]

[I will kill myself!]

Yue Changtian sat in the main chair, watching the old men. He frowned and said, "Elders, be patient. Ye Chongxiao came to this world not long ago. He has such a great fortune. He is such a blessed man. I would love to do a Moonlight Trial on him, so as to see his talent and potential. What do you think?"

The old men all answered with a yes.

Yue Changtian looked at Ye Xiao and said, "Ye Chongxiao, take seven steps ahead."

Ye Xiao heard him. He didn't think it mattered, so he took seven steps toward Yue Changtian. When he just took the last step, he felt the world was spinning. Things changed in his sight all of a sudden.

The roof of the hall turned into a night sky full of stars. Everything else disappeared. What he could see was the sky full of stars and a bright moon in the sky.

A beam of moonlight shined upon him. The glow covered his entire body.

Ye Xiao's clothes, muscles and bones were all disappearing.

Only his Jing and Mai could be seen. So many purple lines were interweaving.

The next moment, one after another beam of star light shined on him rapidly. The star glow was rolling inside Ye Xiao's body.

The others didn't look surprised. They must have gotten used to this. What they did was to watch Ye Xiao with their wide opened eyes.

At the moment, suddenly, there was the sound of the clothes flicking the air. Three figures flew into the main hall and saw what was happening.

"Masters… Grandmasters…" The others all bowed to the three men who just entered. However, they didn't stop watching Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai.

The three old men, who all had white beard, waved their hands and didn't say anything. They were all looking at the Moonlight Trial.

At the moment, something strange showed up beside that beam of moonlight. It looked like a tower, however, it was only the lowest floor of a tower.

An old man murmured, "The tower of talent has shown the groundwork. This man is qualified to cultivate. Every cultivator should have such a potential. It is normal."

Tower of talent. Moonlight Trial.

It was the ultimate potential measuring method of Cold Moon Palace. Only those who were recognized as 'talented' could have the chance to be tested by Moonlight Trial and the tower of talent!

A talented man would be improved in cultivation after getting through the Moonlight Trial!

Only the Prime Master of Cold Moon Palace could activate the Moonlight Trial. To activate the Moonlight Trial would consume a lot of the moonlight energy that was stored in the sect. It took Cold Moon Palace three years to store enough energy for a Moonlight Trial.

That was why they wouldn't easily use this method to test a disciple's potential!

Ye Xiao luckily ate the inner core of a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. Was he just a lucky man, or was he truly a talented cultivator like Zhan Yunfei said?

The answer would be revealed after the Moonlight Trial was done!

The moonlight was getting brighter and brighter. The hall was completely lit up.

There were more and more star lights crossing over each other…

Finally, a beam of moonlight shined through Ye Xiao's feet.