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Chapter 808: Floor After Floor…

Chapter 808: Floor After Floor…
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The moonlight shined through Ye Xiao's feet and got into the groundwork of the tower.

Ye Xiao's feet and shoes showed up after the light. It was still weird. After all, Ye Xiao was now a man who only had the feet and the shoes while the rest of his body was just the net of purple lines. That was spooky.

The tower of talent suddenly rushed up as Ye Xiao's feet showed up. On the groundwork of the tower, the first floor of the tower showed up.

"Hmm. The young man has higher potential than normal cultivators indeed…" An old man clicked on the tongue.

Before he finished talking, another beam of moonlight shot out and got through Ye Xiao's knees.

Ye Xiao's knees showed up, along with the clothes.

The tower of talent rose up one floor again.

"Hmm. That is slightly above the average. Well done." Another old man blinked. He was looking at the moonlight with expectation.

Another bright beam of moonlight suddenly shot out and got through Ye Xiao's dantian. It entered the tower too.

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

The tower suddenly rose up hugely. It was like bamboo shooting after a spring rain. - Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! - It was growing higher and higher…

The others were all shocked!

[What the hell? Is this normal?]

[Three floors are added just because the moonlight scanned his dantian?]

[Is… Is he a monster?]

"Natural Body!" An old man kept rubbing his beard and said, "Talented! Brilliant condition!"

Zhan Yunfei was upset. He looked at the tower and showed indifference. [Wait and see. You will all be stunned, old bastards. I am not going to tell you in advance…]

After that, another beam of moonlight got through the upper part of Ye Xiao's dantian.

- Shoot! -

One more floor was added on the tower.

Nobody talked. Everybody was just staring at it. The moonlight was getting brighter. Apparently… it wasn't done yet.

The tower had six floors now.

This meant Ye Chongxiao at least had a Natural Body! That was already brilliant!

However, it didn't finish yet.

Another beam of moonlight shot over Ye Xiao through his chest. The lower part of his body had shown up already, including the clothes.

However, as the moonlight shot through him, it didn't enter the tower immediately. It flew around and got into Ye Xiao's chest again from the other side.

After this, it entered the tower. - Shoot! -

The tower actually just lit up for a second and then nothing changed. It didn't grow.

"What happened?" The old men were surprised.

They hadn't seen this happen in a Moonlight Trial before.

The moonlight did got through Ye Xiao's body, yet the tower didn't change a bit. [Is it over? This young man is no better than this? How come… he activated the moonlight, yet couldn't get himself improved?]

[It should be reasonable, but why is the moonlight getting brighter? If it is going to end here, the moonlight should be fading away.]

They were all confused… Suddenly, the tower moved. -Shoot, shoot, shoot… - Three sounds, three more floors were added!

Nine floors!

[Oh heavens!]

[Oh our beloved heavens!]

[What the hell is this?]

"What the hell!" A white-bearded old man grabbed his own beard and shouted.

The other old men all opened their eyes wide, staring at Ye Xiao.

Their eyes were shining with greediness.

Before this, from the first day Cold Moon Palace was built, the most talented disciple only got eight floors of that tower!

That person was recognized as a monster-like talented man!

However, Ye Chongxiao… he actually reached nine floors!

And this was not the end yet.

The crowd burst in disturbance.

"There's nothing to say. There is nothing more to watch. I am going have this man!"

An old man shouted with his eyes wide opened. "Who dares to snatch him will be my enemy forever!"

The other old men were all thrilled.


"I want him!"

"He is mine!"

As they were making a racket, the three old men who came to the main hall shouted in anger, "Shut the fxck up, all of you! You? You useless trashes? You want to have such a brilliant disciple? What are you looking at? I am talking to you. Look at you? You want to fight your own brothers in the sect? Grow up! You should go cultivate yourself for more decades before you dare to have your own disciple!"

The old men all lowered their heads. They were upset.

The three old men looked at each other and humphed, then they watched Ye Xiao again.

Another beam of moonlight shot out.

"There is more!" The crowd burst in exclamation.

When they saw the moonlight was bright and shiny, they knew it wasn't done yet. However, the tower had reached nine floors. That was already record-breaking. However, it was easy for them to accept it.

Now that the tower was going to reach higher, they couldn't understand it now!

The moonlight shined through Ye Xiao's neck and got into the tower. As expected, the tower grew up one more floor.

It was ten now!

They were all speechless. It was beyond their recognition now!

[Ten floors! It should stop now!]

However, the moonlight didn't stop.

The moonlight was dazzling. They couldn't even open their eyes. However, they tried hard to watch it. They wouldn't want to miss any part of this. They knew it was going to the end now.

Finally, in the Moonlight Trial, three beams of moonlight flew out!

They all flew into Ye Xiao's head at the same time!

"Three! There are three! How come?" An old man exclaimed as if he saw a ghost.

Yue Changtian had been trying to keep calm, rubbing his beard and smiling. However, at this moment, he couldn't stay calm anymore. He was so shocked that he accidentally grabbed off one strand of his beard!

The three beams of moonlight got into Ye Xiao's head. The others were all shocked. - Shoot, shoot, shoot! - The moonlight was rolling inside his head and then got into the tower.

- Shoot! -

Elven floors now!

- Shoot! -


- Shoot! -


- Shoot! -


- Shoot, shoot, shoot! -