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Chapter 809: Nature’s Perfection; Nine Exquisite Body!

Chapter 809: Nature’s Perfection; Nine Exquisite Body!
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They were all astonished. They were all opening their mouths like dying catfish in the drying pond. It felt like there were many jaws falling to the floor…

Zhan Yunfei had known Ye Xiao had a Nine Exquisite Body, yet he was also astonished! He was totally shocked!

If not for the eye frames, their eyeballs must have shot out already.

At least forty eyeballs would pop out. There were more than twenty people in the main hall after all!

Fifteen floors…

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

Eighteen floors!

The tower of talent finally showed the spire.

The spire was shining moonlight, lighting up every corner in the hall!

For the first time, the tower of talent showed its spire! Ye Chongxiao reached the top of the human quality limitation!

The Moonlight Trial was fading away now. Moonlight and star light were all disappearing.

The tower of talent was still slowly spinning in the air. Suddenly, from the spire, a beam of bright light shot toward a piece of paper in front of Yue Changtian.

There showed up a few words on that paper.

The next moment, the tower of talent suddenly exploded into countless glistens, and then ran into Ye Xiao's body like rivers running to the sea.

It entered Ye Xiao's dantian!

Ye Xiao's body suddenly became transparent for a moment but returned to normal immediately!

- Boom! -

Something made the men feel strange.

They were shocked again.

They stared at Ye Xiao, as if he was a monster.

[He is a monster! He is a monster who goes against the nature's will!]

[He… He just took a Moonlight Trial! He didn't even operate any martial art! The lights entered his body and then… he just got a breakthrough!]

What they felt was familiar to them all. It was the breath of breakthrough!

Ye Xiao actually broke through a new level at such circumstances!

They knew Ye Xiao could never operate any martial art while he was in the trial. His spiritual power would be sealed in the trial. That meant… the energy from the tower that was left by the Moonlight Trial actually led Ye Xiao to a new level!

[What about the cultivation? What about the experience? What about his mind status?]

[Are these all unimportant now? He doesn't need to care about these things now?]

[Ye Xiao is totally the first person in history who actually did this!]

[Really? Is he really this lucky? Is he the Chosen One?]

The three great grandmasters in the sect noticed that their Prime Master was slightly shaking. He couldn't even hold himself now. What made him tremble was the paper in his hand.

The Prime Master didn't say anything, but he looked stunned. He couldn't believe it.

The three great grandmasters stepped over to him.

"How is it? What did the God of Moon say about him?" the three old men asked.

Apparently, even the three great grandmasters in the sect couldn't tell how talented Ye Xiao was now.

Yue Changtian didn't say anything yet, but one of the three old men had grabbed the paper from his hand.

The other two got over to him and looked at the paper.

There were a few words that were written by moonlight. They were slowly fading away but could still be recognized.

The three old men were stunned too!

"Nature's Perfection; Nine Exquisite Body!"

As they saw the paper, the letters finally faded.

However, the words had gotten deep into the three old men's hearts already!

The three great grandmasters were all stunned!

People in Qing-Yun Realm all recognized Natural Exquisite Body was the best physique!

Even Cold Moon Palace, such a great sect in this realm, had never recruited any men who had the Natural Exquisite Body in the tens of thousands years of its existence!

As it was said, Nine Exquisite Body was even better than Natural Exquisite Body.

However, it only existed in myth. Nobody ever saw one…

Somebody said that Nine Exquisite Body was just a lie. They believed Natural Exquisite Body was the best a human could have! After all, there were over a hundred thousand years in history!

Nobody had ever seen a Nine Exquisite Body!

They believed there was no such thing!

However, now these men saw it.

Ye Xiao's body must be even better than Nine Exquisite Body. It said nature's perfection too!

That must be something nobody had heard before! Not even in myth!

Nine Exquisite Body was a myth indeed. Nobody had seen it ever. However, nature's perfection made it a totally different Nine Exquisite Body!

Yue Changtian and the three great grandmasters stared at Ye Xiao. Greedy green lights filled their eyes.

Bodacious as Ye Xiao, he felt scared by that frankly greedy eyes.

During the Moonlight Trial, the only thing he remembered was that he saw a bright light. He totally didn't know what really happened during that time. He was confused at the moment.

He had just returned to himself, and he saw four pairs of greedy eyes staring at him, like dogs who saw bones. They would have swallowed him alive if they could!

Calm as Ye Xiao, he was still scared.

Yue Changtian hurriedly talked firstly. "Masters, it has been a long time that I need a prime master's disciple. It concerns the inheritace of our sect's Prime Master. Masters, please…"

"Fxck off!" The three old men was being rude.

They all wanted a perfect disciple for themselves. They didn't really care about Prime Master or others. Prime Master's words meant nothing to them at the moment.

Yue Changtian was no longer calm and peaceful now. He turned his head and thought sadly. [Damn it. I am the Prime Master here, am I not? They actually told me to fxck off in front all these people…]

"I don't care! He's mine! Mine!"

The three old men shouted.

They shouted at the same time, and then started to look at each other with anger in the eyes. Three masses of fierce murderous qi rushed up to the sky.

"You two should better back off. You are both weaker than me, younger than me. I am the eldest here. Why do you think you can get in advance of me? Behave! Show respect to me! Don't disgrace yourselves!"

An old man spoke fiercely, breathing heavily.